“I would never hunt anything that couldn’t defend itself against overwhelming force. I mean, where’s the sport in that?”

“There’s no special skill to shooting, hence hunting. Of all the things I ever set out to learn, shooting was among the easiest; with a gun properly sighted, and for the occasionally required simple compensations, done mentally, for distance, wind, and trajectory, all of which take no talent just a bit of practice and feel for the weapon, then it’s aim, breath in, hold, and squeeze. This results in an ear shattering boom that sends a projectile spiraling out the end of a barrel at thousands of feet per second towards its mark. Which it seemingly reaches instantly, and before the explosive sound ever reaches the target object, which can be several hundred yards away. Truly, it is the weapon’s capacity to discharge this ultra-high speed projectile with pin-point accuracy that performs the only tour de force related to shooting. The rest, a child can do. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.”

“I used to feel, before being vegan, after savoring a juicy steak or fried pork chop and commenting on the mouth-watering flavor that it was somehow a compliment to the cow or pig on her fine tasting flesh. That’s like hunting the hunter then shaking the hand of his corpse for the sport he provided.”

“I’m not about to eat the only ones who’ve never done me wrong (expletive removed). And I’ve not yet acquired taste for human flesh.”


    1. Yes, it’s terrible, it’s nothing less than a cold-hearted murder. And it’s that machismo mentality that perpetuates wars, hate, and division. And now that I live out in the country and turkey season set to start, I’ll know with every gun shot heard another innocent, defenseless life had been stolen.

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  1. We were at a recent talk with Gene Bauer and Moby and they shared similar sentiments. They also are not advocates of killing any animals being the hardcore vegans that they are. They also pointed out that often meat eating is associated with being “manly”_ when really what’s “manly” – if we are going to use the traditional definition of that word – about eating a living being.

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  2. I’m so sick of this attitude, that overpowering, controlling, killing, equates with strength and some sort power and caring, compassion, is somehow weak. It makes you a weak,passive person and they like nothing better than taunting people who care, they get a kick out of it, being cruel in front of compassionate people, like they have ‘won’, got the upper-hand; but then these same morons accuse you of being violent and a terrorist if you make a stand. Pathetic!! Such a shame there seems so many of them!!

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    1. Yes, they are obviously compensating for some “short” coming or another that these “outdoorsmen,” call it a sport to kill innocent and defenseless creatures, using cowardly tactics such as building a deceptive trust among the innocent through the underhanded use of deer feeders during off seasons, decoys, and turkey and duck calls to lure by deception their victims, they themselves being carefully camouflaged so as to take their prey unsuspectingly and without fair chance.

      I would think the sport would be—not unlike a chess or checkers match where both sides are equally matched and relying on one’s own wit and talent—in the hunting of another hunter; both equally armed and outfitted, carefully stalking one the other, fully aware of the unknown dangers and the other’s capabilities, talents, and desire, and “reward” to kill. Now that would be sporting, a sort of Hunger Games for the hunters. I like it!

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      1. Tsk. And have a ppffft while you’re in there. It’s an easy one to worry about mind you, when people speak their mind and are willing to repeat their words as quotes, as being that meaningful and important. They are that meaningful and important Peter. No sticky buns for a week.
        And then we’ll see.

        sonmi hiding her buns upon the Cloud

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