The River Know - Niagara oil on canvas by Louis Rémy Mignot (1831–1870) gift of Arthur S. Fairchild - public domain
The River Know

There is planet, far and away,

A blue, green, golden globe.

With land lush ‘n animals free,

In a world no man has sway.


On higher crest a river flows,

From the dark Cave of Sapience.

Down miles of switchback mountain’s pass,

Quenching verdant misty jungles ‘low,

Past once parched desert floors it grows.


The animals call this river,

The River Know.

And so, across their land she grows,

Permeated with senses of sentient glow,

Deep in icy waters of The River Know.


Depth, breadth, by momentum’s all,

From tributaries near ‘n far,

To a mouth furious at planet’s end,

Where no animal there are.

For raging crushing cascades thunder,

Wildly, tho’ beautifully so,

Into mysterious waterfall portals,

Whence magic water drops fall.


Sapient drops of The River Know,

Plotted to stars, moons, ‘n planets far.

On assignments of enlightenment,

Guided by instincts of The River Know—

Bearing a gift.

But only for those open to know.


Into distant ‘n heavenly galaxies they dive.

Beyond Neptune’s blue; blue drops sweep by.

Weaving a manner thru rings of Saturn,

‘cross Jupiter’s vast sky they fly.

Past a derelict red planet to Earth,

From light-years ago they arrive.


Above the clouds tiny droplets stow,

Till sunny day dispatched below—

For not to be thought as raindrops,

As they sprinkle on heads of those—

But, only those open to know

Are gifted this gift of The River Know.


Oh yes, the gift . . .

‘tis only the Burden of Know.

(And we, the vegan, know how animals suffer, unjustly and terribly so.)

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