It was all about the slaughter, the killing, the bloodlust. Despite what they proclaimed, it was never about feeding the hungry. For that, they could care less. That was but a ruse. The key in an op used upon impressionable youth to teach and justify killing, to numb the trauma of taking life, to put end to empathy. And it’s working. The heartless are winning. Sympathy and compassion have no place in their status quo; turning children into killers.

RIP Red Box.

See: Gentle Barn Concerns for our future


  1. We need to legalese psychodelic drugs before these violence addicts destroy our planet. In all cultures except the European culture, psychodelic drugs were used to moderate the most dangerous human impulses. One of the main reasons they were outlawed in the 70s was because of the political threat they posed – firstly by breaking down cultural barriers between classes and ethnic groups and secondly by loosening the grip of “consensus trance” created by constant bombardment with pro-government and pro-corporate propaganda.

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    1. I’ve never been big into drugs, legal or illegal, or drink for that matter, always preferring the “high” of straight, clear, and aware. Although the reasons are now obvious, I once wondered why mellowing drugs were illegal while alcohol, also known as the stupid drug, with its belligerent producing effects was legal. It’s all become very clear. Though I’m not an advocate of another Prohibition mind you.

      Thank you, Dr.


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  2. Awareness is all… Violence is the lowest form of communication. The only war worth fighting is that on the ego. Until we think for ourselves and stop our judging, we will always try to bend each other to our egoistic wills. The true self needs no agreement, just love. This is what ‘education ‘ should be about but alas it remains the state of regurgitating the ignorance and failures of history. No one can be ‘changed’ they have to become aware and fully conscious. Only then can real love exist, and then we have a chance. I feel your pain, Peter. I send you peace. May you continue to walk in the light.

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  3. The Gentle Barn project sounds like a superb idea, perhaps having correlations to the Empathy Museum concept included in a video I attached to my post on empathy last month. Learning must be experiential of course, though for many kids the only experience they have of chickens and cows is of seeing them in machine-forged and seasoned pieces on their food plates. Let it be part of the school curriculum that at aged 10, all children are taught how the animal food they eat comes to arrive on their plates. By that age, their empathic skills and sense of morals are maturing, and they can then make informed choices about their participation in industrialised rearing and slaughter.

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  4. Get ’em while they’re young, same old propaganda strategy, to CONtrol their minds when most vulnerable.

    Heartwrencher that dear Red Box kissed the children. R.IP. Red Box.

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  5. This project just perpetuates the disconnection people have, not only between themselves and other species but between species, as well. If a calf barked instead of mooed would that save his life? Speciesism is absurd!

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