I’m terribly in tune to spirits of innocence, be who they may be, but particularly to the animals, for there are none of purer intent than they. Think what you may think.

As such, certain things set me off to a wrangling rage of depressive poetry (most of which never make the light of post, and shortly you’ll see why). This time it is the picture in Chris Hedges’ article, ‘All Forms of Life are Sacred’ that Lens1 linked to, in his much admired pictorially and uniquely grammatical; poetically and usual way. It is the picture—the face of hopelessness that has stirred my ire and tempered my poetic expression to incoherence.

Most will see in this image nothing more than a pig–an object, a thing, a beast–going to slaughter (such is the morality of speciesism), never another thought or care given this sentient life; though perhaps mental images of bacon, ham, roast, pickled pig’s feet and dried pig’s ears for the beloved Fido might come to their short-sighted, narrow thinking minds—they may even think it cute. Then, they’ll laugh about it. Deride it. Some make mocking pig sounds as they pass by it.

What I see, is entirely different. I see an innocent intelligent individual doomed to a horrifying existence and sentenced to a terrifying death for the crime of being born into an insane world suffering from the incorrigible disease of humanity.

Here, on way to a brutal ending a fellow earthling–who would treasure human friendship if only given the opportunity—is captured in time. And friendship, friends, is priceless.


I’m angry, yes.

I’m saddened tho’ too

always confused.

I can make no sense of it

as I stave off misanthropy

only because of you.

Yes, your kindness

lightens this burden darkness.

Tho’ there’s the agony of their destiny

the anger of my plight,

the words of hollow humans,

the cries of incorruptible—

these echoes rubble through my night.

My days lay heavy, weighted

as suffering stirs an endless sight.

A likely fate I’ll likely never fight.

Where is compassion,

in their constant inferno of terror

stealing their every labored breath?

What can I do, that I haven’t already done!

Say, what I haven’t already said

a hundred times over—be damned!

To ease earth’s suffering I’ve lost,

and the world has won, this fucking world—

the deck was always stacked.

My anger is nay a fraction of their agony

and yet,

I find the world barely tolerable,

held in high contemptible.

Aha, perhaps I am mad,

or the world is mad . . .

or we are both hopelessly insane.


  1. Never give up your anger, it is the thing that drives you to be different, use it instead to fuel your push against the impossible tide of misery inflicted upon animals by uncaring souls. I know how you feel and also feel helpless but I believe that one by one people will see the light and it is up to people like you to show them where to look

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  2. I agree with both the above comments, torturous though it is, your pain and anger over the horrors that set you off lead you to write so very emotively, and it is what feels like such tiny steps like this that leads more and more people to see the truth, feel the horror for themselves, and then begin to do something about it within themselves.

    • sonmi upon the Cloud

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      1. We all have our roles, and to lift and lighten seems to be mine so far as inching forward goes – a yin for a yang, or perhaps a grin for a yang? laughs. I appreciate you saying so, all your feedback, comments, they hVe boosted sonmi and her Cloud in the sky. *smiles and gives him a large hug

        • sonmi smiling upon the Cloud.

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  3. Collectively, the mindfulness AND the emotions of the “Wayseers” are increasing and along with this increase is a stronger level of unified energy, frequency and vibration that is literally changing earthly life (perhaps universal life). I know your anger, because it lives inside of me and inside all of us who are conscious of the suffering of others. WE must continue to unify in one voice and WE must increasingly recognize our oneness so that WE will be able to endure the battle(s) yet to come. Those of us banning together under the umbrella of compassionate action, especially need each other now. The Awakening has begun and times . . . they are radically changing.

    I love what you wrote, Peter. Will circulate so that others can be influenced. Please continue to transmit.


    ~ Gerean

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  4. I think that the world is MAD! The cruelty and unkindness towards animals, nature as a whole, and ‘other’ people is beyond sanity. As I realize how we and life interconnect, I think this is perhaps one of the causes of mass dis-ease and despair in our society. How can we feel okay when there is such cruelty? I remember reading once how factory farming is so cruel that the writer said he would rather be a bull, free to roam the fields until old age, until, on the day of the fight, he would think “Oh, fuck.” than be a factory farmed animal, placed in prison only to be killed one day by a thug with a fag and a stun gun, collapsing in its own crap only to turn into a burger for someone to gobble up after a late night drunken binge.

    Sadly, people take the article as saying the writer approves of bullfighting. The world is mad, Peter. How can it not be?

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  5. I agree with you 100%. I’ve tried for so long, now I can’t look anymore because nothing changes and things just get worse and so many people get colder and even less compassionate. The deck was always stacked. I thought we could made a difference but the indifference to their suffering is bigger than I can offer. Despair.

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    1. I like to tell myself, and sometimes I honestly belief it, that somewhere somehow underneath it all brews change and then something—perhaps reality, brings despair. I’m like a yoyo, first up, then down. I don’t know. I have to say though, your art and wit is a welcome reprieve. Thank you.

