Daffany & Wacky, who's who, I haven't a clue
Daffany & Wacky, who’s who, I haven’t a clue

It occurs to me that many of you may not realize, or perhaps not even care, that Google, Bing, and whoever else there might be, track and store your search history, all of it, for all time. And that your search history can be used against you in a court of law; and can always be, and I’m sure would be, deviously misconstrued, misinterpreted, and taken out of context. And certainly, these searchy slimy sycophantic cohorts of the surveillance state would gladly hand over that history without a quack, squabble or a court order.

And face it, whether you think you do or not, we’ve all things we’d like to remain private, if for no other reason than a matter of principle; but I’m betting there’s more to it than that, eh.

There is a search engine about that claims not to fly with the flock, a lone duck so to speak, DuckDuckGo.com. Whether they’re true to their word or not, who really knows. But what we do know is that the others are sleaze ball functionaries of the NSA, CIA, FBI, and corporate America, and here’s a Duck who claims not to swim in their cesspool.

Like I said, for all we know it could be just another ploy in a long history of ploys and deception. You be the judge. As for me, I’m game for anything that takes from the coffers of Google, the low-life sonsofbitches.


    1. For a bit over a month now and with no complaints or suspensions. I’ve recently searched for a new electric range and lo and behold as I surf various other sites, I see no ads for electric ranges. Try something like that with the others and you’d be inundated with ads relative to your search.

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  1. Thanks Peter for that reminder. I have long ago set my default search engine to DuckDuckGo, both on my PC and on my smartphone. I’m quite happy with my search results.

    Yes, we live in a surveillance state. John Kiriakou blew the whistle on torture & waterboarding, and he’s in prison.Chelsea Manning sent Wikileaks a copy of the video of Americans in a helicopter “lighting up” journalists & children, and now she’s in a military prison. Bystanders who video police brutality are themselves persecuted & prosecuted. Users of the Tor anonymizer are put on government watch-lists.

    Everyone needs to resist in any way they deem appropriate for themselves.

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      1. Of course animal rights activists are a threat – to agribusiness. When plain folks stop equating capitalism with democracy, we will be taking a step out of this chasm we’re in.

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        1. I would think that it has to do with where one goes more than the Tor browser, after all, any revolutionaries are on a watch list, no matter the browser, etc.

          I like Tor a lot, for instance, some sites are extremely invasive to one’s privacy, like: the vigilant citizen, now, of all things, one would think that the vigilant citizen, who supposedly ‘exposes’ the ‘Illuminati’, etc., would not be one of the most invasive sites when it comes to gathering information, …when going there with any other browser than Tor, this is not evident, however, with the Tor browser, it asks if one is willing to give the info, so I like that aspect to the browser too — it exposes the highly snoopy sites.

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            1. http://vigilantcitizen.com

              Definitely worth checking out, even with the invasive nature of the site, a whole lot of important info there.

              Perhaps they are a double agent, or otherwise known as a ‘disinformation agent’, because the site exposes so much and is very up on the latest mind control, etc., however, they push a Christian agenda, for example, they keep peddling the 666 ‘Iluminatii’ alleged agenda, that being: the devil is represented by Lucifer, or: 666, same thing to them, but, ‘Lucifer’ is the planet Venus, and Jesus says he is the planet Venus in Revelations, if you like, I can get the quote, not that I’m a Christian, it’s just that how can Lucifer be the devil in Christianity when Jesus himself says he is the planet Venus? Also, 666 adds up to the number 9 in sacred geometry, where all the number are added up and taken to the never 10 or below, so 666 = the number 9, which represents man, so then, is man the devil? lol
              I think so, since there is no evil in an atom…
              And as a Dostoyevsy said: “If there is no sch things as the devil, and it’s an invention of the human mind… then it was created in man’s image and likeness.”

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              1. I love this, Genie, your comments are truly fascinating.

                I find the credibility of any one having a religious agenda a stumbling block, but that’s not to say I would dismiss them entirely, I wouldn’t. Our paths to enlightenment come from roads of many directions. For our awareness is an abstract made from many unseen angles and we must never dismiss the possibility of our own deceptions living among our truths. The religious, however, have a difficult time with this reasoning.

                I will visit the VC, using the Tor browser of course.

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                1. It’s interesting, Peter, I have yet to see one single person who is into exposing the ‘Illuminati’ who does not have a Christian agenda.
                  They all have the mistaken notion that “Lucifer” means the devil, as I said before, Jesus said: “I am the bright morning star.” Revelation 22:16
                  The bright morning star is Venus, which is also known esoterically as the Feminine Principle.

                  It’s true, the religious fanatics have a difficult time with reasoning, however, there are people who study the sacred geometry hidden within religious texts and symbols, and that is fascinating.
                  All the major religions were written in the same sacred geometry code, for instance, the geometric dimensions of ‘the ark of the covenant’ are the exact same numbers as ‘Noah’s Ark’, as ‘The New Jerusalem’ that John speaks of in Revelations (which is a spiritual state, not a location on earth), etc., ….they are also the same numbers as the great pyramid at Giza, as well as Stonehenge, etc., the same numbers, however, the scale is larger or smaller.
                  There is a fantastic book about this (there are many others too, but this one comes to mind right now) called: The Dimensions of Paradise, by John Michell.
                  I can’t remember the sacred geometry in the Quran
                  right now, but I do remember that the moon is mentioned the exact amount of times that the moon is mile wise from the earth.

