Baby Bou Bou
Made in USA

3 am, Wednesday, May 28, 2014

O Baby Bou Bou

sleeping Baby Bou Bou

what’d these motherfuckers do to you

those sworn to protect you

with a flashbang they mangled you

O Baby Bou Bou

what heartless scum found you

sleeping, dreaming, sweetly so

thoughts of love filled your head

peacefully lying on you bed

when a flashbang exploded

white to red from blue

O lord what’d they do

sweet little Baby Bou Bou

the hell they put you though

now our hearts are with you

as these heartless, brainless manner of men—

thugs from the very bowels of Satan’s bin

can go to hell and serve him again

O Baby Bou Bou

Sweet little Baby Bou Bou

the world—our world loves you


  1. Such a powerful commentary, Peter — the horror and brutality of this murder leaves me speechless. I would rather know the truth, but it is sometimes more than I can bear.


    1. From the Guardian: Seven civilians killed and 46 injured in incidents since 2010. Baby Bou Bou is recovering, though may have brain damage. Let’s hope not. Thanks for commenting, Carol.


  2. Peter, I hadn’t even heard about this baby until your poem. Excessive use (abuse) of force for sure. Powerful juxtaposition of the baby existing in innocence and then being blasted into hell. I’m really shaken by just thinking about him.


    1. It does wear on one at times, most of the time actually. But I can’t seem to escape it. And that’s why it’s good to take a break and read other excellent blogs, such as yours. Thanks, Susan.


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