It’s been several weeks since yesterday,
tho’ now the time has come,
to offer you this one.
a small token
to share the grief
of life, its hell
that we all know,
all too damn well.

And here’s to grief
that shapes us,
makes us,
that we are,
in a world that leaves us
too many,
O, far too many,
empty spaces.

Empty Spaces

In life as in death . . .

quick as the next breath

the Time will come–

for you, or a loved one–

a time to let go

to say goodbye

. . . then, thou heart will wither,

from whither love goes.

And little by little,

slowly pain grows

as the lines on your face

in your eyes it shows,

from the love you’ve known,

to the love you’ve shown.

Yesterday, was such a day

I buried yet another,

another small animal friend.

She meant a great deal to me,

as all my friends do.

But more than they,

I was her world, entire.

Her beginning,

her ending,

and all that transpire.

She would have gave her life for me,

if need be–

I know.

Yet it was all I could do,

to shower her

with mourning fresh dew.


I lay her

in ground fresh turned.

Another loss learned.

Again, left to say goodbye.


And I . . .

I shoveled earth into my father’s grave,

on a day, ten years now gone away,

and dug more small holes,

than I care to know.

And with each I fill,

one open in my heart.

And what to fill these empty spaces!

O how I tire of digging.

O how I weary of living.

Though soon I’ll be dead,

when life I’ll have read.

But not yet,

no . . . not yet.

Tho’ I near the end

my shovel depend

on empty spaces

having yet no end.


      1. We have been where you are. After we lost our sweet Sabrina to Cancer, we took a trip to Oklahoma to bring our beloved Breanna to a new home. She is a gift we are grateful for everyday. Eventually the pain does subside.

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  1. Peter ~

    As I am still in a state of grief from the last hole dug, I related to your tribute more than I can possibly express in a comment box. The longer we live, the more empty spots/spaces remain on the earth and in our hearts. As devastating as it is to say goodbye, I would not trade one moment of the earthly connection with those now passed, (those whom I believe were meant to be in our lives…and we part of their’s). Every single ONE matters.

    Thank you for helping those of us who find it difficult to put our emotion into words, to process the agonizing sense of loss that we feel, by sharing how you feel in words that the human soul can relate to. Thank you for your kindness to the tiniest and most vulnerable of living beings who have trusted and bonded with you. Thank you for the beings you will provide love and care to in the future.

    Peace, Love and LIGHT

    ~ Gerean

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      1. Thank you, Ruth. That’s putting things in proper perspective. Goodbyes are a side of love, aren’t they. Well said. There is a price we must pay for everything, and love is no exception, eh.



  2. I too lost an animal I loved completely quite recently, one who would do all she could for me and I for her in turn; a perfect being who gave me nothing but affection and delight. I cannot say the same for any human animal, and as one, I learned from her, a dog. It hurts I know Peter, the tender memories.

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  3. Sorry word press posted that without my say so.

    We gain so much from loving those little beings, and the bigger ones too, but it is always tempered with such terrible loss when they leave us. Your words brought forth tears here, I am thinking of you. hugs him x

    sonmi upon the Cloud

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  4. A beautiful and loving tribute to a dear friend, Peter. Thank you for sharing the tenderness and depth of your love and sorrow, and the longing of your spirit for a world where all can live the fullness of their days surrounded by peace and kindness.

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  5. Your pain for the empty spaces was beautifully expressed, Peter. My condolences to you for your loss, I trust that the gains made it all worth it.

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  6. Such a moving tribute, Peter.

    It is always sad to lose an animal friend. This leaves an empty space that can never be refilled. Their time with us always feels too short.

    Sending you love,
    Emy ❤

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  7. Peter: I’m so sorry. I wish there were words, or even actions, that could give comfort or fill in the holes left in your heart. It’s exhausting, digging again and again. I think that’s why some of us die, to escape the emptiness that becomes a way of life with the loss of more and more of the ones we love so very much. I will think of you often and tuck you and the thoughts of your lovely friend in my heart. I’m so sorry. Maybe your friend will meet Silver, who was buried a few weeks ago, and they can play and be happy, as we desperately miss their warmth, beauty and love. Peace to you now and always.

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  8. Thanks so much for sharing this, it’s amazing, it hit me hard as I am coping with some really hard,emotional things right now and this was uncanny in it’s timing for me, but it was good to indulge those feelings and share them. I feel for you, I so do, I have lost so many loved ones and it’s so,so hard,so painful,it gets harder, it’s only the ones left that need my help that keep me going, keep me holding on.But I’ll carry your words with me today and they will help,thanks.

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    1. I hope for you all the strength and courage you need to make it through your time. I fully understand. I too carry on for those who love and depend on me, otherwise there is no point.

      I wish you all the well. Peace.

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