Inspired, or rather I should say cursed, by the eons of cruelty, most recently that in Paris, Syria, and every goddamn where else.

Somethings go awry with time,

and sometimes time just goes awry.

And so as I see it,

I’m either quite the crazy

or humanity’s blown insane.

Either way, something’s terribly wrong

when earthlings imprison other earthlings

raise them for food, pleasure, or gain

a fragile empathy within us,

alone is left holding the rein.

Madness then takes over

a hardening of the heart.

So we bomb each other’s cities

and tear our lives apart.

It all could have been so different

but that’s not what we chose to do.

We could change things in an instant

but it’s all left up to you.

And you, and you.

Yes, we could all have a pleasant existence,

for humans and animals too,

a safe and peaceful persistence.

. . . but then again, I think that not true.

So I grow so damnably weary

of the sanity and all its dreary.

Knowing that I’m the crazy

and humanity is quite the sane.

For if that’s not so, then I most know,

how any damn suffering remain.


  1. No one is willing to fight the men in charge. No one refuses to comply with their insanity, instead they look away and hope things go away, even as death and their freedom are on the menu every single day. No one is willing to take a stand against the rich men in power. People let them take our children and get a flag in return so that that can increase their WEALTH with BLOOD. I’m so sick and tired of all governments and all people who have power over others because the OWN the police, and the weapons and people are at their mercy. Your post is spot on. France was right not to follow us…they would have been idiots to follow psycho Bush. I have great respect for them. Who can follow anyone in this country anymore? The government is OWNED by the filthy rich and are simply puppets on their strings. Blah.

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    1. I hold each of us responsible. If not in some small minute way, we are all a part of the whole, a chain of events. There are no innocent human beings in a civilized society, only those less guilty than others. Drill down far enough and you’ll see. Every action, every word, every thought, every bit of suffering you put on your plate has a consequence. And it’s not always good, rarely is it. It could be unintentional of course – probably is, but every echo, every ripple through time effects something else. It could be as benign as in the use of the proceeds or in the development of the products you buy, the look of contempt you cast in someone’s eye. Anything. You might think you’re free of guilt, but then again, you might not be.

      And besides, I thought the ‘we’ in this case was indicative of humanity as a whole, made clear by line five. Or, perhaps not, and there’s the ripple.

      Thank you, Dr. Bramhall.



  2. Heart-felt words Peter – they have moved me.

    “It all could have been so different

    but that’s not what we chose to do.

    We could change things in an instant

    but it’s all left up to you.

    And you, and you.” – This stands out strongest to me, because it is the individual who must take note, bring up their own children without hate in their hearts, stand up against the fear and believe that their actions can make a difference. It’s the same belief that gave women the strength to die in order to gain the vote and the very same has the capacity to bring evil to its knees.


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  3. Echoing Sonmi’s response here Peter, and I believe true revolution comes from within. I suspect this aligns with your own political views – that consciousness is the forerunner of all action, and that unless we put our own (psychological) house in order, then in attempting to fix those of others, we invariably taint the process in some way or another. Weariness must lead to apathy though, and good souls must find solace and energy in the kindness of fellow beings. It is there, evident and visible, on the streets of Paris this very weekend even, and against all odds.

    Disobedience is another matter though, a useful and increasingly necessary response to the psychopathy of our political and religious leaders, and of course, to corporatism and neoliberalist psychopathy itself. How to balance disobedience with the knowledge that our own consciousness is tainted by distortions within its perspective? That is the difficulty it seems, for in my unknowing, a certain arrogance may breed that I have the answers to the woes of all beings. The truth, I think, is that only they themselves do.

    Peace to you my noble friend.


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