E. Washington St., Butchertown, Louisville, KY by Angry Aspie (talk) Wikipedia.org


Note, the following is an updated version of the original.

There is a neighborhood east of downtown Louisville, Kentucky, whose residents proudly refer to as Butchertown.

Blood flows rivers in Butchertown.

The stench of death fills the air.

An invisible breath of terror shudders the spirit of any sensitive soul who happens by the namesake. A place where walls deflect horrific cries of fear while veiling horrors that would wrench the gut of even the sternest of all men. And yet, and even so, the folks of Butchertown are devotedly proud of their neighborhood.

It’s historic.

Bloody historic.

They murder pigs in Butchertown, by the tractor-trailer loads.

And no one from Butchertown gives it a moment’s care, except for the foul odor of death that disturbs their quaint old neighborhood.[1]

There is two class of victims in Butchertown; those who work this horrid industry and of course, the pigs who surely must wonder why their sentence in life is so incredibly brutal. To whom have they done injustice to demand such harsh punishment? Surely, these thoughts must run through their intelligent and sensitive minds.

Oh yes, there is a third class of victim, the mistreated spouses, and the abused children and the victims of violent crime perpetrated by those who work this horrid industry.[2] I don’t know if the criminal elements are attracted these ghastly positions of employ, or if they become hideous due these occupations. Nor, do I care. The point is one of cruelty created by supply and demand. Where the ramifications are manifold but rarely suspect, yet produce an endless stream of victims.

Although the human suffering cannot equate in volume to the millions of physically, sexually, mentally abused and brutally murdered pigs. And without so much as, “Who gives a fuck?”

But it is the pigs I give a fuck about, few else ever will.

Few care.

Few see any significance to pigs beyond the satisfaction of their gluttonous appetite. And it is Butchertown that caterers to their morbid craving.

[1] Inside the JBS Butchertown hog slaughter plant http://www.courier-journal.com/story/tech/science/environment/2014/08/29/jbs-humane-slaughter-violations/14753959/

[2] Shooting of Four Workers at Slaughterhouse and the Connection between Violence to Animals and Humans http://freefromharm.org/animal-products-and-psychology/shooting-of-four-workers-at-slaughterhouse-and-the-connection-between-violence-to-animals-and-humans/


    1. Hi Nicci, factory farms have surpassed any sense of decency; it is scary. It’s an indication of humanities disregard for all and any life, and lends support to crime, rape, murder, wars. But even before factory farms, how could anyone raise animals, work with them daily, look into their eyes and send them off to slaughter? How does someone just turn off compassion? I will never know. Thank you for your support, Nicci.


  1. Beautiful job conveying that not only are we interconnected but that violence in one area circulates… as Cheri Huber, Buddhist monk named her book, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” You can’t stop violence against women or men and then keep perpetuating violence against animals. I totally got that through your words, so thank you. And thank you for speaking for the pigs, your right, they need someone to voice for them, Peter.


  2. Pure horror spawned through basic selfishness. The ‘wanted’ taste, regardless of the cruelty that is completely unnecessarily inflicted. We should be able to evolve beyond being spoilt children having tantrums with fingers in ears purely because we want, want, want, without even trying the clear healthy and frankly more appetising options. I say ‘we’ of course I don’t mean myself nor you, but mankind. A title riddled with irony, kind is the very last thing most of humanity tends to be.
    A great post, I had never heard of the place so you’ve educated me too today. *smiles* Thank you Peter.

    – sonmicloud


    1. Thank you, sonmicloud for being one on the side of light.

      Humanity, mankind, civilization are all deliberately and carefully thought-out and promoted Doublethink words; instilled and meant to give sensations of kindness, benevolence while masking and legitimizing brutality.

      I’ll let Orwell explain, “To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, . . . to forget, whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again, and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself.”

      I couldn’t have said it any better myself. 🙂

      Thank you again, sonmicloud. Peace to you and all creatures.


  3. Thanks for sharing, Peter. I hate to see animals suffer, especially at the hands of humans. In the U.S., if domestic pigs go feral, they are nearly as destructive to the wildlife and the environment as humans are. http://wildpiginfo.msstate.edu/damage-caused-by-pigs.html

    They are in 47 states and considered the most invasive species in the country. A research project conduced in southeast Texas by Rice and Texas A&M found that areas used by wild pigs saw plant diversity reduction that led to smaller numbers of invertebrate and small vertebrate populations.

