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To the memories of silenced despair

To the living, this meditative prayer

Silent Trail, by Douglas Spotted Eagle

‘n my lament of humble beleaguer


Memories sail across the sands of time

‘tis ghost ship set adrift in raging storm

Where waves of madness swell tides of mis’ry

Sails billowed by cries of those never mourned!

In Seas of Darkness breed shallow currents

Wherein briny deep swim lonely despair

Nearly a hope, gasping, drowning forlorn

~Peter Schreiner


  1. I couldn’t watch the entire Ducks in Despair video. That was too much. I just read an article about factory farming vis a vis pigs. The most striking part of the article was the sadistic mentalities of the workers which has been well documented in slaughterhouses.

    To be in “Seas of Darkness” is a terrible and lonely place to be. As long as there are compassionate people like yourself, I like to think that there is “nearly a hope” for humanity.


    1. Jeff, thank you for the link, the article was hard for me to take.

      It speaks well of you that you couldn’t make it thru the video, nor could I.

      Perhaps I see this differently. I ask, could sadism be a necessary qualification, although it may lay latent in an individual until needed, no persons of sensitivity are capable of treating any sentient creature this way, right? The whole concept of confining, torturing, killing and slaughtering sentient beings are sadistic in nature; simply not an act of loving kindness. And if not the fault of an individual’s inherent flaw, could it be like a cancer that grows and festers as the Stanford prison experiment shown when people have authority over another in weaker positions?

      Regardless, the sadistic are not to blame for the heartless brutality we both find excessively cruel. The demand is the culprit and the soul reason it exists. I’ll not be a part. I can’t be a part.

      Thank you, Jeff, peace to you and yours.


  2. You often capture the deep sadness and despair I see in the ever present torture of animals, and the cruel, sadistic as you say, nature of certain humans. So many people just do not wish to know the horrors. It took me one film twenty one years ago to stop eating meat, and then five years later I took all animal products out of my mouth and my life. I too could not watch the full film, but it is those like us that don’t need to, because we know how bad it truly is, and it tears us apart to watch the horror ensue. There is hope, for we exist and others are starting to open their eyes, slowly, very slowly, but the darkest tides are beginning to turn. Thank you for this.

    – sonmi on the Cloud.


    1. It took only one film for me too, and then the only consideration was that I’d not be a participant. Of course, mine was less than 25 years ago. And it wasn’t that I didn’t want to know, I was oblivious—I regret to admit.

      I hope you’re right, I hope there is hope, but it looks to me not always so. Yes, eyes are opening, but it seem, that for every open pair there’s ten thousand that don’t care. But, maybe that’s just the way I choose to see it.

      On a lighter note, this poetic dribble is lesson two in iambic pentameter in “the Ode Less Travelled” by Stephen Fry. I told you I’d buy the book. Though it fall short of the twenty lines, he requested, I did—with much angst—forego the rhyme, as was asked, and I cheated in the two syllable wording of mis’ry—but it does look poetic, don’t you think.

      Thanks, Sonmicloud


  3. Peter, I wonder how we lost our sense of connectedness and humanity? I’m so glad you have it though. Awareness of the value of all life deepens our humanity, I think.


    1. Hi Nicci, I think our connectedness has always been lacking, because of religion’s influence, its promises, its heavy-handed domination of all things living and non-living. And though that same spirit lives today, theirs is nothing, if for no other reason than numbers, comparable to the villainy we see today, and that often deviously masked as goodness. We are the exceptions, thank you, Nicci.


      1. Nothing that is good and for the good of all is ever done in vain; there is also the 100th butterfly effect, and who knows, we might be the 97th and 98th.
        A couple more and this madness may end or it will end all of life!
        I don’t believe it will, though, because the life force is strong. It can and will shed parasites.


  4. When will this “madness” end?
    Only when people care about more than themselves – and that seems so far away.
    I once rescued some ducks that were crushed on top of each other in filthy cages. They did not even know how to swim when taken to a place of safety. Seeing them slowly transform into who they were meant to be was a moving and beautiful experience.
    That people can resort to such cruelty for a moment of the lips is sickening.
    Take care,


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