Talk to me about human evolution

evolving to a political solution

a criminal institution

touting its bogus constitution

while fronting an oppressive resolution

plagued by narcissistic pollution

and nepotistic collusion

and here we are, joined to this confusion

confounded by constant disillusion

hoping / praying / voting for absolution

tho’ it’s not with willing execution

that we consider the attribution

of our own gluttonous contribution

to pain, suffering, and lack of restitution

hence there no meaningful dissolution

to the ongoing moral destitution

and so becomes another day’s inclusion

to the saga of human de-evolution


  1. I think I can sense the Rasta man surfacing within you here Peter – would there be any truth in that my friend? Either way, then sadly it remains the case that evolution is utterly disinterested in morals, ethics, or any degree of psychological well-being, so we are stuck with however this thing unfolds. I have to say, the prognosis looks rather bleak currently, I agree, perhaps more so for the human animal than most other animal species. Would the world be a better place without us?

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    1. Don’t think I didn’t think of you as I wrote this, Hariod, by the gods of Anu and Darwin I did. And too, I was this close to writing, “Rap to me about evolution”. Of course the thing didn’t take the path I originally had in mind when I thought of you and evolution, but seldom do things go as I intend. After all, who am I to refuse the rare and welcomed visit of inspiration? And of course I’m a fan of rhyme, every time.

      I’ve thought a good deal on evolution since our brief though influential discourse at your blog. And still I’m unable to reconcile man’s “evolution” (or creation for those who don’t know me). for all other evolutionary speculation, theory if you prefer, I haven’t a problem accepting, conditionally. But it is our inability to adapt and embrace nature, our greed and hostility towards ourselves, other species, and the very planet that sustains us that have me nonplussed. It seem evolution in every case save ours to having evolved perfectly.

      And what need has the world of us, I wonder. And yet we are here, and there, my friend Hariod, lay the mystery — unsolved as I see it by either God(s), science, fancy, or fantasy.

      And finally, I think our future can be no more bleak than what the animals have already endured at the hands of mankind (note the sarcasm, if you will).

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  2. Great expression of how things are.The ages of time that certain minds have tried to reveal the truth and still humanity doesn’t listen,doesn’t wake up, doesn’t learn,and it will soon be too late to stop the dark path we are on. Wonderful words, thanks.

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