Image source: Animals Australia

Sledgehammer demise

The beast, his weapon in hand

Innocence decried (x2)

Poet’s note:

The sledgehammer strikes hard with both ends.

There are two victims pictured above. One, having answered to crimes committed to no one, died brutally, however relatively quick. The other will die in time, suffering a moral degeneracy, he the victim of societal demand.


  1. I agree that so much of the harm people cause to animals is because of cultural conditioning and societal demand- doesn’t make it excusable, of course. I know I’ve said this before, Peter, but animals are lucky to have you advocating for them here.

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    1. Yes, very difficult to comprehend; one must be wired for such atrocities, and we are not. And yet, he’s but the instrument, the hammer so to speak; reminds me of a quote, “If the soul is left in darkness sins will be committed. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but he who causes the darkness.” -Victor Hugo

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  2. After that, Peter, I think I need to say not everything is bad that comes out of Australia (even if our cattle heartily disagree). Great power; you strike like the hammer. No need for word “clutter”.

    However, my latest on Ozzie Thinker is in a different direction – a fun read fantasy that should go viral. I hope you enjoy when you find time to swing by.

    P.S. I like your motto. Beautifully put!

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    1. Hi OT, Animals Australia is an animal welfare organization, the image is in response to Australia’s exporting of animals to other countries, this event took place elsewhere.

      Life On Mars, was absolutely great ,I loved. And I believe I’ll love the entire story. You’ve done an exceptional job. To anyone reading this I recommend you check out ozziethinker’s link above.


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  3. …“knockers,” “shacklers,” “stickers,” and “gutters” …. The titles/position descriptions for the slaughter house workers speak volumes. These places are hell holes of terror, torture, pain and despair and are completely void of The LIGHT. Thank you Peter, for yet again, raising awareness and transmitting the message that such atrocities have no place in a world where humans wish for compassion and peace. ~ Gerean

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  4. Makes me sick which is why I don’t eat meat and other reasons of course. I rescue turtles off the road, so I think I’d die of a heart attack if I saw this. I can barely imagine it but it needs to be made aware of.

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    1. It is as hard to look at as it is painful to imagine.

      And turtles? I just love turtles. We’ve a pond — I see you’ve seen — with a number of yellow belly sliders that swim about the dock (added since the photo) each evening to be fed. They’re sweethearts, tumbled about by the large catfish who are there to be fed also. It’s all quite fun to watch and no one gets hurt. 🙂 I’ve relocated the snapping turtles (whose viciousness is far overrated, though you must always use caution for you do come across one now and then with an attitude (and who can blame them) (Oh yes, and never pick them up by their tail, it damages their spine)). But, they are sweethearts, these snappers. And while it would probably be uneventful, I’d rather not swim with them. If you know what I mean.

      Thank you, Dara, peace to you.

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