They say I should do more for our own species

and less for animal rights

I tell them, our species has had eon

to try and set things right

And what can I do (other than fight for animal rights)

that hasn’t been tried before

as with each passing hour

men boost their villainous score

They say that animal lives don’t really matter

and I tell them, theirs really don’t matter to me

or to the planet’s sustainability, for that matter

as far as any can see

They say we need animal foods, meat protein

Yet I am the one stronger, healthier, and lean

They say men are the intelligent one

but yet, it is they who kill for fun

They say they’ve God given right

to wage war or take any life

yet to this day, their God remain, suspiciously out of sight

They say I should do more for our own species

and less for animal rights

And I say, I have only one life to offer

not to waste in their hopelessly futile fight

It is my contention — due the laws of nature — that any prospect for peace must respect the rights of all sentient life. And I do make a distinction between rights and welfare. However and unfortunately, while I can only attest to what I witness and what I’ve learned, the evidence presented before me each and every day, a repeat of history, I can objectively say, with regret, that peace is not the goal of humanity, as a whole. Selfish considerations are, but that’s not peace.


  1. Caring for, and speaking on behalf of animals — who are voiceless (although they do have voices, people don’t listen to them, is the sad reality), is caring for the human species, for without animals and nature — we cannot sustain life on this planet because we are all interconnected.

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      1. All the sayings and all the religious people talk about respect for life but they only mean certain lives, the lives THEY pick and choose, just like everything else. All the things they blab on about don’t include everyone or everything. Their egos have made a nest in their brains and made them think they are fit to decide who lives and who dies. They eat living beings and feel prim and proper and they are actually full of death and murder and torture and misery and FEAR. Makes me sick.

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        1. Religion and government, the bane of The People who are awoke and aware, compassionate and peace seeking.

          Religion, n., a highly contagious and malignant virus infecting and repressing a person’s innate spirituality whilst causing erroneous perceptions of reality. Symptoms include but are not limited to illusions of grandeur and elitism, sense of entitlement, power and authority bestowed them by a god of their own mind’s creation whose manipulation is subject to their every whim. Characteristics are demonstrated as misapprehensions of power which grant dominion over earth and her creatures whilst simultaneously causing erratic, oppressive, and belligerent behavior. While there is no know remedy, there are rare occasions where sufferers have been known to heal themselves, although recovery is typically a slow and gradual process involving deep fulfilling enlightenment.

          Government, n., an oppressive self-serving parasitic ruling authority portraying itself as leader and benefactor of the common people whose approval it may seek but not dependent upon. In western and so-called democratic free capitalistic societies its body is primarily composed of individuals steeped in religion, or in the least states itself as such in order to gain popularity amongst the religious majority. Its true purpose is its own perpetual power and wealth and serves only those interests by any bribe, graft, and fraudulent means it deems necessary. Among these means are never-ending wars wherein countries, groups, ethnicities are provoke to enemy status often by violent actions initiated against its own citizens and within its own country whilst attributed to those they wish to wage war against.

          Thank you, Gigi,

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          1. Perfect. Both are destroying us and have been from the very beginning of their birth. They are DEATH. There can be no argument about that…DEATH of freedom, ideas, individuality, beauty, the environment, animals and life itself. Religion and Government are partners in the destruction of everything good, free and peaceful.

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  2. This is true Peter. Each day I see more and more selfishness on the part of humanity. It’s catching, like the flu. But there are those of us with strong immune systems! You’re speaking the truth!

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      1. It’s not looking good. I care for animals on a daily basis, dog and cats. They’re so much more “alive” than their owners. I hate to say that but I worked with people as a counselor for years, they didn’t appreciate nor respond to sound input. The animals have far exceeded the people.

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  3. Defending untenable positions invariably leads to hypocrisy it seems Peter. We human animals tend to feel comfort in a warm blanket of certainties, and when they are questioned, out comes the hypocrisy and irrationality. Principled people are rare, and often pay a price for it – or so I have heard. And yes, self-centredness is the ubiquitous human disease, so as regards what one can do (your question) then it is to work on that – I mean others of course, not yourself my noble friend. All best wishes, Hariod.

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    1. “or so I have heard.” Come now Hariod, I know you well among the principled, on the side of light and illumination.

      And Hariod, I must tell you a secret but don’t let it out for I’ve a reputation to uphold. I am not among the noble. I know first hand many of the internal tendencies we humans must overcome, I battle and or have done battle with a few myself. Though I suspect in significant and lesser degree than most other poor hapless souls. It is in the recognition of our deficiencies that we are able to abolish, lessen and sequestered many of our countless human flaws. The trick for folks then becomes their willingness of recognition.

      But no, perhaps it is as you say a, ubiquitous human disease — incurable among the disinclined.

      Thank you, Hariod, peace to you my noble friend.


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