They see and I see

They see ‘n I see,

but from where we see, we see things differently.

Where they see their colorful illusion, the joy of life,

I see the dreadful pallor of an unjust fright.

Where they see the endless vivid blue sky,

I see the contrails of missiles flown by.

They see the ocean waves crest high ‘n blue,

I see the mighty warships that cut them thru.

They see the gaiety in the flowery blossoms covering earth,

‘n I see blood-steeped battlefields that nourished their mirth.

They see victory parades, loyalist colors flying patriotic true,

I see military interventions, invasions, a bloody coup.

They see the exciting hustle ‘n bustle of a vibrant downtown,

While I see the rapes ‘n pillages of villages burnt down.

They see a God of mercy and love given their kin,

I see a myth fashioned to forgive them their sin.

They see energetic kids playing, happily-go-luckily,

I see inanition from empty bellies swollen hungrily.

They see birds and bees pollinating the greens,

I see the pesticides that silenced their wings.

They see pitter-patter tracks of animal trails,

‘n I see the spent ‘n littered shotgun shells.

They see comfort ‘n pleasure of companion pets,

puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats.

Well, I see the hell of slaughterhouses, factory farms,

test labs, their tortured animals, primates, ‘n rats.

They see ‘n I see, yet from where we see.

the world appears so very differently.


  1. Loved this animal mind’s eye perspective. Makes me interpret in two ways- that they inhabit what feels like a much more peaceful affirming reality- or that they are innocent/unaware to the dangers that threaten them to their detriment.


  2. haunting for me , I really get that aerial vision…untethered, removed and observing….akin to the hawk in your powerful image….a beautiful and sad confusion in the tragic contradiction of what we choose to be awake to….Thank you.


  3. Peter, you are clearly a visionary, blessed with a gentle heart and a ferocious ability to speak your mind. An inspiration for me and, I’m sure, many others. Thank you for writing this poem.


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