Thanksgiving Grace

Thank you (insert your God here) . . .

For the tortured beef that we are about to receive.

For this milk that creatures were raped to conceive.

For the pork that gave its all that we may feast.

For sparing us equal treatment of this beast.

For the mercy that we so readily denied.

For the poultry that we have killed and fried.

For Your compassion that forgives our sin.

For all the fish that we catch and de-fin.

For the creatures you place in our neglecting.

For closing Your eyes in our crimes detecting.

For Your blessing that we continue to abuse.

For the animal’s love we continually refuse.

(Insert your obligatory closing here)


  1. Peter ~ We published a link to your post above on OUR FB page yesterday. It received the comment below, that I felt you would appreciate:

    by Heidi Decker (She is also Administrator of two separate vegan Community Facebook pages) ~ “Living in society that is embedded in the ultimate hypocrisy. Asking for happiness and peace while unwilling to even conceive giving equality to another earthling, convinced of your human superiority to take what you want. Your desires to consume flesh outweigh their right to live…. How could that ever create peace by consuming death? I love this poem, it speaks the truth. The truth will set you free, once you decide to care about others as much as you care about yourself. Thank you for sharing, I will be sharing it too.”

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      1. I let Heidi know that I posted a copy of her comment here and will let her know you acknowledged. The stats that FB sends me for TAS indicate that my link to your post is receiving a strong direct reach = a VERY strong secondary reach. It is always true that whenever I post links to poetry of any kind, I get little in the way of comment, but I know that people are reading it, so it is affecting lives. Please keep writing. Your work makes a profound difference and will only become stronger as people become aware that you are transmitting. ~ Gerean

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  2. Another glowing comment on our FB page from Irina H. “Our world needs souls and writers like Peter Schreiner. I have always believed that if words come from the heart, they are magic… because they heal our hearts, they encourage us, they make us dream and- with writers like Peter Schreiner- they AWAKEN. In a world, in which people look away hoping the cruelty will disappear by itself or –even worse- encourage that cruelty by their conscious or unconscious actions and decisions, it is VITAL that those souls, who were given that magical gift of awakening and healing the planet, use their voice. I wish Peter Schreiner and all writers, who write for helping other souls, to find the courage of believing in themselves so deeply that they make that magic happen.”

    Moral of the story: The world needs you to keep doin’ your magic.

    I added a link to your blog to this post on FB encouraging those who are reading this post to follow you on WordPress.

    ~ Gerean

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    1. Thank you for your encouragements, Gerean. It does me well to know that there is you and others like you who care for the animals, for our world, and appreciate my trivial contributions.

      Perhaps, you are right; perhaps my outward flowing of emotions has some good come of it. But then again, I might just be preaching to the choir. I know of little influence beyond like spirits; the few relatives I have, coworkers, none of them hear me. I’m a ranting embarrassment to most. And of the few friends I’ve ever had, I’ve but one left and there make no difference. But know that this is not self-pity, or defeatism (I was once defeated, but never more). It is fuel, actually; sourced by the anger and sorrow of the unfathomable suffering of the animals, the poisoning of our earth, the epidemic of indifference, the blanket of government oppression, and the dismal future of everything, that gives me expression. If these were all to cease, I’d then be silent. Oh, to be silent.


      1. I too, want to be a catalyst and voice that influences change. Often, I feel that I am preaching to the choir. I have no vegan friends except those (now very dear) friends who I’ve connected with online (they are major blessings), in my local/family life I have two vegetarian friends + my daughter who I call a “Jack Vegetarian.” Many of my acquaintances from years ago, school, locals and work are gun carrying hunters (so uneducated are they that many of them do not believe in climate change), including my brother. I believe they all perceive me as an extremist who is psychologically and emotionally out-of-balance because of my over-love and concern for LIFE. I accept their opinion of me and I accept them right where they stand. Why? Because although, I have always been acutely in- tune to the suffering of others, there was a time when I was not yet awakened to the affect my personal choices had on the world around me. I didn’t see myself as part of the whole. I saw myself as completely separate. I didn’t realize my own personal power, because I was looking at my personal power individually. As the light began to illuminate the darkness of such thoughts, and I began to question such thoughts, I became increasingly more aware of the impact I had on this world as a part of the whole ~ not always a direct impact, sometimes a secondary or “third-ary” (ha) impact and I began to realize that every action I took, made a difference . . . that it was only a matter of my choice of action that influenced the future outcome.

