Truth Lies Disguise
Original photo source: undetermined

Truth, golden slivers

shine in the forest of lies.

Bound to Knowing—

Yet unknown.

Its brilliance lie a shadow along our path

of ineffable Knowing—only that something,

something lying among us,

warns us:

Something is wrong!

O so very terribly wrong—

While Truth, by Its affinity to lies,

lie shining among their forest of lies.

Tis there,

where clever lies endeavor;

by delicious, malicious alliance

to Truth’s defiance.


  1. I read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” on a recent road trip with my family. It’s an interesting read, the author is not vegan but talks about how industrial farming has forced cows to eat commodity corn rather than grass. The author, Michael Pollan, stated that, “it is not uncommon for full-time slaughterhouse workers to become sadistic.

    A study by Temple Grandin came to similar conclusions, “It is important to rotate the employees who do the killing, bleeding, shackling, and driving. Nobody should kill animals all the time. Several plant managers and supervisors state that rotation helps prevent employees from becoming sadistic.” (

    A great juxtaposition of verse and imagery, Peter. Sometimes, we just can’t see the forest for the trees.


    1. Oh my, the linked commentary elaborates my thoughts on the effects of animal agriculture on the human. And this, the first hand exposure and duties make those directly involved as much victim as the animals they kill, perhaps more in that they must live with themselves. It’s barbaric and unfortunate for all concerned; no, it goes far, far beyond that.

      As I’ve often said, what of the subliminal effects to our psyche by both aware and unaware participation? Well, I believe we are living the results. The absent compassion, the hate, the apathy, the selfishness, and I could go on.

      While I ate animals most of my life, unquestioningly so, and even though I knew animals were a sentient life, I never made The Connection, not until much later. I am now convinced that this, brainwashing if you will, was by design, a conspiracy of deliberate purport. I’m struggling to complete my treatise on the origins of oppression that touch on this; I’ll post it should I ever finish it. It may be unlike anything you’ve read, so beyond convention and accepted thought and belief it is you might declare me a lunatic—as well I may be.

      It’s ludicrous that the sacred ritual approach would suggest a proper and approved way to kill, but then again, what more can we expect from religion—a classic example of Doublethink.

      Finally, their conclusion is to rotate the killers. Really, that’s their answer. How absurd to share the burden and exposure to a sadistic, merciless, and unnecessary brutal killing. We once had a former slaughterhouse worker working at the company I’m employed. He was a bit strange, and not in a good way. The characteristic that stood out in him more than his other shortcomings—and I don’t know it a result of his past employment—but he was a sickening sycophant and a habitual liar. Everything that came from his mouth was either a distortion of truth or flat-out lie, everything.

      Oh, there’s so much more I could add to this topic, but I best not, I’ve already waxed verbose.

      Now on the brighter side, I did read your reply to someone that you had just visited the Smoky Mountains, I hope you all had a grand and relaxing time! I would have liked to comment then and perhaps I should have. What I wished to say was that the Smoky Mountains are one of two favorite places of mine. In fact, my wife of 44 years and I are in serious contemplation as to me quitting my job, cashing out my miserable 401k, selling the house we finally paid for, and starting a vegan bed and breakfast somewhere in the Smoky Mountain area. Right now, it’s only tentative, but we both feel we’d like a change.

      Sir, I apologize for all these words.

      Thank you for your thoughtful reply, Jeff, I certainly appreciate it and enjoy our conversations.

      Peace to you and yours.


  2. Glad I “popped in”, Peter, and found your poem 🙂

    I very much like the interplay of light and shadow imagery that you have used. So often humans are attracted to the light, which can be lies in disguise ~ as a moth is attracted to light only to be scorched. So often we are misled through advertising and the sanitised meat industry. All the “bling” blinds people to the truth – the truth that is there if only people cared enough to look.

    You raise an interesting theme in your discussion that coincidentally I was thinking about for my next blog post. That is, how does killing all day for work affect an individual’s psyche? In the fur industry animals are skinned ONLY for their fur and then discarded on a pile of wasted life.

