It emerged 440,000 years ago, on a planet in tune.

Today, it crumbles, on a planet in ruin.

Beyond its decayed façade of compassion, beneath its thinning translucent layer of concern, a monster stirs with merciless resolve; its violent aggression, fueled by the desperation of an insatiable greed. Hideous, self-righteous, it justifies its dominance by its own clever psychological trickery that it itself is unwilling, though in most cases unable to detect.

It holds itself above reproach, godlike.

And it worships this creation of God it fashioned in its own image, and then uses It to absolve its transgressions, leaving no residual guilt nor hint of responsibility.

It goes and does as it pleases. And where it goes, destruction, cruelty, suffering, and death lay quivering in its turbulance.

It spread its cancer with ferocity, as a parasite feeds voracious off its host, to all the corners of this once pristine paradise.

It blankets the globe in fog of fear and intimidation, and all creatures near to it, tremble.

Its time, though, run short.


  1. This is SO true. And one of the biggest lies of all is love…people kill in the name of love, torture in the the name of love, commit one atrocity after another, all for love. If love wasn’t around, would people be cruel, jealous, would there be envy? Love of god, love of country…inquisitions and war for love. Men killing each other for the love of a woman? Some people chase it, find it, lose it, chase it again and don’t even know what they are looking for. I think we need to rethink the labels we put onto things, our feelings included. Love Kills, in the works of John Hardy and he’s absolutely right. One more twisted thing we are expected to live with. Insane. IT needs to be done away with and I’m looking forward to taking it down. “And it worships this creation of God it fashioned in it’s own image”…egomaniacal to the max. Everything you said is spot on.

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  2. So well put!! Just how I see things right now!! I see how the world should and could be but it is so far away from how things are it makes you despair. Why have we not changed in all the time we’ve had, why do things seem to be getting worse??We have allowed psychopaths and parasites to take over and it can’t go on, everything will come to a tipping point. We can only keep trying to be heard and to care, even though it feels so tiny in this violent chaos.

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    1. And, your comment is so well put. Things are worsening and psychopaths have only concern for themselves and the now, and unfortunately they control things. I think the tipping point imminent.

      Peace, outsidersinsides.

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      1. I think so too. When people with no compassion become the ones in charge it is inevitable, but more people are waking up, so there is a glimmer of hope. We can only try to keep showing the reality of things and staying true to our own hearts.

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  3. From a “planet in tune” to a “planet in ruin”.
    Insatiable greed certainly has and still does play a huge part in this. Where will it all end, I wonder, Peter?

    As usual, a powerful piece of writing!

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  4. I understand the despair Peter, and share it to some extent. I share also the notion that human society – can we use such a term? – has sown the seeds of its own destruction, and maybe that of many other species too. And yet there is also human goodness, virtue, compassion and altruism, I think we must acknowledge, and as surely you would agree. I very much doubt the latter will prevail, yet the more we are able to see what is good in others, the greater the chance that it may proliferate. The world appears largely as a reflection of our minds.

    Thank you, and all best wishes, Hariod.

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    1. That’s so very true, isn’t it, Hariod, that the world appears as a reflection of our mind. And it must surely speak poorly of mine. But what is, is, isn’t it? But now you have me to wonder, rather metaphysically, how much of that is, is a result of our reflections.

      I too think there is human goodness, but I don’t believe it is in everyone, not most of them. And yet, I believe there could be good in fair measure, if only so much perception wasn’t so easily manipulated, so easily controlled and directed.

      Thank you, Hariod, for sharing your thought provoking wisdom, peace to you.

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  5. Perhaps it is too tall an order to expect our ape brains to reflect the actuality of the world Peter, and that the best any of us can hope to do is to approach it with some balance, without ever seeing things quite as they are. Just as we lose balance in any Panglossian tendency, so too do we do so in seeing only the worst of all worlds, and I do not mean to suggest that the latter prevails within you, far from it.

    Quite right, ‘what is, is’, and part of any balanced vision, or anything we hope may prove soteriological for our species, is to recognise the worst as well as the best, the both in equal acknowledgment, if not measure. You are one of the good ones Peter, and I both admire and respect your authenticity and political stance. And yet there are others, countless in number down through time, who stood also for good.

    Peace to you too Peter, and much respect also.


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  6. I thought I would look you up again, Peter, as workload and hair has thinned in the spirit of Easter.

    Last time we spoke I presented you a challenge, which was most inconsiderate of me. I should have asked you to test my resolve by writing a poem on a subject of your choice first. Please do, it will be fun.

    Reading your latest conttribution, you are on the way to responding to my request. Though, there is much deeper historic build up to your suggestion and I think the ones you suspect are the “bad guys” have been usurped by the Draco in their ambitious determination to rule mankind “by proxy”.

    You may wish to check out my exopolitics blog.

    I am almost back to my old (or new) self and intend to prepare a special Easter post tomorrow (God willing). Hopefully it will meet your approval.

    Seasonal greetings & all that 🙂

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    1. Thank you for stopping by, OT. I must catch up my reading of your blogs, and I will. And too I still need to post the link to Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons, though I’m not sure just how to incorporate it.

      Talk to you again soon.


    1. Hello Rob. It’s April and I really must get to work on a poem I promised, but my mind, not untypically, is blank. What to do?

      I’m still reading, ‘We, the Network’. While I’ve always been a slow reader, this is even slow for me, though I must plead terribly busy, though things are easing. Nonetheless, your work is quite enjoyable, I love that it reads smoothly and easily with a natural flow, and just as importantly the potential of its message, if given the opportunity, can change the world. I’m in.


  7. When loves is perceived as hate. When peace is perceived as war. When the collective consciousness beings to lose their ability to distinguish the difference between darkness and light. Let there be LIGHT. I will be one. 😉 ~ G

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    1. One cosmic instant: Man’s fleeting Supremacy, is the title of an out of print book by John A. Livingston that I recently picked up that addresses just that, Mother Earth’s recovering when humanity is no more. And she will recover. Though It may be centuries, or hundreds of centuries — after all she owns all the time in the world, and ours, is fleeting.


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