The Crate - Photo by JoAnne McArthur |
Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur We Animals /

You might ask why I compose poems of this temper.
I say, ‘tis only that someone must . . .

The Crate

The crate gate grates open

. . . a first in her time,

‘n it startles her,

for the time is now at hand.

Death waits impatiently,

for lives he holds in demand.

His vile sinister executioners crowd near.

Putrid breath shouting obscenities,

brandishing the fire-bolt, intentions clear.

No hope, no mercy, no stay, nor rescue forthcoming,

on this her fateful day.

Nor does she desire another hour.

For alas!—

This solitary moment to know Death’s power!

Brings peace she’s longed her lifelong for.

‘n now ‘tis time she follow Death’s line.

tho’ unworked legs barely bear weight anymore,

the jolts from a bastard’s fire-bolt,

sends her faltering, stumbling to Death’s door—

Where gathered together,

each in turn, indescribably horrifyingly,

their hearts fall heavy, their courage lightens.

Death’s odor, now frighteningly near, ripens.

Tho’ alas! As blood flows, life fades. . .

‘tis over.

Her Peace, long passed her by,

now softly closes her tear-stained eyes.

(Rest in peace my fallen fellow earthlings,
for all we’ve done, we’ve done not enough.
‘n it angers ‘n torments me so to see you all go.—
But know, my fallen comrades,
my peace too, shall be forthcoming.
When then we’ll meet ‘n rejoice,
in a realm worthy your becoming—
A Paradise, that dare not a blood price.)


  1. “Her Peace, long passed her by, now softly closes her tear-stained eyes.” …

    There is a point, when at the violent hands of another, the fight for survival (of this earthly life) ceases. They welcome the release from their suffering, as if it were a gift. A calm falls upon The Animal Spirit. Their breathing shallows and slows … they fix their eyes on a focal point that exists only in the ‘nother places. They surrender. I have personally witnessed this (too) many times.

    You speak for The Animal Spirits so beautifully, that I’m sure that when you meet them again in the unknown to come, they will thank you for your validation and celebrate your arrival.

    Blessings. ~ Gerean


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