Brute Evil Lies

Brute evil lies, they cleverly disguise,

Her misery, her suffering, her final demise.

Her agony’s rich, steeped full in pain,

Her life she’ll never again hope to regain.

While you, a bastard, a parasitic leech,

With vicious deceptions, these lies that you teach.

For profit and vantage and wealth you’ll collect,

The price is her sorrow the receipts you’ll protect.

To you I wish sickness, trouble, sorrow, and pain,

But, nothing I wish can match your disdain,

For an animal’s life so innocent, so pure!

Go, rot in hell, I pray you incur.


Author: Peter Schreiner

Ethical Vegan, Idealistic Anarchist and Practicing Nonconformist, Amateur Writer, Prolific Dreamer, Hardcore Misanthrope

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