A White Thanksgiving, in Norman Rockwell tradition where celery seem not the only vegetable.
A White Thanksgiving, in Norman Rockwell tradition where celery seem not the only vegetable.

Thanksgiving Day in the U. S. A.

A time of thanks.

Now let’s all bow our heads and give our Maker His moment due.

And a toast; to the Injuns in the Plymouths, who we so ceremoniously honored that first Thanksgiving Day and who so graciously gave up their land, their lives, their everything to broken promises, lies, pillaging, rape, murder, and plunder so that renewed white Puritan supremacy may rule from sea to shining radioactive sea. Oh say can you see by the dawn’s . . . Damn if it don’t just fill my heart with bliss I could spit. By hell, I think I just shed a tear.

Now in honor of that genocidal era when God bequeathed us whites their land of milk and honey, bestowing liberty and justice for all, not to mention slaves to pick cotton and work the fast-foods, what better way to express gratitude for our shackled and dwindling freedoms than to decapitate an innocent genetically modified bird, who having lived her entire life held in agonizing captivity only to have her innards yanked out her ass, do we place this now de-spirited fowl upon our table, amongst our smiling fucking faces, watering mouths, and ever expanding mid-sections.

Sweet Jesus, football’s on. Turn the TV up, bitch and fetch me another Budweiser.

Goddamn, I’m proud to be American!

~Peter Schreiner


  1. Tell us how you really feel, Peter. 😉

    Seriously, one of the things I admire about your writings is that we always know clearly where you stand. There is no moral ambiguity in oppression, genocide or human and animal rights violations. Now pass the Budweiser…

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    1. Well, I didn’t say all of how I felt. I wanted to say something about NASCAR, but it’s over for the season and Kevin Harvick won the championship, God bless him. How do I know this? I work in Kentucky, where camo meets NASCAR on everything from tattoos to condoms.

      Wench, a Bud for Jeff!

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  2. You nailed it Peter. You always do. So many have failed to make the connection between their statements of compassion and their lack of compassionate behavior(s). Thanks for writing so that others who are capable of connecting, may connect. Thanks for writing so that those of us who are already connected, are inspired to continue to influence others toward connection. Thanks for writing for those who in the future will read your messages of conviction and will experience changes of minds/hearts/spirits. As WE awaken….may compassionate action increase and hypocritical action decrease. Blessings on you and yours, my friend.
    ~ Gerean

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    1. Our struggle is battle to awaken others, as we ourselves shed a light one to another. For they have so long kept us in their dark with lies, manipulations, and unnatural desires, turning us against one another, against the animals, and against nature. It is well past time their dark spell be broke. Compassionate awareness is the light of peace.

      Thank you, Gerean for shining your light.

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  3. Peter, Peter, Peter.
    Please consider teaching a class in History, or at the very least Humanities.
    You are most desperately needed by the ignorant, blinded youth of this country who will never hear these words from any Professor.

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  4. That’s a must see video. No matter how many of these types of videos I see about secret footage that exposes the sadism, cruelty, abuse, etc., of the slaughter house animals and birds, each time, I am outraged and mortified.
    The only question that I have, is that so many people that I know have seen these videos and yet, they keep on eating tortured dead animals and birds. How can they, after seeing what they saw? Disgusting, is what I say about those who know and willingly participate in torture and sadism.

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    1. Geneviève, I too wonder how they after watching such atrocities can continue to support this heartless industry of animal foods, and I know a few. I haven’t a satisfactory explanation of their apathy, other than their spirits are dead to the world. They are living breathing Zombies.

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  5. I seem to have stopped getting notices of your blog, Peter. Looking at it now, it doesn’t even look like I’m a subscriber anymore… not sure what happened but will remedy that right away. I appreciate you reminding us about what Thanksgiving is really about. You are always unflinching and true- even if what you have to say may not please everyone. Belated Happy Thanksgiving.

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