The Golden Hilt - Photo of Neuschwanstein Castle by Thomas Wolf via
Photo of Neuschwanstein Castle by Thomas Wolf via

The Golden Hilt

In a dream, in a castle, in a faraway land I stand,

before the ghosts of man, animal, ‘n Gods of Know.

I, with Their blade of golden hilt in hand,

‘n in whose presence I swore this vow . . .

. . . When, with parting ‘n dismissive bow,

I awoke to find the sword I spoke,

beside the fire’s standing poke.

Its hilt aglow from lost Flames’ soul,

casting ghostly shadows upon the floor,

like ghastly ghosts of frightening lore.

When a knock . . . ever so faintly,

so lightly fell upon my door.

Tho’ was there knock upon my door?

Or clever deception of sleep I wore?

But another . . . quite clearly,

so heavily fell upon my door.

Rising I stood ‘n thought the more,

to take Their sword of golden hilt,

‘n thrust it thru this specter’s kilt.

Yet I spoke the more,

“Hast thou come to give my temper test,

or condemn my spirit to eternal rest?”

But only a knock replied the door.

Yes, only a knock upon my door,

‘n I, grew hesitant all the more!

With chilling breath it swept the sash,

howling, rattling loose door’s latch.

In gusting raging frightening roar,

slung the door from hinges tore.

‘n who, pray tell, there standing there,

in darkened hazy reflective glare?

‘twas I!

Yes I, an echo of the shame I became,

a chained ‘n bound, ‘n sleeping maim.

Enslaved to culture, tradition, ‘n vogue,

by popular, piety, ‘n rogue.

Now the golden hilt a fiery glow,

shining brightly of the Fires soul,

reminds me of my vow ‘n role,

‘to free myself ‘n never sold,

to those who mold their schemes to gold.’

So with Spirits’ blade of blazing hilt,

I slay the cunning who fell to slit.

. . . ‘n I now free forevermore,

beyond the sway of lying mores.


  1. This is actually my favourite of all that have flown from your pen Peter, and I went back and forth many times when choosing one to link for the Cloudies in the poetry section. The only reason I chose that which I did was because I felt it packed a punch and as so many people would click through (well that sounds like I have a huge readership, which I obviously don’t laughs), and I wanted something for the average Joe and Josephine to receive that would hit their senses. This one I love personally because it is as a Brothers Grimm tale almost, so skillfully woven. I have been meaning to come over and say so, and it is a mark of my brain’s scatty state at present that it has taken me this long.
    It really is very beautiful.

    sonmi upon the Cloud

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If ever one pays a complement, yours are of the highest regard. For it is you, Sonmi, that I consider one of the finer craftsman. Now I am the farthest thing from an expert in literature, it’s true—hell, I couldn’t tell you a verb from an adverb—but don’t let that discourage for I am a reader, the ultimate and most important critic, and I know what reads well, smoothly, and exceptionally so. Yours is that, it stands alone as a style so individually unique, employing such vast vocabulary that it is both educational and entertaining while masterfully woven. Puts me to mind of Poe, it does, one of my favorite. I suspect someday should Sonmi desire thus; her works will accompany those of other great writers. Here’s to that day.

      And your readership is growing I see. Give it time; write and they will follow.

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      1. It has me reeling such talk Peter – to think it is the case that you think so highly of my words. And more – it is your words of encouragement that has me thinking of putting some of my poems together and…perhaps self-publishing them. It is a million miles away from that which I thought of when I first came here upon the Cloud, it really is, and a growing audience makes me often want to fly away again, fleeing the inspection, but that is all mind over matter, and it is readers, like yourself, (real readers, not train station readers if you get me), that are the true judges as to whether something works. Easy on the eye to flow, hungry at the heart. I spent forty years reading every day, up to 6 books a month at least. Now I’m writing because the words want out, and I have little say in the whole matter to be honest laughs, true mind. Should I ever manage to get something in 3d published, in as much as an actual book, then you shall have a copy as a gift from me as thanks. You make a massive difference, and say it all so eloquently too, which makes the compliment a treat too. So thank you –shakes his hand and hugs him afterwards. x

        Liked by 1 person

          1. laughs a lot you’re only as old as the vegan dough you knead Peter. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The story – not the dough. Though if I make any dough you can have a share. Of the pie that is. winks.

            sonmi getting cracking upon the Cloud

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