Wicked sinners hither and thither,
Screaming blasphemies, righteous spirits wither.

They came while we slept, with a terrifying ruckus in the night they overwhelmed us, too powerful to fight, submission our lone plight.

A flash of light, like fireworks exploding in the dark of night. It was but a blow to my head, perhaps two; the wet blood covered the side of my face, its warmth strangely comforting my dazzled mind. Frightfulness forbade me to lose consciousness though I felt strangely exhausted, a bit nauseous too. I stood up, not having recalled dropping to my knees. Perhaps there was another blow.

Was this real, or was this a dream?

They pushed us; they prodded us, they swung their weapons and they beat us. We stumbled outside bloody, broken, trembling, and cold; beyond frightened where the moonlight met us shining bright and bold, we stood terrified beyond measure in its hold.

It was real.

It was terrifying.

My heart heavy like a leaded weight sunk in my chest eagerly losing the latent courage I wished to possess.

I longed for all the madness to stop, to go back to sleep, to be alone, and to be free of the terror that imprisoned our hearts, our lives for so long.

Sudden death I would now welcome.

But, death was not to be, not yet, not so easily….

What justice prevails, when innocents wail?
As confinement, torture, and torments set sail.

Into the tractor-trailer they loaded us.

Crowded and packed they forced us. We strain for every breath of air, among our blood, our vomit, our urine, our feces.

Our cries and wails suffocate us, more than overcrowding, choking confinement does to us.

As I looked into the eyes of the ones pressed into my sides, a reflection of my fear I see, no comfort there was to be.

Childish compassion, pure, sincere concern,
Breaks loving spirits when un-learned.

A violent jerk sends us reeling, falling, pushing one against the other, against the cold metallic walls.

Outside we hear their mocking calls, as the truck leaves the stall.

The wind now whips us; the cold it bites us, as we ride through the night sealed with oblivion’s flight; through the slits and slats the moonlight shines eerily upon us.

The dread of our fate prolongs despair; our anxiety deepens with each long—passing prayer; time spent agonizing the destination’s fare. What hell at the end shall we bare?

Out of our heads with fear possessing us.

Cars, they casually bypass us with blameless children’s faces pressed against windows they smudge as they sadly point to us.

Can no one but they care?

Fate has met her match in hate,
As a love, she loses with no debate.

Alas, to a stop we jolt.

The gate to our fate falls open, with no escape are we aligned.

Again, they shout at us, they prod us, and they hit us as they gather us up outside where the moon again spotlights us.

Our blood drips from us and saturates the ground around us from the wounds they’ve inflicted upon us.

Death at this place weighs heavy. So heavy all around us, the smells, the cries, the evil cast on to so many lives as time goes by is not something that disappears by closing your minds….

Shock now settles in!
They are going to kill us within,
The slaughterhouse walls tonight!

~Peter Schreiner


  1. Again, you have rendered me speechless! I’ve not read something so hauntingly sad and yet, so full of a terrible passion that the reader is caught up in its spell of fear and bewilderment. If humans were treated like animals are treated everyday, would we then realize that they have feelings and experience pain, unimaginable? We don’t even care what an animal went through just so long as we are served that choice piece of steak.

    I never looked at it in quite that way Peter and I am ashamed. I am ashamed because my heritage was of cattle sent to market, whipped, lashed, broken and killed and so I should know better. Thank you for the awakening!


    1. No Shelby, thank you.

      It is same, yes. That is to say, suffering is the same to the victim. And you are so right, this compares to the brutality your ancestors experienced in this “land of freedom.” I believe the heartlessness of man enslaving man, killing and war, have deep roots in animal brutality.

      The fight to end slavery in its day, is little different to the fight to end animal slavery today. No, it is different, it is I believe a harder fought battle, one because people never ate slaves. That sounds terrible I know, but if in the days of black slavery whites ate their slaves then they would still be slaves today, butchered, and nicely package in the refrigerated section of stores today. It’s actually a miracle they didn’t.

      Shelby, you’ve obviously connect with your compassion long ago. This brutality is something well hid from public eye. There are even laws now that make it illegal to expose animal cruelty, called AG GAG. There’s a saying that if slaughterhouse walls were made of glass, we’d all be vegan. I believe we’d all be at peace too.

      Although it’s not a pleasant invite, I invite you to watch the video above, Dairy’s Dark Side, meatvideo.com. But be forewarned, it’s not an easy view.


      1. Peter I’ve read about the fact that laws are going on the books left and right to make it illegal for people to videotape the brutal treatment of animals. If they’ve nothing to hide, why are they so fearful of being taped? Of course it is because they know that what they do to those animals is cruel and inhumane.

        And many of us have heard that if we knew what went into the making of a hotdog, we’d never eat another one, but that hasn’t stopped people from downing them and even initiating hot dog eating contests.

