“War means tears
To thousands of mothers eyes
When their sons go to fight
And lose their lives” ~War-Edwin Starr

Pontification - Eugène Delacroix - The Fanatics of Tangier
Eugène Delacroix – The Fanatics of Tangier – Public Domain – Wikipedia.org

Pontification inspired in part by, Victoria Neuronotes:
Casting a Spell: The Political and Religious Cook Book of Persuasion


‘tis time

yet, once again

let pontification begin.

rhythmic oration

sung by cowardly men,

in lofty places

vile sinister ministers

‘n pompous preachers

of corporate creatures

‘n political leeches.

O these conniving


sons of bitches

trading lives for riches.

hyping the people

beneath the steeple

for God ‘n country

they call for war!

grant us your sons

your daughters too

your blood sacrifice

for our bloody do.

O yes, of course

we’ll stay

safe ‘n snug in town

tending, bending (not) to you—

it is what we as leaders

need do.

All hail the president!


Let freedom,

our Godly

freedom ring!

(roaring cheers ‘n thunderous applause,

hands held high, weaving,


“O say, can you see,

by the dawn’s early eerie light . . .”)

—‘twas, once upon a time

when braver rulers rule

‘n led young warriors into battle’s cruel

but no longer,

O Hell no!

not any more

these cowardly boastful

sons of whores

wallowing in opulence

within our shores.

Lest we not forget what led to regret,

now this, another, from another, war beget.

And lest we forget, so wrapped up in our own suffering, it is not just we the people who suffer the rage of war, but animals too.


  1. I definitely can turn off when someone pontificates to me- and you make me think about how there can be a one-up one down dynamic to this way of communicating, Peter. (Although I must say, for awhile, until I found my balance, when I started to wake up- I would (annoyingly) go around trying to talk people into my way of seeing. I think I’ve gotten better about just speaking my truth and not trying to impose anyone else. Love the reminder/inclusion of how animals suffer from war too.


  2. Great stuff as usual, especially the ending, and your link was informative as well. I think all of society is under a group-think spell for most of the time. I think it’s our job, as people who perhaps can see beyond this mass somnambulism, to break through this. So thanks for breaking through.


  3. Did you know that, a ‘son of a bitch/whore’ means: Not born from a Jewish mother.
    They are a: ‘Mamzer’.
    Same as ‘bastard’, it means the same thing: ‘Mamzer’ = Not born from a Jewish mother.


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