Hammerhead Shark
Hammerhead Shark

Seas wide, oceans vast,

Sharks explore deep blue waters.

Fins for wedding soup.


  1. Haikus are terribly difficult to write. Perhaps, you might have thought along these lines: Oceans wide, vibrant blue. Sharks fins slice through the deep. Broth soon extinct. {or ‘Serve slaugher broth’, depending on the message]


    1. Hello ozziethinker,

      A fellow once told me when I was a frightened teen and we stood looking up at the windows of a building we were to clean, “Well, nothing to it but to do it.” And so we did. And so I’ve adopted his philosophy in every aspect of my life, every aspect. That’s not to say that everything I do has a professional sparkle, but everything I do, I do one-step at a time and so nothing becomes difficult, or intimidating—tedious, frustrating, monotonous, and amateurish perhaps, but never difficult or frightening.

      I like your suggestion quite well:

      Oceans wide, vibrant blue.
      Sharks fins slice through the deep.
      Broth soon extinct.

      Very nice, indeed it paints a much clearer mental image than what I’ve wrote.

      However, I’ve placed an unwarranted restriction on my haiku. That being the North American style of 5-7-5 syllable form, as defined by Wikipedia.org. Why Wikipedia? It was my first source for haiku.

      So allowing for my self-imposed restrictions and your excellent suggestion, I came up with this:

      Oceans wide, sheer blue.
      Shark fins slice into the deep.
      Too soon broth extinct.

      Thank you ozziethinker, your input is most welcomed.


  2. Very admirable. A great poem must not only flow, but every word is imperative. The haiku has so few words that each must carry a thousand meanings in combined motion. I have given a few suggestions for your rhino post too.


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