is the crackle of a fire on a cold snowy night
a warm companion snuggled up by flickering light
a shelter in a raging storm
an inspiration to carry on
a concession
a compromise
the surrender to lover’s splendor

is a hardened cold steel trap
with pointed teeth and a sharp quick snap
clinching jaws with ball and chain
a jailer
a dungeon
the stake to freedom’s rein

is a waypoint along the road of inquisitive life
a mountain to climb
a destination
a farewell station
the path grown over with time


    1. I believe in love
      I believe in hate
      I believe in day ‘n night
      ‘n never being late
      I believe in you, ‘n me
      ‘n this hot cup of coffee
      these are things I believe
      and everything else,
      along with this little rhyme,
      are but moonshine in time

      Thank you, Hariod.


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      1. Thank you Peter; I wish I could reply in kind, though if I did, it would be an embarrassment to all. The thing about love is that it requires no action, as does hatred – if only as a pernicious harbouring within mind. So yes, there is hatred, although it is a fact, and so requires no belief to be attached to it. Love, on the other hand, can be passive and silent, boundless, beyond thought and the tethers of mind, showing no attributes other than to itself. For this reason, it remains open to being believed in. Or at least, this is what I think, or rather what I believe I think. Whoops!

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      2. The piece on belief is direct and conjures up excellent visuals for me, and I am also entirely with Hariod here and his comments above and below, so felt I had to jump into the middle of you both, and also because I’m so taken with your answering poem Peter. These last lines touch my heart –

        “and everything else,
        along with this little rhyme,
        are but moonshine in time”

        ‘but moonshine in time’ – yes, that sums it up perfectly.
        sonmi smiling sat between two wonderous wordsmiths upon the Cloud

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    1. What?! this iSlave messed with my spelling, I meant: well penned.

      It’s funny, I was listening yesterday to a mix on Songza (it’s a music app) when this song came on! it’s hockey and I don’t believe in a lot of this song (like, “I don’t believe in organic food.”!? lol), but the timing was funny.

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        1. I’m not much on country music, but there are those I like. And when I like them, I like them a lot. And this is one of those. I don’t own this song and it’s been a while since I’ve heard it, so it was good to hear it again.

          Thank you, Genie,


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