CrowsHeadSoup On May 23, 2019, the transfer of domain away from WordPress will finalize. I assume will remain; I don’t know. The value of the domain is a negative sum. A liability I maintain regardless of its ineffective sway to ignite widespread respect for the liberty of all earthly sentients. —It is […]

The Weed

The Intro I became a vegan when I awoke to the immense cruelty committed against our fellow earthlings. The injustice, the abomination in depriving any sentient its life-given right of liberty. I became an anarchist as I struggled to free myself from the isms of government collisions intended to possess my mind, body, spirit, and […]


dREAM Dream, it’s an adventure. Let’s assume the universe is infinite. After all, what could exist beyond space but more space? Let’s further assume that the building blocks of all things in the universe — while unfathomable, have a finite means of composing themselves into form. Then duplicates, triplicates… nay, infinities of the same myriad […]