Peace is dead. 'n so it is read, on stone within the gates of Nevermore.
“Peace is dead ‘n so it is read on stone within the gates of Nevermore . . .”

What is the call for peace, if nothing but its own diversion?

To complain and not act

To protest yet support

To cry injustice and be unjust

To speak a thing and live another

To scorn something sheltered by its cover

To call one brother and sucker the other

To talk of harmony and sow discord

To demand leniency, mercy, or accord,

then to back off for gratification or award

Peace will not be won with hypocrisy

Peace will not be one with hypocrisy


  1. Ah Peter, I’ve often thought hypocrisy was part of the human condition. If so, then the question then becomes one of to what extent one can minimise its occurrence within oneself. Of course, one has to recognise its appearance first! Am I being too cynical?

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    1. Hariod you are absolutely correct, and I’m pleased you’ve brought this up. Know that I left the conclusion out of the poem, but I shall now include it here:

      The lament:

      For as long as we play by their despotic rules of engagement

      a fair degree of hypocrisy requires our attainment

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