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  2. There have been several search engines that claim to not track your searches, Ixquick is another to try, they can be found here: https://ixquick.com/
    What a lot of people do not know about search engines in general, is that they will adjust the search results depending on what they know about you, the user. The way I get around this is by using TOR and through a proxy server use google.ru, yes Russia, to get unbiased search results that have not been tailored to what they know about me. This comes in handy when you want to find everything that is relevant. For fun you should try sometime, you’d be surprised what you’ll find on things you thought you were familiar with. Then there is TAILS, the anonymous live system: https://tails.boum.org/ This is a linux operating system optimized to use TOR, the onion ring, that is difficult to track. It resides on a DVD, and wipes the RAM upon shut down, so it leaves no trace on the machine, handy if you have access to public library computers that can not be traced to you. I also like to use older laptops with no Hard Drive. In that case I use Puppy Linux, an operating system so small it fits on a CD, I combine this with a flash memory stick and when not in use I remove the memory and CD, the laptop is then reduced to an empty shell that says nothing about the owner, nor what it’s been used for 🙂 Incidentally, such a system also protects you from viruses and spy ware because on the DVD or CD, the operating system cannot be written to or altered 🙂 This message will not self destruct and be saved for an eternity by several Governments. Oh wait, have to sign it so they know who it’s from. Greetings, Onno Vocks.

    P.S. Ever noticed that when you bring your computer in for repair they never ask for your Password? Think about that for a bit. How about your Car, do they want the Key? The only mail service I trust is the carrier Pigeon :))

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    1. Onno, this is some excellent information you’ve provided us with, thank you. I will certainly look into ixquick.com and tails myself. However, I have difficulty in trusting Google wherever it is, and of course, I have trouble trusting Russia, or any government ran country for that matter, and as far as I know, that’s all of them.

      I’ve always been a little suspect of Tor being that it has its origins in government, military at that. And, I’ve read, simply using it puts one on a suspect list. For whatever that’s worth, since we’re all suspect.

      I’m with you on the carrier pigeon.

      Peace to you and yours, Onno.

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  3. I use DuckDuckGo sometimes, however, its founder is a Zionist, Gabriel Weinberg, highly suspicious then, that the search engine is anymore trustworthy than google, etc.
    I much prefer the Tor Browser bundle, it’s the only browser Edward Snowden uses:

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  4. Hey Peter! Always good to remind folks about search engines and such… I go back and forth between Duck/Ixquick, block ads and use ghostery to block trackers. But I’ve generated a fair amount of government/military/LE readership since the middle 2000’s–even after I switched to a more art-based way of saying the same things. So I don’t know if my precautions matter or not!

    Also, here’s a couple more links on Tor from Pando.com. Yasha Levine and Mark Ames both write there now. Controversial guys at times, but they do some good work and seem to piss off the right people.


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    1. Al, sorry your comment had to be approved. WordPress in its infinite wisdom took it upon itself to block comments containing 2 links. Silly WP. Anyway I just changed that.

      I suspect you have generated a fair amount of undesirable readership, as has anyone with a moral compass, but you come down hard on their wars, and we know how they just love their wars.

      Thanks for the comment, links, and introduction of Pando.com


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    2. Wow! Great articles, Al, and they confirm my suspicions (if it smells of government, it is government). Again, thanks. And to anyone reading I do recommend these.

      Oh, by the way, by now, we’re all fucked, you know, if for nothing other than our expressions of peace. And even peace through peace aggravates them; it shows awareness, and I think awareness will come to pester them a great deal, like a mosquito that can’t be swat.

      And for what it’s worth, I would never trust the Snowden saga or himself as anything but another operative. The whole ordeal smells too easily of a sort of reverse deception tactic. If that makes any sense. https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2015/03/18/unanswered-questions-for-ex-cia-officer-edward-snowden/

      One last thing from the last article, it’s obvious that most don’t give a damn for truth in reporting, it’s all a self-serving agenda to lining their pockets and they don’t let truth stand in their way; and we the proles, left to sift through their shit reporting. Thank you, Al.


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        1. Hahaha! I can only imagine that you are. 🙂

          Thanks for the counterpunch. For what it’s worth, for years now and though I’ve never been big on medications I’ve sworn them off, from the seemingly harmless aspirin on, even vitamins, and funny thing, I’ve never had a headache or a cold since. Of course, they have other means to kill and debilitate. Fluoride comes to mind.

          And as far as the FDA is concerned, it is just another governmental instrument of the medical and pharmaceutical cartels, and should never to be trusted. This all smells of sophisticated cooperation at population control. Or, I’m just conspiratorial, maybe both.

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  5. It’s exhausting, trying to get around the hateful things our government does to ALL of us. And you’re right about animals rights activists being on watch lists and, of course, they aren’t the only ones. Thank you for all the information. I’ve read all the comments… very informative.

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  6. Excellent advice, and a swathe of interesting comments to muse over as well.

    “Oh, by the way, by now, we’re all fucked, you know, if for nothing other than our expressions of peace.” – truly Donald Ducked indeed.

    ” You be the judge” – sonmi doing her best Judge Judy impersonation upon the Cloud.

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  7. Good info – I use Startpage – it uses Google, but says:
    “Our privacy policy
    In short: StartPage does not collect or share any personal information!
    Nada. Zilch. Nothing.
    The longer version: StartPage is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its user community. This privacy policy details the – very limited and non-personal – information Startpage.com (“StartPage”) may gather and our disclosure policy.
    IP Addresses
    The IP address that is associated with your search will NOT be recorded.
    The only exception is for “abusive” (automated) queriers that rapidly submit many queries to StartPage in a very short time.
    Data Collection
    We don’t collect any personal information on our visitors. Nada. Zilch. Zero.
    When you use StartPage, we do not record your IP address, we do not record the browser connected with your search (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome etc.), the computer platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) connected with your search, and we do not record your search words or phrases themselves.”


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