    A vegan B&B? Hmmm. Well the planet needs more of those.

    By the way your “like” is moody – sometimes receptive and other times not.


    1. Greetings Emy! It is always an honor when you stop by.

      “As a moth is attracted to the light . . .” I like that, excellent analogy, or metaphor, or whatever.

      O yes how we’ve been misled. Lied to and manipulated since we’ve emerged from the womb, and I can’t hardly believe we’ve reached our final degree of awareness. Indeed, what more truths await us?

      Coincidentally, there is no coincidentally, we’re on the same wavelength. 🙂

      I can’t imagine, or rather when I do imagine the skin ripped from an animal then throwing its traumatized body to a pile of other grieving suffering animals to lie there and suffer a excruciating death I become enraged. Such an incredibly horrendous display of insensitivity, I really can’t imagine.

      I believe it’s not just the killing that effects the psyche but too the consumption—or the wearing—of tortured animals. A process I can best describe as osmosis.

      I’m not sure there are any vegan B&B’s, either way we certainly do need some.

      As to my ‘Like’, its frustrations are a small thing. Nonetheless, I’ve been in communication with the friendly folks at Jetpack who have made changes. So, we’ll see.

      Thanks again, Emy. Peace to you and yours.


    1. Hi Cindy!

      Yes, both my Likes and Follows have been a source of irritation. The friendly folks at WP JetPack division have been working on this since before and after I’ve published my last post. And I do show you as a follower, but my list count doesn’t agree with the actual number. So, I can’t tell you that it’s fixed or not. Either way, I do appreciate you!

      Peace, Cindy, and a thousand thanks for all the beauty you share.


  3. Really nice work Peter. I’ve been thinking a lot about truth myself lately – I’m not even sure that I believe in it anymore … weird.
    You know I’ve tried to write about living in a town (Dodge City) with two major slaughterhouses and I can’t do it. Four years later the suffering you can feel from just driving by a feed lot overwhelms me to the point of sobbing. I’ll never get away from it. I’ll give my life to end it,but I really just can’t talk about it. Do you know anyone else like that?
    Thanks again for the beautiful poem,


    1. Hi Claire,

      Maybe it’s not so weird—so little truth in the forest of lies may count for nothing.

      I do know someone like that, me. I know the pain of sorrow that only heartfelt compassion can feel. I know it well. I know joy too, but not nearly enough. But then that’s the price of awareness, the mark of a caring person, such as yourself.

      O life was so much happier in oblivion. But then they cried out to us, and here we are.

      Thank you, Claire.


  4. I like to pop by once in a while and acknowledge my best commenter.

    The material you serve is limitless – a huge opportunity, though, sad that it presents. Your technique is improving, but I would be inclined to think about segmented symetry.

    You have linked “golden shivers” with brilliance and used the two meaning of “lie”, but “bound to knowing” could see lie evolve into tie. You would need the correct analogic negative resonance.

    That said, very well written. You are improving with life 🙂


    1. Hello, ozziethinker, I appreciate your honest appraisal and thank you.

      I look forward to more of your writings dealing with the extraordinary. I’ve been studying a fair amount on such matters. Not just Tellinger but also Bramley, and whatever else I find. I’ve made some conclusions. Not hasty assumptions based on these new findings, but rather a combining of my lifelong experience, study, and gut feelings. Anyway, I have prepared a treatise on the matter as I presently see it. Should I post it, I’ll bring it to your attention. I’d be interested to know what you think. Although I suspect we differ in some regards; that’s okay.


      1. Naturally, I would be honoured to give input.

        Just beware that Teliinger is of the vein of Hancock; uses Sitchin as a “reference”. It would be worth you investigating Joseph P Farrell’s “Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men. The Surviving Elites of the Cosmic War and their Hidden Agenda”.

        Interestingly Farrell builds up to a “soccer punch” regards the Annunaki and delivers nothing. It is almost as though they forgot to print the conclusion. What you will find with my stuff is truths not normally available. I, in effect, give the “key” or “missing parts” to information sources such as Tellinger, Hancock, Farrell et al.


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