Chernobyl, a Ferris wheel in a children’s fairground
source The Weather Channel


Happiness, is a transient,

seldom it pass my way.

Existing for nothing,

but a moment;

in short guilty stay,

a fleeting sensation

devoid of lasting worth.

Reserved for those of selfish mirth,

and selfish dare;

these hordes who hoard their precious care.

–For if any spirit suffer,

no matter their outerwear–

whether skin, fur, or feather,

be it scale, hair, or leather

pain is pain,

suffering is suffering,

it’s all the same!

And happiness is nothing

but shallow mind game.

The Contrast

My body awakes from the sun’s rays broke free of the mountain, no longer held back by the jagged frosty peaks. Light is now free. Free to shine in the valley where twilight shadows give way to another well welcomed summer day.

The newborn morn ignites my soul, and peacefully so, with an explosion of perfumed air, of color laid bare, of brilliance never grown old.

From the window I see, a multitude of flowers in the meadow there be; an array of shades and shapes, some tall some low, spreading their soft and dainty pedals open to love’s embrace; bees buzz eager with lustful grace.

A hushed breeze fluffs a flowing wave across the soft-spoken field of amber grain.

To the north, cornflower dots the rolling lea like numbers on a puzzle.

And at the brook I see, far off and yonder be, several deer; a buck, three doe, a fawn near a tree, a refreshing drink they steal from the mountain’s babbling meander.

Serenity, by Infinity, caught in the cross-hairs of extremity:

In the village, the dirty little village not so very far away . . . forsooth, another tale there play.

In line they stand, the stench of death weighs heavy at hand.

Nervous they tromp, snorting nose to flicking tail, a slow travail.

And with each step lumbered, closing closer to fate encumbered

Where there . . .

In the abattoir, blood flows a river.

In the abattoir, agony hangs thick as a mourning morning mountain fog.

In the abattoir, air reeks with stifling recourse.

In the abattoir, fluorescent bulbs burn bright, bearing no respite.

In the abattoir . . .

Happiness . . .

is an abandoned Ferris wheel,

standing alone in a field of gray,

where children once play.

The Conclusion

For as long as man’s heart pump cold

through the veins of his darkened soul

Happiness, will be my nemesis.


  1. From atrocity greed feeds. There are available tours of chernobyl. During 1-day tour to the Chernobyl zone you will receive a radiation dose equal to approximately 1-hour jet flight that is 160 times less than the dose received during a single chest x-rays, and 3600 times less than in the one the whole body CT scan!

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  2. You have a sensitive soul, Peter. I say that as a compliment. When one being suffers, that pain resonates with your soul.

    “Happiness . . .

    is an abandoned Ferris wheel,

    standing alone in a field of gray,

    where children once play.”

    I love the stark, desolate feel of these verses. The juxtaposing of children playing and abandoned ferris wheels, like little ghosts in the machine.

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    1. Thank you, Jeff, for your kind and thoughtful comment; I do always appreciate hearing from you, look forward to it, in fact.

      I am a sensitive sort of blockhead, always championing the underdog, the vulnerable and disadvantaged. Although I wonder, how much more happiness might we enjoy, Jeff, if we were more like the gullible, naïve, obedient, and submissive masses. Yes, we might find a great deal of happiness on their side of life. The grass does appear greener over there, from here.

      I hope you and your family are all doing well.

      Peace, my friend.

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      1. I’ve wondered similar things regarding happiness. But I’ve found the ‘ignorance is bliss’ trope to be a myth. Ignorance is ignorance. Ignorance is a luxury that families in Gaza are not afforded.

        “While there is a soul in prison, I am not free.” How can we eat, drink and be merry when so many are being crushed under the heel of global capitalism? This is my long winded way of saying I’d rather stand with you on the side of the oppressed than be anywhere else.

        Keep on keeping on, Peter. It’s a privilege to be on your side in the struggle.

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        1. I’ve often asked myself why can’t I be happy for more than a fleeting moment; why must I always be angry; why must I see injustice in what seems to be everything I see around me. Why? Because it’s who and what we are, Jeff. We add a balance to an out-of-balance world, I hope. Someday perhaps, these seedlings of justice will sprout. Someday perhaps, we’ll see it grown; in the next several lifetimes that is.

          Whether winning or losing Jeff, it’s good to be on your side.

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  3. We are creatures of hypocrisy and contrast are we not Peter?

    The etymology of the word ‘contrast’ is from the Latin: ‘contra’ meaning ‘against’, plus ‘stare’ meaning ‘stand’.

    We hold our species to be uniquely moral agents, and yet we stand against our fellow creatures absenting all decent moral agency.

    The etymology of the word ‘hypocrisy’ is from the Greek: ‘hypokrisis’ meaning “acting on the stage, pretence”, which in turn is from ‘hypokrinesthai’ meaning to “play a part, to pretend”.

    As members of this species we act the part of moral agents, carrying on a pretence amongst each other of our higher ethical values. And yet we continue to stand against those same values in our treatment of other species.

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    1. Hariod, thank you for your insight.

      Yes, we are, and generally speaking of course, the epitome of hypocrisy, actors and rather poor ones at that on stage, wearing only the mask of ethics, pretending, as you say. And what lurks behind that mask . . . we know and they know, all too well.

      And the animals do know, the human evil nature.

      You’ve seen how animals, even predator and prey, can live beside one another. They graze the same fields, perch in the same trees, swim in the same waters. But put a human in their mix, and they all scatter. Strange, eh?

      Peace, Hariod.

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  4. Wow!!What a great piece,that will haunt me for quite a while. I wish more people would think about these things and care more, it does make you angry and frustrated a lot of the time, it’s hard to know all this stuff and just carry on, but there’s nothing else to do is there??That’s why it’s good to share with people who feel the same. Thanks so much for sharing this, it helps!!

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      1. I know what you mean, I really do hope tht’s true too, I have to believe that it does matter, I know connecting to people on here who feel the same has been a real help and inspiration to me, it is my blog and everyone else’s that keeps me going right now.

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