        Had those before me not influenced/inspired me to educate myself further, learn to express my convictions in words and action, encouraged me to begin to lend voice (even if only one person heard my limited squeak), and lifted me up to continue to operate within my special gifts, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this to you today. But, along the way, so many people have been a source of energy for me; Young, old, male, female, those of different ancestry/origin/belief systems, writers, poets, musicians, educators, mega-activists. etc. They’ve been role-models, wind beneath my wings, healers, encouragers, teachers, defenders (and much more).

        Collectively….WE are making the difference. We are like an enormous, ever-growing ball of energy and we are starting to adhere one-to-another in unity. We are compassionate, awakening, evolving magnets and together, WE are attracting other life forms with an amazing power. And . . .That is our role. This is our purpose….to get up every day and do the work . . . the work of supporting one another, encouraging one another and propelling one another toward magnetizing the masses who are out there so ready to make changes . . . some . . . by baby steps . . .some in an over-night, complete change….I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

        The TAS FB page helps me recognize all this in a way that provides more instant gratification than blogging, because I get to see the lights go on in the heads/hearts/spirits of those who participate there. Examples:

        1) Meat eaters who are now vegetarian and vegan, who have written to me to tell me that it was the information on the page that convicted their hearts/souls that one cannot love another and slaughter and eat it.

        2) People who have told me that they never realized there was something wrong with visiting zoos, circuses and marine parks until the light went on after following the page.

        3) People who never gave a second thought to the laboratory testing that took place on sentient beings so tragically harmed as part of manufacturing the products humans use daily.

        4) MANY people, like Irina above, who has just recently sought me out as a mentor, as she begins to lend voice in activism and as she moves from vegetarianism to veganism.

        5) Native Americans are entering into dialogue with me about hunting ~ They’ve always believed that hunting is part of the cycle of life, but something in their soul is nagging at them and they are seeking out respectful and peaceful dialogue to work through these feelings.

        Really…the examples are endless…..Etc, etc. etc.

        Point being: Those two people who commented on your poetry on TAS on FB are just two who took the time to type something out, but your MESSAGE is reaching hundreds and will reach thousands and more. That’s not so important in my opinion thought…..What’s important is that you are lighting the fire for some of us who are carrying your message for you. Like me.

        You are so gifted. You often underplay your own intelligence by saying stuff like “I’m not degreed/formally educated.” So? What does that have to do with intellect or personal power? Nothing. I know you know this. You are LIGHT . . . you cannot stop yourself from being this….it just is. Don’t fight it. Don’t waste time talking yourself out of it. Don’t dim it or bury it. Simply show up to the party and turn on your personal light switch and SPEAK… let the chips fall where they may.

        When I was in HS, I didn’t want to learn to drive a car. Because of a past near-death experience in a car accident, I was afraid to drive. My teach realized this and said to me, “Gerean, from now on, I want you to stop trying to control the tires on the pavement. From now on, I want you to relax and simply allow the road to run underneath your tires.” Think about it. It is an excellent guideline for life. Get in the car, turn it on, put it in drive and let the road run under your tires.

        Well . . .I have written quite the tome here on your personal page. I could write a gazillion more words, believe me. Most important words are these:

        You have made a profound positive difference in the lives of others. You will continue to do this. Acquire your energy from this and continue to transmit. It is in part, your purpose. Don’t worry about tomorrow, who hears, the choir or anything else. It will take all care of itself. Just function within your amazing gifts as part of a whole. WE are all connected. WE are ONE. Your message and your existence matters to many. ……to me. 🙂

        Get in the car and drive.

        Many Blessings, my friend.

        ~ Gerean

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        1. I appreciate you opening up to me.

          I have always felt my position wasn’t unique, surrounded by non-vegans. And now that you mention it there are two vegetarians in the company I work for, in another location.

          I’ll take your well spirited rebuke to heart, and the future, I’ll try not to downplay my mediocre skills. Damn, I just did it again. 😉

          Thank you, Gerean for your encouragement, for what you do.


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