I once blamed . . .

. . . the Gods for the binding blinding of man;
then realized it was man that created the Gods.

. . . the Statesmen for the corruption of the state;
then realized it was man that elected the statesmen.

. . . the Authorities for the persecution of man;
then realized it was man that condoned the authorities.

. . . the Corporations for the greed of man;
then realized it was man that sustained the corporations.

. . . the Media for the delusions of man;
then realized it was man that consumed the media.

. . . the Schools for the ignorance of man;
then realized it was man that set the guidance.

. . . the Oppressor for the oppression of the sentient;
then realized it was man that placed the demand.

I once believed . . .

. . . in the prospect of peace;
now realize it was left up to man.

I once believed . . .
. . . in you . . . in me,
but that was when was, was all I am.


  1. Your verse deftly turns the mirror back on the source of the reflection, rather than the reflection itself. Change starts with the man in the mirror not with the reflection.

    Loved the ending, too. Really well done, Peter.

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  2. A great work Peter, on transformation and personal responsibility. And I love it that you transform the whole into a Heidegger-esque challenge at the end. Sonmi and others seem to have got it straight away, but I’m still processing. . .

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    1. Again, thank you, Carol. I’m a bit disturbed by this malware, though. If this is something on your end might I recommend http://www.malwarebytes.org. There is a free but limited version that I’ve used successfully on a number of PC’s here at the office, I do recommend it; though I wouldn’t subscribe unless you’ve a reoccurring issue. I hate subscriptions.

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  3. This reminds me of those dark hours of heartbreak, when my first love decided to move on. I was hopeless and helpless, and then I heard myself when I said “I gave you everything!”. And when I realized I was the one in control, it got better. A beautiful poem, Peter.


  4. “I once believed . . .
    . . . in you . . . in me,
    but that was when was, was all I am.” …..

    Yet, now, WE are MORE …and the world is gradually awakening. You are one of the Wayseers. Your voice is making a profound difference. Please continue to transmit, for you are so very gifted.


    ~ G

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  5. My goodness I am glad I stopped by. You don’t realise how much you have grown. There is something called the False Matrix which is leveraged by the Draco to stop us “connecting”. That is why I have been doing all this work to challenge “survival of the fittest” thinking. If we all became a common union, we could do anything with our minds. Refracted, we are lower than animals.

    Very good peom!

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    1. Thank you, OT. Although knowing you as I do, I believe you to use a mere figure of speech, and nothing more (but I am sensitive to such things). And I must say that we will forever be “lower than animals,” for in them is no malice, greed, gluttony, nor vile temperament, no selfish intent, no destructive desire, no harboring of ill-will, no covetous behavior, HA! and no religion, no lying media, no greedy cartels backed by government gangsters. They have pecking orders and hierarchies it’s true but no corrupt leaderships or egos to place one above the other. They live and let live and do only what they must to survive. We live and kill and live to kill and take and consume whatever we can get our grimy hands and mouths upon–needy or not and then treat animals like less than shit beneath our feet.

      No sir, I can think of no lower species than the human being (you may know of some, but I do not). We can learn much good and proper from the animals, if only we will. https://animalspirits222.wordpress.com/2015/01/11/voices-we-shall-never-hear/


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      1. In regard to your response to ozziethinker (above). After reading the paragraph you wrote above the link to “Voices We Shall Never Hear,” I found myself wishing you would edit, re-write in your special style of prose and publish, because it is such a powerful paragraph.

        Just a mega-fan, thinking out loud.

        ~ G

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          1. I have a gut feeling that, when the post is ready, it will be awesome. It will appear at precisely the right time. I’ve been investing the time that I have on “The Animal Spirits” Facebook Page, which is experiencing a great deal of energy both on the surface and behind the scenes. I haven’t had time to blog, but am continually checking for current posts by you. I am watching your base of influence grow and am very excited about the increase in a broader reach. The worldwide movement needs more activists like you. Keep the flame lit. Continue to transmit. You are making a profound difference and will continue to. You’re the bomb, Peter.

            ~ G

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      2. You must understand, Peter, in seriousness, there are three fundamental types of proto-natural being:

        Creative beings are given the power and tools to manage DNA. They are the creators.

        Spiritual beings are the bridge between spontaneous emotion and functional existence. They are guides and managers of functional existence.

        Animals are purposefully designed for functional existence. A change of habitat destroys the design purpose and creatures either adapt or die out. They are functional existence.

        Human beings are neither creative, spiritual nor animal, but, in some ways, all of the above. We have not failed, but, rather, have been derelict in our duty. That rebellion impicates the highest power of all.


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