Human Privilege?

J Matthew

By no means with this am I trying to illustrate a bias – I’m trying my best to illustrate the facts here and be as objective as possible.

Animal rights is the most important of all rights – women’s, blacks, homosexuals – because it covers all of them. Humans are animals, too, so by supporting animal rights, you’re supporting everyone’s rights.

Nonhuman animals are the most discriminated and oppressed in this world. We talk about black oppression and white privilege, which does exist, but it doesn’t compare to human privilege. Those who happened to be born as the human animal species realistically have it better than any other species. You may argue this oppression is justified, but it doesn’t change the fact that it exists.

Most humans are specialists, which, similar to sexism and racism, is a discrimination against nonhuman animals and a belief that one’s own species is superior.

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  1. It’s easy to forget that humans are animals too, Peter. Thank you for the reminder. I appreciate your unrelenting and fierce advocacy for our fellow animals who cannot speak for themselves– or perhaps I should say – because we lack the ability to understand what they are saying.

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  2. I came across this quote today ~ “I use the word ‘speciesism’ to describe the widespread discrimination that is practiced by man against other species … Speciesism is discrimination, and like all discrimination it overlooks or underestimates the similarities between the discriminator and those discriminated against.” ~ Richard Ryder

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