“A poet’s job is not to write about love. A poet’s job is not to write about flowers. A poet must write about the plight and pain of the people [‘n animals].” — Matiullah Turab

A Poem is Born
Word Cloud courtesy of Tagxedo.com

A poem is born,

birthed not from joy

a child yet unknown

demeanor unclear.

‘twas created ‘n raised

disciplined ‘n praised

admired ‘n loathed

time ‘n again rewrote.

‘twas hallowed

‘n cursed!

instructed . . .

in better

for worst.

then sent its way—

a star given day

a fledgling flown

a child left home

—asking only its say.

shall it survive

shall it live ‘n thrive,

perhaps with enlightened stay?

or succumb an early grave

The latter I suspect.


  1. Peter, every poet has a unique job, and yours is such a vital one. Thank you for not not remaining silent.(But don’t forget to breathe deeply of the beauty that remains every now and then, as well. ❤


  2. So much of the arts is born “not from joy” but from sadness, despair, loneliness, isolation…from the depths and breadths of the human condition. This is a touching poem that contains much wisdom, Peter.


  3. “Sent its way…” This is true of so many things, Peter.

    We have to let go and trust that whatever it is will find a place in the world.

    I like the concept of being open to exploring other paths along the way 🙂


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