A Magnificent Creature, is Just a Word

The other day while talking to my dentist, that is before stuffing his hands in my mouth, I mentioned that we moved to the country. By the way, we moved to the country. That’s right, just like Wet Willie said, “Gonna change from city boy to country man.” Sold the house in the city and bought one in the solitude of the country. It has large pond in the back for the ducks and me to swim in, one reason we bought it. While the ducks wait for the ice to melt, I’ll wait for summer.

It’s peaceful out here. And what I mean by that is it’s quiet, real quiet. The overcast nights are dark, real dark. The clear night skies are packed full of stars like I ain’t seen in quite some time. It’s a whole new way of living out here. No lights outside at night; no sirens blaring; no hotrods burning rubber up and down the street; no sub-woofers, except mine, to rattle windows, and no nearby food store, or any store for that matter. Well, that is one drawback.

But I ramble; I suspect you’re about as interested in all this as my new foot lotion.

So anyway, after telling him this, he tells me of someone he knows who retired to the country, who can walk out his backdoor, sit on his porch, drink his coffee, and shoot deer.

How lovely.

Is it any wonder, Peace is Just a Word?

Peace is Just a Word

Peace is just a word.

Just as a fleeting bird

leaves no trace,

Peace is just a word.

Just as the tune of a song

once played is gone,

Peace is just a word.

Just as the deer

in the sight of the hunter’s killer’s gun,

Peace is just a word.


  1. OMG. How absolutely horrific. Peace is just a word but you’re right…there’s no meaning behind it. I will never get used to the cruelty that lives inside of people. The idea that they have the right to kill at will. I can’t press “like” on this because I don’t like it. I do like your poem and I hope that you find happiness and joy in your new home. I hope someone mistakes the shooter for the animal that he is and shoots him, mounts his ugly head on a wall under a plaque that reads…animal of hate and ego.

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  2. Your foot lotion has more humanity within than your dentist.

    I’m glad you’ve moved somewhere that sounds so beautiful. To see the stars so clearly…wonderful. smiles.

    It’s all just words with some people. They don’t care to think any farther.

    sonmi upon the Cloud

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    1. You’re right, my foot lotion wasn’t tested on animals.

      Living out in the country is taking some getting used to, believe it or not. The night’s darkness was the first thing. As I’ve told you before, I’m fearless 😉 and it scared me to go out in it. The second, was the absolute stillness. Although not frightening, it was strange. But last night warmed up considerably, the first since moving and crickets could be heard, though very faintly. Aha yes, to sleep with the window open to the sounds of nature, soon.

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      1. It is something I have thought about myself, when on holiday somewhere remote, the stillness, the dark, lovely for a while, but something to consider, so I get what you mean, and have always considered myself a city Cloud dweller, but now I am getting older the idea appeals more and more. Fundage (troposphere word) may scotch such plans however, you never know, perhaps the Cloud and I (shall we dance? Yes, lets), will sell enough poetry books to fund a large tent on the West Coast of Scotland. That would do.laughs and throws a vegan haggis at him


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  3. Oh Peter! I had such a benign and happy-for-you feeling while reading about your lifestyle change; until the words “shoot deer”. People suck and I don’t mean that in a benign way.

    Wishing you lots of peace and swimming with the ducks 😀

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    1. Yesterday evening, with temperatures in the 60’s F, much of the ice had melted and the ducks had finally made their way into the edge of the pond. While sitting on the back deck and watching them thoroughly enjoy themselves, 5 wild turkeys walked by. The ducks were too engrossed in the pond to pay them any mind, but the chickens did take note and cackled accordingly. I think they must of thought they were some supersized chickens. But my point being, there’s so much in nature to connect with, to see these wild turkeys gobble by, to see the ducks in their first “real” pond, to see the deer track leading down to the pond knowing they enjoyed a refreshing drink of cool water, and so many varieties of birds like I’ve never seen at one time. How is it that we can take such pleasure in their existence, Emy, while others see them as only as meal to feed their gluttonous insatiable appetites? Yes, Peace is Just a Word.

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  4. I’m so glad to hear about your new home, Peter. I miss the days of living in the country, although 20 years later I still seem to shop for groceries – stocking up for the month – as if the nearest store is 50 miles way. And sadly, living in the country doesn’t mean the same thing to others.

    Sometimes it’s a blessing when you can’t talk at the dentist. I remember the blessing of having my mouth stuffed with cotton on election day, 1980, as my dentist and her hygienist were gushing on and on about how wonderful Ronald Reagan was…

    I hope that peace and beauty that surrounds you in you new home every day, Peter. And think of me with factory exhaust, traffic (cars, trains, ships, and planes), and of course, sirens. Yet I find it bothers me less now – I can still find beauty and peaceful moments, and feel maybe, I can lighten other people’s day – even in my monthly grocery trips.

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    1. That’s funny, not that it is funny, only that it pictures funny. You sitting in the dentist chair, eyes passing from one to the other as they heap praise on Reagan. Funny.

      I still have to work in the city, so I’ll give you a thought when I take my afternoon walks through the smog and noise of downtown Louisville.

      And I must say, Carol, from the pictures your place does look quite warm and inviting, even the snowy ones. It’s what you’ve made of it, I’m sure.

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  5. Your poem is beautiful, Peter. Peace is just a word, indeed. Congrats on the move to the country. My wife would love to homestead, raise some chickens and rabbits and tend to her garden. I’m a city boy so it would be an adjustment for me, to say the least. I do love the mountains and the solitude, though. Another dream we have is to work online and travel the country in an RV as nomads.

    The more I think about it, the more I love this poem. A seemingly simple verse at first glance but brutal in it’s conveyed truths.

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    1. I once had that same nomad RV thought going too. But have you seen some of the RV parks? State parks are generally very inviting, though.

      I have a suspicion, Jeff, when your wife’s serious about moving out, you’ll go from city boy to country man too.

      Thanks, my friend.

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  6. Beautiful and haunting.People never cease to amaze me in their attitudes to the world, I just don’t get the mentality and it makes me so sad and angry and it gets to me when people call anyone into animal rights ‘violent’ and ‘terrorists’ when they are the ones trying to stop horrors going on, the world is backwards isn’t it?? (So jealous of where you live, it sounds so amazing, I’m stuck in a flat in the heart of the city, so I really envy you!!)

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    1. People can never cease to amaze, can they. I suppose we are the terrorist because we threaten their cruel way of life, the things the love, and the livelihood of animal agriculture.

      Well hang in there, maybe play some nature tunes, close your eyes and imagine. That’s where the real peace is anyway, inside us. 🙂


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