Image source: numerous sources across the web
Us vs Nature source: numerous across the web. Original artist: unknown

Us vs Nature

No man-made structure dare compare

to the grandeur, the magnificence of nature’s ware

No man-made design will ever contain

The sophistication of nature’s domain


No creature of nature can ever compare

to the level of edification we wear

There’s none to match our obnoxious desire

for luxury, excess, and fancy attire

Nor can any ever compete

with our ability to lie and cheat

No thing of fur, feather, or brindle

would ever double-cross or swindle

And no other has capacity

Like our conniving audacity

And how they lack the power

to destroy, pollute, or devour

O, they’d never bond like a brother

As we when we backbite one another

And no creature would dare self-pity

As we when we hurt a little itty-bitty

So there.


  1. True. Humans are riddled with a vanity, selfishness, and a you say ‘petty’ self obsession that obliterates so much that is beautiful within other species.

    “And no other has capacity
    Like our conniving audacity” – well said Peter. One of the first things I am regularly asked by non-vegans, when they find out I am one, is – “What are your shoes made out of then?!” When they see my boots. They are looking for points to score against me, because it seems our very existence as vegans brings out anger as they avoid their deeply hidden guilt. (That’s my theory as to the vocal aggression I come against often), I don’t mind, for all my vast collection of boots are vegan, as are all my clothes and footwear. It gives me a chance to show them that you can give in to any vain whim attire-wise you wish without hurting an animal, without any cruelty at all.

    sonmi upon the Cloud

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    1. “They are looking for points to score against me, because it seems our very existence as vegans brings out anger as they avoid their deeply hidden guilt.”

      You’ve said it perfectly, the anger.

      But Sonmi, I love a good sporting confrontation and I can well hold my own as I can be as cocky as the best (that may come as a shock to some). So when someone questions my veganhood, my reply, as you may know, is, “Because I’m not about to eat the only ones who’ve never f’d over me,” typically ending that short discussion and on to the business at hand.

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      1. That’s a superb comeback too. You have a strength to you that is as distinct as your kindness Peter. I’d bet my money on you every time. Not that such a thing should be reduced to betting of course. (But come the zombie apocalypse, I want you on my team.)

        sonmi glad she managed to refrain from commenting on his balls, upon the Cloud

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  2. “What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world. The paragon of animals. And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me.”

    I was reminded straight away of Hamlet’s words upon reading your own Peter. The context is somewhat different of course, and yet the Dane’s melancholia is perhaps one we might all share in reflecting upon our species’ innately darker aspects.

    I wonder if for the human animal the deepest darkness arrived along with our capacity to conceptualise, and with it to plot, to connive, to manipulate and to dream ourselves into evil? If that is so, evolution is indeed a double-edged sword.

    Many congratulations on this work Peter.


    P.S. The new Ryu theme is nothing short of a delight on the eyes.

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    1. I do like and relate to these words of Hamlet’s; they are new to me by the way, thank you.

      I don’t believe evolution to be flawed and yet I think we are. Even though as Sonmi says above, there is much beautiful within our species — I often need reminded of that. Now, while I’m not a creationist neither am I an evolutionist, in the Darwin sense. I do believe life evolved on earth. I only suspect we did not. Nothing concrete mind you, hell, I know nothing of such concretely, just a hunch based on the Anunnaki lore, and the scientific assumption that 97% of our DNA is “switched off.”

      I’ve been meaning to simplify my theme for sometime now, and yes I think it much easier on the eyes, while putting focus on the content instead of the clutter.

      Many thanks, Hariod.


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        1. If ever I knew it, I had long forgotten it. But I doubt that I ever knew it. Which you might find odd — I do now — being it relating to the underworld.

          Now as far as you a veritable mine of useless information, I say only this. Is an encyclopedia, or as is the day, Wikipedia, of useless information? Of course not. 😉

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  3. As usual, powerful words Peter.
    “There’s none to match our obnoxious desire for luxury, excess, and fancy attire”, sums it up for me.
    The human desire for excess, in all its forms, drives people to commit the most horrendous acts of cruelty towards other species 😦

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  4. Wonderful!!Thanks, it’s so good to feel other people get as angry and frustrated as me. What are we doing??!! That is the constant shout in my head but so many people just drift along, mindlessly. ‘Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care…’ You just have to get it out sometimes and this was great!!

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