    The research also indicated that plots used by the pigs grew more non-native, invasive plants that are hard to control and don’t offer much value to the local ecosystem, such as Chinese tallow trees which crowd out native trees and grasses. From Think Progress: —thinkprogress.org/climate/2013/11/27/3002821/wild-pigs-hogs-invasive-desctruction/—

    “In neighboring Louisiana, wild pigs are making it easier not just for invasive flora, but for a more sinister outsider — storm surges. According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the swine are uprooting levees and munching on marshland, both of which provide important buffers during strong storm events.

    “They are environmental vacuums,’’ Dwight LeBlanc, an employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s wildlife nuisance program, told the Times-Picayune. “A lot of conservation groups consider them the No. 1 invasive species in terms of detriment.’’

    In Texas, studies show that there are between 1.8 and 3.4 million wild pigs, and cause over $50 million in damage to the state’s agricultural industry every year,

    What do you think is the best approach to this problem? Each reproductively mature female is capable of producing two litters of a dozen pigs every year.


    1. While I’ll not pretend to know the answers, I do know what we are doing isn’t working, isn’t going to work. Never will, not for the benefit of the animals, the earth, or us here on the ground. But I believe together we can find peaceful solutions, if only we want.

      Studies raise a red flag, valid they may be to a degree, but narrow and self-serving their focus is, results of which are often skewed, bought, and paid for by special interests, often political.

      In typical two-faced fashion, the Texas studies site damage to the agricultural industry when the agricultural industry itself is the most damning source of destruction of all. And not just in the rainforest, but too here on home ground. Our forests and woodlands cleared for animal agriculture, for grazing and growing crops to feed the farmed animals—both on private and public land. Yeah, go figure. Numbers range as numbers do, but on average 80% of corn, genetically modified corn, is grown for animal agriculture, not for the world’s starving to eat; 90% of all small fish caught from the oceans are ground into farm fed; 2000 gallons of fresh water to produce 1-pound ground beef. These studies all vary and most likely enhanced for their intent. But there’s some truth to them. Even if you cut these numbers by 50%, it remains devastating.

      But the solution depends on where we wish to be. And we all have our own ideas. On one extreme, some prefer the world of war. On the other, mine, is Utopia. A world existing free of violence and as Diahann said below, “You can’t stop violence against women or men and then keep perpetuating violence against animals.” I think there no falsehoods in that statement, and although I’m foolish enough visionary to think Utopia possible, it’s not happening in our lifetime, at least not this one lifetime.

      So what solution exists to deal with the invasive species? I would think, in our scientific / medical wizardry that birth control and corralling a viable alternative to Ted Nugent flying around in helicopter with AR-15 blasting the living hell out of a sentient species whom men are responsible for the creation. Yes, the irresponsible farmer themselves—the real pigs in all this. Wild pigs just didn’t happen to come about. They allowed the creation of the species and now they must kill it is doctrine of the elite, the warmonger. The mentality is the same, only the victims differ. Of course, while we shouldn’t force birth control on humans, that would be an act of fascism or something along that line, we can and should better educate. And as for the wild pigs, what then the harm in firing sterilizer darts instead of .223 Remington rounds—and to hell with Teddy Nugget Brain Nugent? I know, it was a cheap shot.

      Victoria, I certainly value your input and meant not to come across as rude. For what I know of you, I have grown a fond respect. If I have come across inappropriately, please accept my most sincere apologies. I have to tell you this because this is an emotion subject, and though I resist, my emotion often controls me. I was a pig in a past life you know. 🙂


      1. Peter, i didn’t consider your input to be rude. In saying that, we can’t dis the studies and just assume they are were published by special interest groups, though I understand your concern. When I’m looking as studies, I do check to see who funded them. This is not only an emotional subject, but a complex one. The way I see it, we are simply not addressing the root problems. First and foremost, at least 2% of the world’s population are psychopaths.

        This pathology can be caused by a number of reasons, but not by what most people think. Most psychopaths are not mass murders or serial killers, but they are keen at charming (and deceiving) the population, most tending to be followers. Psychopaths are charismatic, and intelligent. They are masterful liars and possess a boundless appetite for power. Dictators are also classified as psychopaths. No amount of religion or discipline is going to rehabilitate these people.

        These people can create environments that turn on the warrior gene in men. Most who have warrior genes turned on are men. fMRI scans have shown damage in the brain’s lower frontal lobe, the orbital cortex, ventromedial prefrontal cortex, and anterior cingulate cortex. Those that experience damage in these ares generally turn out to be dictators and psychopaths. These areas of the area serve to inhibit aggressive impulses originating in the amygdala (fear, rage, aggression) and moral and ethical choices considered through interactions with the orbital and ventromedial cortex. People, not just dictators, with low activity in this area are particularly predisposed to impulsive, antisocial and/or psychopathic behavior. In other words, it those areas of the brain fail to activate, then the amygdala in the temporal lobe takes over and controls behavior. The Amygdala is directly connected to the ancient survival and appetite center in the septum, hypothalamus.

