Damning Sacred Lives

Sheep and cow in South Africa. Author Lollie-Pop from Cape Town, South Africa http://www.flickr.com/people/11414075@N00
Sacred Lives

Light that guides my spirit this night, with

Clarity shining clearly bright. To why,

I wonder of minds in slumber.

Albeit, I live encumber,

For cries where none dare to listen, to

Teardrops lacily glisten, to

Faces staidly blue on fright. As you

Kill these lives despite, a vow

To guard yonder lights, when how

You linger with petty delights.

As their fates are sliced by bloody knifes,

Spilling innocent blood of their tender lives.

And for this I wonder of morality’s slumber,

Damning these sacred lives to sunder.


Author: Peter Schreiner

Ethical Vegan, Idealistic Anarchist and Practicing Nonconformist, Amateur Writer, Prolific Dreamer, Hardcore Misanthrope

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