Out in the county

in the yard

I’ve seen




wild turkeys




and birds of so many sorts

this is

out in the country

a new home

so very different from the city

I once roam

off, in the distance

beyond the trees

I hear


‘tho not so very different from the city


there’ll be no siren to cry

for those who die

out in the country


    1. Aha Jeff, don’t envy. It’s idyllic sure enough but as with all things, it came at a price; of course, one I willingly paid, and consider myself fortunate to do so. The price, selling a house paid for, for one with a mortgage and cashing out my 401k, which was never sufficient to retire more than a couple of miserly years anyway, so what the hell. No retirement plans for me, but then I’m not opposed to working.

      However annoying, at least it’s only firecrackers, eh.

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      1. It’s ironic how capitalism conditions us to defer our dreams to the elusive retirement or mythical “golden years” but miss one house or loan payment and your branded with a scarlet D for Deadbeat. It sounds like you’ve followed your bliss and that is why I envy you. I am working towards similar aims in my own life.

        Oh yeah, recently a neighbor literally blew the roof off his house when chemicals exploded in the garage. You could hear the boom for miles.

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        1. Jeff, you’re right, about the capitalist conditioning of the golden years, I just realized it. Anyway, as well as I know you, and I think I know you well enough to say, I believe you’re one to realize his aim. Good luck in that, my friend. And careful what you store in the garage.

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  1. As always, a powerful and thought-provoking message Peter. Although now surrounded by the peace and beauty of nature, the violence of the world still intrudes. And it does – creating the necessity to bear witness and give voice for those who cannot do so themselves. We’re all so lucky that you do speak for those who cannot with such power and eloquence.

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  2. Fitting words Peter. Being in the same country as Hariod I second his words, and add that it tears at my heart the amount of killing we have in the countryside, under that banner, ‘tradition’ they say, you must be dead inside to get pleasure from such evil behavior and have idiocy to call it a ‘sport’. How very sporting for the Foxes and Birds, not to mention all the Moles, Badgers and other wee critters exterminated here to profit the farmers. Gah.

    I’m glad you’re out there though, you were meant to be somewhere green and beautiful. Myself and the Cloud know this to be the truth. x

    sonmi upon the Cloud

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    1. Very well summed up, Sonmi, ‘evil idiocy’ though we all know there is much more to say about such behavior.

      Thank you for you kind words, and If at any time you happen to be floating over the area, please, feel free to drop a bit of rain into the pond.

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  3. I didn’t know you moved. Thought you already lived in the country with your chickens etc. but perhaps I was wrong. We hope to move to the country in a few years too- my guy wants to have his own animal rescue operation in the backyard. Although maybe it’s good to be a little wary- powerful ending that reminder that no one comes to save the animals shot in the country.

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    1. No, we had always lived in the city on a small lot, but the city did allow chickens and I assume ducks since no one ever complained, and let me tell you, they can quack very loud and long at feeding time. But now they’ll all country girls and well adjusted to their new surroundings. Daffany and Wacky are the only two ducks we have, pictured above, and they’re inseparable.

      The country is really nice, I suspect you two will like it. It did take me a bit more adjusting to than the girls. But now, whenever I’m in the city I long to be back in the country.

      Peace, Diahann.

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    1. And of that blemish though not so very often, once is too many. And the piece of peace comes in degrees, each day bringing new appreciation for the quiet sounds of nature and the scarcity of humans and city hustle. Yes, I’m coming to appreciate it quite well. Thank you, Emy.

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        1. Great you’ve made it over the hump, but of course it’s easy when you do it for the animals, eh.

          I think we all wonder what took us so long. And who’s to blame, other than the profiteers of torture and their eons of indoctrination. Slowly the world awakes.

          Thanks again!


  4. So awesome – living with nature is part of what we are here to do – IMO anyway. How lovely for you to now enjoy the countryside after life in the city – so much wildlife – way cool!!

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