What is Eternal

“…And who would have thought
That my fate it would conjure
This twist in the road
On which I have wandered

Each vision and dream now
Completely dismembered
To give one’s whole life
And find nothing’s

And what good is a life
That leaves nothing behind
Not a thought or a dream
That might echo in time…”

~Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Beethoven’s Last Night – What Is Eternal

Photo Credit: Mercy for Animals http://www.mercyforanimals.org/
What is Eternal – Photo credit: Mercy for Animals

What is Eternal

Stars fight in futile battle of the dawning occupation

before the first fledglings chirrup retreat

crickets play a calando dirge.

As masses sleep snug in oblivion,

suffering remain a deadly contrarian

to a peace I pray someday emerge.

‘n so my resistance readies its day

for yet another inept battle to play.

—As I stand facing the mirror I wonder why I became what I am.

What connivance of events colluded to create this imperfection of the man I behold there before me?

Powerless, ignorant, yet yearning bestowed

for those things they’ve secreted

‘n deliberately stowed.

Why not just let it go?

Why dig so deep,

For a conclusion I’ll never beat?

Why resolve to reveal what I found,

only to find what I now regret!

‘n now hopelessly bound

to a world I fervently hold in disrespect.

I speak to the relentless suffering of billions of animals.

‘n the saddened reality that only few dare to care.

For all that I’ve failed to change

I just as well be like the rest.

Irrevocably attached to oblivion’s best

To play their game,

‘n not put my spirit to test:

To graciously let their governance steal my labor

To pray to their God, their beloved savior

To be model citizen of their Hellish realm

Take their guidance as my helm

I should cut my hair and look respectable

Shave the stubble and be presentable

Ditch the t-shirt for silken tie

Learn to speak their believable lie

Appear ambitious yet seem reasonable

Trade my Jeep for something feasible

Learn to play golf and kiss their ass

By God, no depravity I shall let pass.

—No! Not ever, I’ll not let that be

Like it or not, ‘n tho’ I’m not pleased,

I am what I am and do plainly see,

the failure of my effort, a calamity.

Now, as I look to the mirror’s reflection,

the stars are in full retreat,

the fledglings sing, the crickets silent.

‘n once again, the day’s resistance readied—

With not a thought or a dream that might echo in time.


  1. Haunting lyrics, I have listened to the music too, it reminds me of Les Miserables somewhat. And haunting too your words, there’s a deep sadness sewn inside them that I understand. Well written and capable of affecting the heart I beleive. Every step counts when we’re moving forward.

    (Also – don’t cut your hair – it looks marvellous.)

    – sonmicloud.


  2. Ah Peter, the burden you carry in your compassionate heart is so heavy. and the cruelty toward the helpless in these times so great. If anything is eternal, it’s the love and caring your work embodies. Thank you for speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves even when it feels futile. Some of us listen and the courage of your example gives us hope to try as well, each in our own ways. Thank you, dear friend.



    The beasts are very wise,
    Their mouths are clean of lies,
    They talk one to the other,
    Bullock to bullock brothers
    Resting after their labors,
    Each in stall with his neighbors,
    But man with goad and whip,
    Breaks up their fellowship,
    Shouts in their silky ears
    Filling their soul with fears.
    When he has plowed the land,
    He says: “they understand.”
    But the beasts in stall together,
    Freed from the yoke and tether,
    Say as the torn flank smoke:
    “Nay, ’twas the whip that spoke.”

    (Rudyard Kipling, The Beasts are Very Wise)



      1. Sometimes I think that the sick society of elites has made us all into “beasts of burden”, while they, the parasites, keep whipping us via propaganda, mind control, death-culture shoved down our throats — until one either becomes complacent or a revolutionary! of course this is the fear of the elites: that we all become revolutionaries.
        They don’t even consider us human: “Goyim/Gentile” means animals, pigs to be exact.
        So then, what to say of the way animals are treated – it’s no wonder that things are as dreadful as they are for animals.


        1. “Sometimes I think that the sick society of elites has made us all into ‘beasts of burden…’” You are correct, and I think the world is slowly awakening to the matter. Though too slow for my liking.

          Thank you, Genie.


    1. The Animal Spirits know that fear is the product of of cruelty and intimidation, but that respect is earned.

      And . . . Contrary to the belief held by many humans, it is not true that The Animal Spirits do not speak. They most certainly do. They have their own intricate languages. They speak to one another. They desperately try to speak to human animals, but in their arrogance, humans invalidate the voice of nonhuman animals and simply do not listen. I love the saying, “As life evolves and awakens, animals will begin to talk and when they do, man will surely weep.”

      Kipling…A powerful communicator he was. Thank you for re-blogging

      ~Gerean for “The Animal Spirits”


      1. A strong Kipling quote. I too believe animals talk to us, vocally, but often in silent yet powerful voice, spoken with the eyes. The aura of their spirit emanating frequencies our spirit must be willing to accept; a language of no words.


  4. Enjolras: “Where are the leaders of the land? Where are the swells who run the show?”

    You are our modern day Victor Hugo. Meanwhile, I’m catching up on some of your recent writings…


    1. Jeff, what an honor to be likened to Victor Hugo! Though undeserving I’ll accept the challenge; with each conscious moment and action I’ll aim to live up to this burden you’ve bestowed upon me. 🙂

      Peace, my friend.


  5. There have been numerous times when I’ve wanted to fall back asleep to what I now know that a lot do not see… unfortunately, (or I guess it is fortunately), at least in my experience, the snooze button always goes off. I think you give voice to those who can’t be heard by most of the world, Peter.


  6. Peter, I hope that you have kept your look. I think it ‘suits’ you more than a ‘suit and a tie’ would. Although, I am sure that a ‘suit and a tie’ couldn’t do YOU justice. You’re much more than just a ‘suit and a tie’, so much more.

    I must say that I have been missing out indeed by getting around this late day to your blog. What I have been missing. But I shall quite rectify that with a monumental amount of reading. Reading has always been my greatest joy and reading what you have written is why I learned to read. Please, I hope you never stop sharing your gift with us. The world is the better off for it. I know I am.

    And I want to thank you for what you wrote to me as I needed to read that and feel free to voice your opinions no matter whether you think I will fly up into the boughs over it or not. I can be a ‘terror’ and don’t I know it. But again, you were right in everything you said.

    Bless your heart and again, thank you!


    1. Aha, good morning, Shelby.

      Thank you for those kind and most overly generous words. And yes, I have managed to keep my look; I suppose I am what I am inside and out.

      I look forward to our friendship and reading more of your rants and raves and your rather fine poetry, they speak truth and hard truth must be spoke with weight and emphasis and feeling of heart and of course the occasionally swearing; if not, then the voice just as well remain mute.

      From the courage and encouragement of you and those like you, I gather my strength and resolve; I shall not remain silent.

      Thanks, Shelby.


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