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  6. My 85-year-old mother, my 66-year-old older brother, my 64-year-old self, and my 20-year-old daughter, have all become vegetarians over the last eight years. In the state of California voted twice, once on the initial measure, and onecenter to defeat a challenge; to guarantee that any chicken raised or sold commercially in their state has the right to a larger living space. I know these things are small in view of the overall slaughter but they do prove that maintain the consciousness that life is sacred transforms life. I support your anger but I will oppose your hopelessness and encourage your continued eloquent declamation.

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    1. It’s heartening to know your compassion has spread to your kin.

      I have mix feelings about measures that promote the well-being of farm animals, as animal exploitation is still a factor, yet I prefer they live better than they do.

      These acts may only make people feel better in their use of animal products and may actually increase animal exploitation. Any exploitation that involves enslavement and killing is opposed to peace; killing is violent. Humane slaughter is doublethink. The goal, as I see it, is to give each individual the right to life and liberty, regardless of species. Only when we respect all rights to life and liberty will we move to a peaceful existence.

      So you see I’m simply not sure the absolute value here; it may have merit it may not. But at the very least, the animals may live better before they die.

      Thank you for stopping by and for your thoughtful comment.


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  7. I like how you remind us of the intelligence of pigs that belies the cheap price of a pound of bacon or ham. We have been conditioned to view things, all things, in terms of monetary value at the expense (pun intended) of a deep connection to the organic world. The animal species has in you a powerful and eloquent ally, Peter.

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    1. Well said on mass conditioning Jeff, everything from the food we kill to the training of soldiers they offer to do elite bidding. All reckoned in dollars, though the true cost is so very much greater.



  8. I know I’ve said this before, Peter, but I so appreciate how you don’t shy away or dilute from what you feel and have to say. Please keep expressing that here- and I’m sure you will, but just wanted you to know that I welcome it. I keep my fingers crossed that broader change is possible.

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  9. Peter ~

    After posting your poetry above to “The Animal Spirits” on Facebook, we received a comment from the Admin of an Animal Rights Activist page called “End Suffering of Wildlife and Companion Animals,” who wrote:

    “Thanks for this! I have been feeling exactly like this the past few days! “To ease earth’s suffering I’ve lost,and the world has won, this fucking world—
    the deck was always stacked.”

    Often, others read your work, are affected, yet don’t write directly to the writer. Just wanted you to know that your heart and soul is influencing others that are not even aware of.

    Of course, I felt compelled to respond to the above with a comment of encouragement, love and LIGHT. I just can’t help myself. 🙂

    ~ Gerean

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  10. Wonderful poem! I can get very frustrated and angry with the world and want to disappear to my own little world. But we must try to see the beauty and be positive that one day things might change. There is a wonderful spirit and beauty in nature. We are vegetarian but do eat fish. I can understand this post and agree with your observations.


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    1. Exactly. There is a wonderful spirit in nature; and nature’s animals and to connect to both is both tragic and uplifting. And I’m much depended upon others to remind me of this wonderful spirit and well-being that seems so very stifled by injustice; though I must say I’ve nearly given up hope that things might change. But nearly is not absolutely.

      Thank you, Barbara, for you kind words, for your awareness.

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  11. Oh god, I know how you feel!!This really spoke to me, I feel like this so much, I have reams of pages too like this, where I rant and rage against the world and all the idiots in it,all the cruelty and the injustice. I just want to scream at people, wake the fuck up!! Only recently, while waiting to cross a road,one of those horrific animal transporters went by, the traffic was manic and it stopped , right by me; to my horror it was full of sheep, all these beautiful, lost faces peering out of the darkness, through the slats, it just took my breath away and I wanted to cry.These beautiful beings being treated like they were nothing. Looking around me, no-one else had even noticed,they weren’t giving it a glance,as if it wasn’t there. I just cannot understand how people can be so shut off, it baffles me and upsets me and makes me seethe.How easily they just drift their way through life, noticing nothing, not caring about anything,when I could go mad with all the horror there is. Anyway, I’ll stop ranting, thanks,it was really good to hear someone else say it too!!!

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    1. And on the interstate just a few days ago, I past two transporters running pigs to their slaughter. I cried out as I seen in the open slats the snouts of these precious beings hoping to catch their last breath of fresh air. What horror awaited them angered me so I raised my middle finger to the drivers as I went by. But, it’s really not their fault is it? If the demand wasn’t there, they wouldn’t be supplying it. It is the consumer who is the ultimate oppressor. And it is as Malcolm X said, you can’t hate oppression and love the oppressor; though I make exceptions for a few, but only a few.

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      1. Yes, your right,I know but that’s what gets me, that people just don’t see it, don’t think about it, it’s so easy for them to just drift on by, not giving a shit!! These poor creatures under their noses,being hauled away because of them and they don’t even notice,don’t even pause to look at the suffering right in front of them, are just dead to it. But that’s life isn’t it??Some people you just can’t reach!!

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