Peter the Vegan vs. the Honorable Honor

Chapter 1

<< Peter the Vegan – The Poem

“Peter the Vegan, you stand here today before us in this The Grand and Holy Court of Truth, Justice, and Right accused of the most severe offenses. Blatant disregard of established convention; exhibiting contempt of our most treasured ancestral cultural cult-heritage; the disavowing of our sacred religions and the denial of their God; while refusing to participate in our time-honored traditions, annual celebrations, sacrifices, and our consecrated Holy Days. In addition, you have steadfastly refused to take part in our democratic election process, the very process of which ensures your very freedoms and protections of this court. Further, it stands that you have publically denounced our wars waged in the holy name of peace while hypocritically fighting for the rights of animals. How absurd.”

Peter the Vegan stood tall, proud, and though he possessed with fear, for he knew well the score, not a tremble did he let before the towering Honorable Honor’s bench. A gargantuan structure crafted from the several trees of African Blackwood, generously inlaid in ivory and adorned with the finest of African gems mined by the blackest of black African slaves. It was imposing and intimidating, built in a semi-circle, as wide as the vast courtroom itself. At its height, far above, was seen the Honorable Honor’s shining bald head, furrowed brow, and a pair of beady spectacled eyes peering over its smoothly curved edge. In its center, sculptured from the skulls of malcontent, the Ministry’s emblem of Truth, Justice and Right, a trinity of white angelic virgin aside a guillotine shielded by the snow-white arms of God the Father, on the left the sun rising over Golgotha, on the right the severed head of nonconformity.

“These exemplarily and complying citizens,” said the Honorable Honor, “peers whom you know and see seated in the gallery above and around you, Peter the Vegan, they are your co-workers, your wife, your children, your grandchildren, your friend, and other beloved members of your family and community. They’ve gathered to bear witness against your actions and intentions of free thought and individualism, and what is described to me as ‘your incessant annoying activism.’ Theirs is an unwavering concern for you, Peter the Vegan. Their seeming betrayal is nothing less than an act of unmitigated love that you should find yourself grateful for and warmed by in this dire time of yours. They, as all obedient citizens of our World Order, in this blessed region of Amerika, in the righteous State of Togetherness within the hallowed township of Ultimate Oneness seek only your right-thinking. Thereby we declare you guilty of gross and deliberate individualist thought and action, thus deeming you a terrorist threat to the way of our esteemed and cherished life of unity, love, and liberty.

“As to these vilest and severe charges, Peter the Vegan, how dost thou plead?”


“You must enter a plea,” said the Honorable Honor in agitated tone and condescending manner.

Again, silence.

“Peter the Vegan, might I heap contempt to these charges facing you this day?”

“You may do as you like, sir, for your minds are set and your judgments long made, though I’ve done no wrong in my freethinking. I’ve harmed no one, and no creature has died for my pleasure. I will enter no plea of any sort before a court having no authority or legitimacy over me for I have pledged allegiance to no god, man, or government, only to the truest essence of peace and to the innocent of the earth, in every and any form they take.”

“No legitimacy or authority is it?” scoffed the Honorable Honor, rolling his eyes; muffled snickers heard from the masses.

“Blasphemy! Heretic! Satan!” shouted the jury of three well aged and grotesquely wrinkled government officials rising to the occasion as they point their pointy pale-white fingers, spotted with age. Their vicious malicious yellowed and bloodshot eyes betray their obvious desire for harm to come to Peter the Vegan, who nonetheless remained composed.

“Burn the pariah! Burn!” shouted these jurymen, banging their scrawny fists on the table while provoking the assemblage to cheer and jeer and mock and stamp their feet in a shameless bloodthirsty ruckus of approval.

“Silence! Silence in the court!” stood the Honorable Honor, pounding his titanium .45 caliber gavel against the sounding block. He took aim along the rows of the gallery. With a sinister intent in his eye, he dared anyone the slightest peep.

“Peter the Vegan, in that you are unwilling to enter your plea, in the name of God and justice I am compelled to do for you. In light of the overwhelming evidence and damnable testimony weighed against you, it can be no other than a plea of guilty, though I request mercy of the court.

“Gentlemen of the jury, how find you?”

“Guilty, your Honorable Honor,” they spoke in unison as they bowed in respect, a slight sneer of satisfaction on their contorted faces.

“Gentlemen of the jury, how act you?”

“A merciful death by fire, your Honorable Honor.”

“So it shall, on morrow’s morn.

“Thank you, esteemed gentlemen of the jury; may God go with you.”

Chapter 2 – Peter the Vegan – The Burning >>


Author: Peter Schreiner

Ethical Vegan, Idealistic Anarchist and Practicing Nonconformist, Amateur Writer, Prolific Dreamer, Hardcore Misanthrope

23 thoughts on “Peter the Vegan vs. the Honorable Honor”

  1. This could happen tomorrow, no doubt about it. It’s probably already happening and we just haven’t heard of it. Well said, Peter. you are right on target. Nothing as dangerous to the status quo as someone who THINKS for him/herself.

