Ain’t Me

Ain’t shot no Lincoln or Kennedy.

I ain’t no Booth or Oswald no CIA man.

I ain’t dropped no bombs on Nagasaki or Hiroshima.

I ain’t caused no nukin’ in Fukushima.

Ain’t me.

I ain’t blew up no Fed in Ok City,

I ain’t no Timothy McVeigh.

Ain’t no fuckin’ way!

I ain’t hanged no man,

burn a cross,

wear a sheet,

own a slave,

or rob a grave.

Ain’t me!

I ain’t no deprave.

Ain’t me dropped napalm,

Burnt kids in the jungles.

Ain’t me shot their daddy,

Raped their mommy,

Pillaged their village.

Ain’t me bombed countries in the ground,

Till ain’t no hope found.

No siree!

Ain’t me!

I ain’t stole no Indian’s land.

Ain’t joined no KKK band.

Ain’t the one kicked your ass.

Ain’t dropped no roofies in a glass.

Ain’t me.

I ain’t hijack no plane,

Fly ‘em into towers,

make ‘em fall like rain.

I ain’t kidnapped no kids,

Sold their innocence to high bids.

Ain’t dropped no bomb on Saddam.

Ain’t gassed no Jews,

Ain’t forbid no booze,

Ain’t stole no Malibu’s.

No sir,

Ain’t me.

I ain’t start no fire,

I ain’t no gun for hire.

I ain’t took no bribe.

I ain’t killed no wedding bride

Ain’t me flyin’ no Obama drone!

I ain’t killed no MLK, X, or RFK.

I ain’t beat a King or a Denny that day.

I ain’t no gangsta wannabe,

Ain’t me.

I ain’t no warlord,

My keyboard ain’t no sword!


‘cordin’ them FBI.

But hell, I ain’t hurt a fly.

Animal rights activist that’s all.

Ain’t no call to call us terrorist y’all!


  1. Hmmmmm, clarifies how messed up our priorities are doesn’t it! You haven’t invaded a country because of weapons of mass destruction that weren’t there, you haven’t shot wolves with an automatic rifle from a helicopter like Palin, or hunted for polar bears, sadly I could go on and on and on…


  2. Totally agree with Cindy Knoke.
    We are freedom fighters – fighting for those so abused and exploited that they cannot fight back. Are animal activists seen as a threat because they make people confront their inhumanity at best and at worst their sadistic tendencies ??


    1. I know that plays a significant part. But also, I think we’re making a difference. One that has impacted and threatens the bottom line of these brutal industries. And they’re fighting back. That’s a good thing, let them fight. The more they fight, the more is exposed. Thank you, Emy


  3. Really powerful, Peter. Again, I love that the poem takes me someplace unexpected- and you are so right- why is it that someone who advocates for the rights of animals can be viewed as violent rabble rousers? Makes no sense.


    1. Thank you, Diahann.

      There’s big money behind animal agriculture, and judging from these laws I’d say activist have caused animal agriculture some concerns. Serious concerns, to lobby government to brand its citizens as terrorists for non violent acts.

      Cheers to you.


  4. Wow! Very powerful poem, Peter, more especially when listened to. Excellent!

    I was reading the list “72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered ‘Potential Terrorists’ In Official Government Documents“ the other day (presumably the same document). As you know, I am an ordinary, everyday person who just happens to show/blog a great deal of concern for endangered animals, domestic and farm animals, and the environment, etc. (and sometimes I am reasonably active with it, too). As such, like you and many of my other blogging friends out there, according to point 9 of this document (“those that take action to fight against the exploitation of the environment and/or animals”), were I an American, this would make me a “potential terrorist”, too!!

    This is absolutely crackers – and rather scary. Perhaps I will be barred entry to the country! Animal rights advocates must be making some huge waves over there.

    But, what a load of tosh. How can anyone construe the act of speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves, an act of violence and intimidation against the United States of America. Must be some big, big money in there somewhere!


    1. Thank you, Amelia.

      Absolutely right, it is quite scary. Advocating in America is a terrorist activity determined on a whim. Soon, I suspect very soon, the simple act of blogging, writing, posting on social media will be illegal and cause for arrest. When arrested as a terrorist in the U.S. it means the very real possibility of being held indefinitely without being charged.

      Animal agriculture is particularly feeling the heat, evidenced by these ridiculous AG Gag laws making their rounds through the various states. In America, rich corporations own the politicians that make the laws. And AG is very rich, of course they are, they exploit animals. Just yesterday, our not so supreme, Supreme Court’s unjust Justices struck down political donation caps. Which can only mean more rule by the hyper-rich.

      I believe everyone in the “Free” world, whether in Europe, England, or the U.S. who speak out for the animals and or the environment are monitored. To what degree I don’t know, but I can feel them. And, like yourself, I am an ordinary person.

      Strength and courage.


  5. Just discovered you, Peter, not in the sense of a continent or future country, but as a refreshing poetic force, via Katie Powell of You are terrifyingly impressive. Thanks.


  6. Peter, I’m so sorry but I had to repost Denali due to some unknown man’s face popping up on FB when I posted it. Weird, eh? Anyhow, I sadly lost your input and I don’t want you to feel bad if you don’t see it on the re-post. All the best, Susan.


  7. Vegan Animal Rights Activists…regardless of the best of intentions, the cleanest of hands, the purest of hearts and the deepest of Spirit(s), we still bear an overwhelming sense of guilt for the merciless crimes of those of shared species, who simply don’t give a damn. We slowly bleed-out from the wounds of our acute empathy. The only possible bandaid: Obsessive action, lending of voice and a chronic drive to compensate for the damages and unbearable loss suffered by the innocent.

    We write.


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