Top 10 Tuesday: Reasons Not to Eat Pigs
Every Pig Should be a Happy Pig

Pigs are one of my favorite earthlings,

Spirit guides ‘n measures of inspiration.

While most folks relate themselves

to spirits of noble dimension,

bears, wolves, eagles, ‘n such,

mine is the “lowly” swine.

So when you toast

to gluttony and boast

about bacon, ham, or roast,

I only know this for you,

“Fuck off!”


  1. As a child in Indy, remember the snow being up over our back porch windows. My sister and I used to jump off of the top step and into 3 feet drifts right out the back door. Now that was some kind of snow!


  2. What a wonderful post. I wish people would not use anti-pig language implying pigs are lowly creatures, like he ‘lives like a pig’, ‘eats like a pig’ and so on.
    Warm wishes from sunny South Africa.


    1. Thank you, Emy.Yes, the language only serves to degrade a highly intelligent and beautiful creature.

      Peculiar isn’t it, how people ingest into their bodies creatures they consider lowly and beneath them, yet they harp on the tastiness of their flesh? A flavor made satisfying only by plant-based seasonings.

      Warm wishes from chilly Southern Indiana. 🙂


  3. I’ve read and read your work. The Beatnick Summer of 2014 starts with your beautiful words I can’t create myself. I love only humans like you. I respect humans like you. XOXO Nun Crusher


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