        Many, many years ago, my uncle raised hogs to kill and eat and my dad paid him to kill one for us to eat. I didn’t know about it until they were cutting it up in our basement. When I found out about it was when they were bringing the cut up pork chops and ribs for my mom to freeze. I told her that I would never put another piece of meat in my mouth and she tried everything to get me to eat meat again, and I would go to bed without dinner. But I stuck to my guns.

        My shame is in the fact that I have not penned poems or essays denouncing this as the atrocity that it is. We know of the growth hormones and the antibiotics and the nasty mess they feed to animals for slaughter and still we choose to not think about that and chow down on burgers, steak, chops, hot dogs and every meat we can get our hands on, never thinking about what the animal went through before their body parts landed on our plate.

        Like I always say, “I despair of us!”

        Peter, this is a great site and I am so glad that you are shedding light on the cruelty of animals. I am going to join you in raising awareness. Again, thank you!


        1. Shelby, you have given me the most joyous news I’ve had in so very long. Thank you. Thank you for your kind heart, your exceptional bravery, and your powerful and inspiring voice for the oppressed and downtrodden of all species.

          I can’t express my glowing admiration for your steadfast childhood resolve. If we could all simply reconnect to the child in us, where would we be today? Very close to peace I think. But the warring hate in man is so very strong and overpowering–but enough of that for now. Today, I will bask in the joy you have given me.

          Again, thank you, Shelby. Peace.


  2. I am at a loss for words, Peter. Although I suspect you are describing the horrifying treatment and slaughter of animals, your darkly beautiful poem evoked images in my mind of how my ancestors and slaves were treated, of prisons and Abu Ghraib, of mental hospitals and institutional “schools” like the one where I worked in in the 1970s.


    1. Carol, it is as I said to Shelby, there is so little difference. Heartless brutality is an equal opportunity monster, and suffering the same to the victim. To accept violence, to accept slavery and brutality to any sentient species will forever hold our peace for ransom. Violence conditions us, predisposes us to its heartless realm. Peace, love, and harmony will only be when all are free of fear and suffering. This is my belief.

      Thank you, Carol.


  3. Peter ~ Thank you for using your gift to provide a ‘highway’ of continual awareness, ‘transporting’ the hearts of man to ‘destinations’ of human empathy, where it becomes possible to see one’s own-self in the place of a breathing, thinking, dreaming, loving, feeling, terrified, suffering other living being. Please keep writing. You are making a profound difference. ~ G

    PS ~ I cannot seem to find a way/button/click area to follow your blog. What am I missing?


  4. Man’s cruelty unbounded. I see. I hear. I feel. They see. They hear. They feel! What poignant words – will others see, hear and feel? Your poem says it to all = all who have suffered under the violence and cruelty of ‘others’. Well said.


      1. The other thing that I don’t understand is why people think it’s normal to drink breast milk after they are weaned, …and to add to that, the breast milk of another species?
        No other animal does that: drink breast milk after they are weaned.

        Also, hardly anyone realizes that eggs are the menstrual cycle of a chicken.


          1. For sure, lies, corruption, slaughter, kill, torture, however, it’s not a cover up as far as I can see, it’s seeing the obvious. The obvious being: life is not cherished in any way whatsoever, everything is perverted and twisted into something it’s not by ZOG Inc.

            Everywhere one looks there is not one place that has not been desecrated, exploited, pilfered, poisoned, bombed, dehumanized and the soul has been robbed from its true nature which is universal love for all.

            It is clear as the north star that there is no coverup, only those idiots who don’t see because of their addictions, perversions and greed, are not aware of how destructive soicety is: sheer evil, the devil’s minion, etc.

            Liked by 1 person

  5. “Lots of people talk to animals…Not very many listen though…that’s the problem.”

    “If people were superior to animals, they’d take good care of them,” said Pooh.”

    -The Tao of Pooh

    (Another starkly beautiful poem that renders our consciences indefensible. Your pen just keeps getting sharper, Peter.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I looked up The Tao of Pooh, read the sample pages on Amazon.com. I’m going to stop by Books a Million this weekend and pick up a copy, and perhaps a copy of “The Te of Piglet” too.

      Thank you Jeff for you comment, and for the unintended(?) book recommendation.


  6. Your depth of empathy is profound, Peter. If only more people would stop and think of the suffering behind their piece of “meat”.

    Thank you again for this powerful piece of writing.


  7. Powerful stuff. And that is your forte, your gift to the world of the web Peter. You spread awareness with such emotion I defy anyone not to feel something keen pulling at their conscience or hearts as they read. ‘Fate has met her match in hate,
    As a love, she loses with no debate.’ – this is a superb coupling too. *smiles*

    – sonmi upon the Cloud


  8. Ah, I have found your new gaff, as we say in this land. Your post informing me has only just appeared in my emails. I love the font here, and the colour and design works really well too. Welcome to your new blog smiles and pops a few party poppers, then places the new home present she bought – a fine cactus- on the window sill

    • sonmi upon the Cloud

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