Tired - Buffalo Skulls  & The Apotheosis of War
Buffalo Skulls & The Apotheosis of War by Vasily Vereshchagin

I’m tired of this world,

I’m tired of this life.

Most of all,

I’m tired of all this gluttonous killing,

of innocent life.

I’m tired of their cockfights, dogfights, bullfights,

and their bloodlust delights.

I’m tired of their wars,

their very cores

and despise

their grandiose, self-serving pathological lies.

I’m tired of their imperialism, capitalism,

collectivism, and bullshitism.

I’m tired of their medical cartels,

their pharmaceutical cartels.

And I’m tired of them spreading their diseases,

and selling their phony-ass cures.

I’m tired of their corporations

and our planet’s destruction they’re responsible for.

I’m tired of their laundered money,

they pile in coffers, and steal from the poor.

I’m tired of their minimum wage while CEO’s

make 261 to 1. Fuck them and their whores!

I’m tired of the inequality they work to uphold.

I’m tired of their punk-ass cops,

and their undercovers who beat-up protesters

who fight to expose.

I’m tired of their religions, their animal sacrifices,

and their terror they impose.

I’m tired of their puppet newscasters,

and the easy way they lie while they grin.

I’m tired of their reality TV,

Sarah Dizzy-Head Palin, Phil Ass Robertson,

and their homophobic, xenophobic mores.

I’m tired of their self-aggrandizing ideology,

their culture, their traditions, their lying lores.

I’m fuckin’ tired of them all.


  1. Brilliant! So needed to read this today. The deep dark murky feeling I was covered in from being surrounded by their bullshit this last few days, you just exorcised…washed it clear away. Their time surely must be coming to an end soon. I feel it. Like even they’re tired of it. It will be an ending for most true to form… but a vegan world is beginning to dawn.


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