Amen - The Creation of Adam Source:

O God,

Under every name and title that we beseech you, hear my prayer.

Bestow unto me Your unadulterated merits of evil,

Pure Godly Evil as only You may fathom:

The agility of deception.

The power of corruption.

The appeal of perversion.

The blessing of hypocrisy.

The concern of apathy.

The affinity of hate.

Endow my lying words with sweet eloquence of persuasion.

Fill my desire with unquenchable greed,

My palate with the insatiable blood-of-innocence appetite.

With these, these finer godly qualities of humanities’ evil,

And of humanities’ deities,

I too shall be one of the world, of the heavens, of the gods!

I too shall let cruelty light my path, blind my sight.

I too shall confine, torture, and condemn innocent earthlings.

I too shall bow to Your merciless Tyranny.

O Grand Heavenly Master of Evil endue me with Your Holy Ghost,

That I my discover equal station among mankind.



    1. Thank you, ozziethinker. This was born from one of my angrier moments. And although I’m not always this angry, I am always cognizant of the sources of my anger: mankind (what a word that is).

      It is a consolation that there are those, such as yourself, who think for themselves and rise above our, what appears to be, natural tendencies—natural at least in our current state.


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