        I know all this is technical but it’s vital that we understand this or else we are just spinning our wheels like we have for thousands of years. This damage can occur from head injuries. Every 15 seconds someones in America alone sustains a traumatic brain injury. This damage can also occur in utero during fetal develop causes by maternal stress and severe stress (caused by the environment) during gestation. This stress could be domestic abuse, war, famine, natural disasters, etc.

        Studies done on pregnant mice showed that when they were subjected to stress on a regular basis, their offspring were born with larger hind brains and smaller forebrains. This meant that the offspring (in particular, males) were born with a fight or flight personality, and quite possibly their warrior gene had been turned on. The warrior gene, MAO-A, is associated with aggressive behavior.

        The MAO-A gene is transmitted from mother to child through the X chromosome, and as I mentioned is more prevalent in men. This is due to the fact that males have only one X chromosome. So if they inherit the warrior gene, it will always be active, whereas women have two X chromosomes, but one is turned off by chance (X inactivation), which is why more women are likely to have an inactive warrior gene. Hence, why most of the wars throughout history have been caused by men. Neuroscientist James Fallon states that men are also impacted by genetic variants for the androgen sex receptor, with one variant or allele favoring magnanimity and the other fostering selfishness. He also says that it’s no coincidence that most if not all dictators are men.

        Further, he explains that besides gene variants (affected by the environment) and a dysfunctional frontal lobe and amygdale, an individual has usually also been seriously abused in childhood, and/or lost important caretakers, such as biological parents. The result can be damage to the brain stem (pons) causing attachment disorders. So, what do we do to prevent this from happening? First, parental education about the developing brain is essential. Stop devaluing and oppressing women who should have full reproductive rights over their own body, and make sure their environments are as stress-free as possible when pregnant. Have mass public service campaigns educating the public about traumatic brain injuries and make job opportunity, universal health care, and education a priority as well. 4 of the 5 most peaceful countries in the world are way ahead of the curve.

        Then perhaps we can deal with violence on a mass scale. Otherwise, I don’t see much of a future for humankind. It’s probable that we will go extinct because humans are slow to change and tend to not learn the lessons from the past.


        1. This is incredibly interesting, as I’ve noted of your writings before, and perhaps as you say the root cause of that which plagues us. Yes, I can believe that. But it’s also quite depressing. When you say it like this, there’s no hope. And I’ve known that all along, but sometimes I like to think otherwise.

          Men are the curse then. I think it’s reasonable to say based on what I know as a man, your well-substantiated testimony, and that which in history is undeniable. I have a warrior gene, I understand, though I’ve only know it as a violent gene; warrior gene rather romanticizes it. I have felt it rear its head, raise its hackles and bare its teeth, though I’ve never been abusive, angry, very angry, yes, but always in control. It is part of why I choose to be drug and alcohol free, to be in control of myself, at all times. A fear, a werewolf syndrome you might say, where I know what I’m capable of and lock myself into chambers on full moon nights, when chilling winds howl with wolves. Sorry, I waxed melodramatic. Though I’ve been heard howling at the moon. But seriously, how many other men make no attempt at self-control? Spousal, child, and animal abuse, road rage, sports fanaticism, say it all.

          Even armed with this knowledge, what are we to do? Well, for one, we could put an end to school sports, namely football. Yeah, like that’s possible.

          I’m with you; we’ll tend towards extinction. And, but of course, I’m with you on women’s reproductive rights. I like to say, the host has full authority over the parasitic rider. Usually riles the Christian, damn my warrior gene just showed itself again, hasn’t it.

          Thank you, Victoria you are enlightening.


          1. Peter, thank you so much for not taking offense to my comment. This is not about pointing the finger and blaming men. It’s about understanding how profoundly intertwined we are to the environment. I’ve spent the better part of 10 years researching, on average, about 60 hours a week to gain better insight to what it will take for us to live peacefully among ourselves and not feel this urge to control everything. But I needed to find the root causes. Religion did us a great disservice by making men think they were created in the image of a god, and had been giveing the rule over every living creature, including women and children by some invisible sky daddy, who also happened to be a Bronze/Iron Age mythological war god..

            If we are to survive, humans have to come down off their high-horse mentality and realize they are equally as susceptible to extinction as every other species on this planet. I haven’t lost all hope. There is an excellent article by Robert Sapolsky. He spent 2 decades living among and studying the Forest Troop baboons in the savannas. As you know, they are very aggressive, particularly the alpha males. But, by a freak chance, all of the males from Forest Troop who had foraged at resort dump died due to eating tainted meat.