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  2. Peter, this could be so true, it’s scary! We really have not come far. Many of us are quite merciless and that is a fact and yet, we think of some animals as having no feelings when it is really so-called ‘humans’ that sadly can be found lacking. Oh we love our favorite pets, but that’s about it. Every other animal is fair ‘game’.

    Thank you for taking up their cause! And may you prevail in this instance as you have truth and honor, love, compassion and integrity on your side.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sometimes I get so infuriated with the heartlessness of our species that I declare we get what we deserve: sickness, suffering, injustice; but actually some never get what they deserve while others get what they don’t deserve. Seems that’s the way it is. And that’s the whole problem with deserves, its collateral and disproportionate effects. If deserves were accorded to worthiness, all would be well. Think rulers and politicians.

      Thank you for your support, Shelby and thanks for commenting.

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  3. Peter ~

    I suspect there is a future book to be published with your name on the cover. If not, there “should” be.

    Thank you for your consistent, honest, transparent, courageous willingness to transmit your truth and for your amazing voice that is raising awareness and influencing the changing of thought and conscience of so many others.

    Blessings on those who in the interest of compassion and justice for ALL, take action to protect, defend and lend voice to innocent, sentient, living beings of ALL species in need, who are not being heard.

    PS ~ When the book comes out, I’ll be one of the first in line to not only read, but promote. 😉

    Blessings on you and yours!

    ~ Gerean

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  4. Powerful story and images of the enforcers of groupthink, Peter. This is such an elegant portrayal of a scene I have witnessed replay itself many times during my lifetime and in many of the historical accounts I’ve studied.

    I, too, look forward to the next installments 🙂

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  5. “In its center, sculptured from the skulls of malcontent, the Ministry’s emblem of Truth, Justice and Right, a trinity of white angelic virgin aside a guillotine shielded by the snow-white arms of God the Father, on the left the sun rising over Golgotha, on the right the severed head of nonconformity. “ – Never doubt your capability to weave just as wondrous a blanket of words as you say I can Peter. This is superb, it all is for that matter, and I’d very much like the story to continue, though it does stand perfectly well as it is.

    “what is described to me as ‘your incessant annoying activism’ – I laughed here, though as much in frustration at the truth of the words as anything. The other day someone said to me, when they heard me speak of being a vegan – “Sometimes I think you Vegans bring it all on yourselves” ‘it all’ being both ill and well meaning but oblivious abuse for actually caring about sentient life. My reply – “Oh, well, now you put it that way I’ll stop giving a crap about all the pain and cruelty inflicted upon animals in the name of absolutely unjustified nor needed utter selfishness, anything for an easy life eh?.” – they, knowing sonmi as they do, realised twas sarcasm and got the sharpness of my point and tongue swiftly.
    (No idiots were harmed during the recording of this comment).

    sonmi, back upon the Cloud. smiles at him.

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    1. sonmi ~ Love your response ““Oh, well, now you put it that way I’ll stop giving a crap about all the pain and cruelty inflicted upon animals in the name of absolutely unjustified nor needed utter selfishness, anything for an easy life eh?.” ~ Gerean

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    2. Sonmi! Wonderful to have you back.

      And thank you for your compliment. There is, however, one difference between you and me. While I have every reason to believe you possess a storehouse, nay, warehouse of tantalizing tales, each waiting the right moment in time, I, on the other hand–and though I am gainfully employed in the imagination, though poorly rewareded–spent everything I had on this, and now must await another payday.

      I too am tickled at your response.

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      1. Thank you! It’s good to be back too, catching up with everyone may take me the good part of a year! I suspect I have less a warehouse, more a woodshed at the bottom of the garden with something narrrsty in it laughs. Your paydays are well worth the wait Peter.
        Keep the tickling under your hat or everyone will want some.

        sonmi smiling upon the Cloud

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  6. This is wonderful, I love it and sadly so true!!So many people don’t get what they deserve that is so true and I’m so sick of the judgemental attitudes of people about veganism and animal rights, you get the raised eyebrows and the wind ups and teasings at best or the outright agression at worst. It grinds you down, they feel the need to challenge all the time and deem anyone that cares about animals or talks about the ruling elite psychopaths, as crazy and extreme!!The world is backwards but you have to live your truth however much that makes life difficult, there’s no other way.

    Liked by 3 people

  7. “Yes, long ago I assumed the role of lunatic, crazy, and extreme. But it feels good” – I’ll bet it does, you’re running round with no pants on in the next chapter. falls about.

    sonmi – doing all the courtroom drawings and being generous with it – upon the Cloud

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