I Die

I lay down Secured in night’s fold, I sleep Death appears, a veil in the pitch Is the pitch The lucent roil of molten souls The stench of sweat in the whispering dew Subtle signs of life amidst the carrion Reapers among the sleepers A flowing mantilla creeps across the nuance of slithering soil dwellers […]

Veganism, and the Epic Failure

To the vacillating vegan, non-vegan, and other contemplators, Your objection to veganism isn’t with vegan cuisine. Seventy percent of what you already eat comes from plants. The remaining thirty percent you can fill with vegan meats, fish, and dairy substitutes that are nutritious, delicious, mouth-watering fares that even the most partisan non-vegan would proclaim as […]

The Weed

The Intro I became a vegan when I awoke to the immense cruelty committed against our fellow earthlings. The injustice, the abomination in depriving any sentient its life-given right of liberty. I became an anarchist as I struggled to free myself from the isms of government collisions intended to possess my mind, body, spirit, and […]