            The results were that the Forest Troop was left with males who were less aggressive and more social than average, plus the troop now had double its previous female-to-male ratio. Solpolsky wrote that what was key was not just the predominance of females but the type of male who remained. Also, the abuse towards females significantly dropped. He goes on to say that to this day troop’s unique social milieu persists — some 20 years after the incident. Adolescent males that enter Forest Troop after having grown up elsewhere ended up adopting the unique behavioral style of the resident males. As defined by both anthropologists and animal behaviorists, “culture”.

            In the words of Sapolsky, they created a baboon utopia. I’m not suggesting that this must take place in order for humans to live peacefully. I’m simply saying that dramatic and quick change is possible based on primate studies.


            Thank you for caring about the well being of our world. 🙂


            1. Victoria, I’m all for letting women take charge, not necessary Hillary though. I think she has an active warrior gene. But, could she do worse? Yeah, she could. It gets worse every election.

              The situation about the Forest Troop, I believe I recall seeing or reading something on it. It offers hope. Maybe world leaders at some world summit with gather and ingest some tainted meat as well.

              Aha, you’ve given me hope once again.


  4. This is a well thought out argument with credible sources. The best I can come up with is that some people simply have not made the same emotional connection to animals, a byproduct of our overall disconnect from the living, breathing planet that sustains us. The natural order is so complex and interconnected and I have been foolishly ignorant of the implications for most of my life. The capitalist machine relies on brute force to extract the planet’s resources and animals are simply a means to an endless (supposedly) supply of profits. We are fortunate to have voices like yours to sound the alarm. This is a great article, Peter.


    1. With surgical precision, they have so deftly severed the link between man and creature, between man and earth, and between man and man. And in the process have taken cruelty to all living beings to heights unimaginable.

      Jeff, so skilled they are, no way should you consider yourself having been foolish. Consider yourself amongst the free and enlightened. You were well on the way to begin with. And you know we’re not through; we’ll continue a path of discovery and exposure in time to come—for what more lies lie hidden.

      But I fear, Jeff, someday, should we approach critical mass we may have our hands called, our voices silenced. This may just be plain old paranoia, but something tells me it’s not. I think it now goes on in other parts of the world, think Ebola. Remember their threats of diseases and stay clear their vaccines. Of course, they have other ways of dealing with us too. Yeah, I’m paranoid.

      Thank you, Jeff, may peace engulf you.


    1. I work within a few miles of Butchertown. It is shuddering, though the deathly stench spares me, just knowing the extent of suffering taking place of every moment and so near; and I, unable to do a thing about it.


  5. I think to be proud of a town like “Butchertown”, well, I would think to live there you must be psychotic. So deeply disconnected from your own self, your own compassion and morality, I would think you would have to be. Great place for people who love living in denial. I loved this whole piece but this line: “The time is now to reform our alliances, to the earth, to the animals”… yes. The implication is that, at one time, we WERE allied with the animals, and to the earth. That’s what it’s really about, right there. That’s a big reason why we’re in such trouble, as you point out–that we’ve forsaken this–we might as well have pulled our own hearts out.


    1. Because I work not far, I hear Butchertown mentioned occasionally and offhandedly, say for giving directions or of something nearby, that sort of thing and it never registers on their countenance, much less in their heart. They are completely—I won’t say oblivious, not totally, but rather indifferent to the magnitude of suffering taking place not a few miles down the road. These are the people with their hearts pulled out.

      I recall a refrigeration mechanic coming into our store for parts who had done some recent work at the slaughterhouse. He remarked on how brutal it was inside, terrible he said, and that he wished never to go back. And yet, he couldn’t grasp my choice to be vegan, or chose not to. What sort of disconnect is that?

      You’re right Michael, it was my oversight; it wasn’t my intent to imply that humanity ever aligned itself to the animals or nature. Though by the numbers, the situation today is incredibly worse than ever, it’s always been the same senseless, heartless, selfish, violent mentality.

      Thank you, Michael.


  6. Visiting any supermarket in the country suggests the enormity of this flesh industry and the banality of its volume. How many tons today? How rapidly are the store shelves emptied? How many shelved products contain factory extermination camp content?
    Twice as many chickens on earth as people. I won’t do the math here, but more than one in every pot by rough estimate.
    Yes, man’s inhumanity to man exceeds imagination, but fatalities among homo sapiens does not run into the multiple tens of billions per year of our fellow sentients.

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