In the spirit of fair-play and sportsmanship, we here at Manly-Man LLC, Rednecksville, Ur County, USA are proud to offer this timely reading.

It is the reason for open season

The time of every Manly-Man’s pleasin’

To show the world that he’s a big tough guy

and not some pussy little punk small fry

A time to reveal his gonads and skill

and let it known he’s not over the hill

For his courage in face of docility

matched only by his manly hostility

He is the Manly-Man for all to aspire

a stud that all the ladies desire

He is, the Brave Manly-Man Deer Hunter ®

we here at Manly-Man most admire

All rights reserved and deserved © 2016 Manly-Man LLC


  1. I grew up around those guys that hunted for sport. I couldn’t stand it. It doesn’t make sense. Killing for the sake of killing. Sounds like what’s going on all over the world but at least animals are appreciative. I see that everyday when I go visit pets in their homes.

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    1. They’re all around Dara. Seriously defect psychopaths killing docile, innocent, and non-threatening creatures. What other sort of person could this? And every time I hear a gunshot, I know I life’s been stolen.

      Thanks for commenting.


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  2. Bear baiting is another such heroic practice. Fruit is repeatedly left at a certain spot and when the Bear, or Bears, routinely visit the spot, a Great Hunter heroically lays in wait to fire the biggest bullet his Moma bought for him at wallyworld, into the dining animal. Of course they do this from a tree stand so the Bear can’t retaliate in case the Great Hunter is a bad shot and fails to drop the Bear in one shot.

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      1. I caught some one baiting Bears on my 10 acre property in Pine County, MN. That’s how I found out about this and other methods. Needless to say I put a stop to it. If someone is going to hunt, then hunt. Baiting and trapping are not acceptable to me. Hunting is not a sport, it’s a means to survival. Greetings.

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  3. Insecurity has many forms; there seems to be something brittle and vulnerable in (wo)manly aggression. Generally, it seems, the man wears masks of assertiveness – outwardly exhibiting arrogance and aggression – to smother his insecurities; the woman is more direct in her approach to life, as ever, directing her aggression to her own self-ideal in a self-loathing. Please note Peter, I am here making observations only in respect to human insecurity and aggression, not to humankind and genders per se.

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    1. Greetings Hariod.

      I believe your observation correct, and I appreciate you sharing your esteemed wisdom.

      But this is another one of the many characteristics of humankind that I cannot reconcile to human evolution. We’re defective, and I think evolution incapable of defection; creation on the other hand is another matter, it is flawed, both in conception and actuality. — And damn me for saying that.

      Thank you, Hariod. As always, I treasure you input.


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    1. Hey! We’re the big tough providers. Never mind getting our hands dirty planting a garden. And besides we have something to compensate for — oops! I wasn’t supposed to mention that. 🙂

      Thank you, Dianann, peace to you and yours.

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    1. Hi Emy. Oh but it is a family affair. A vicious cycle where fathers (typically) instruct their children early in the “sport” and love of killing — it makes them tough. While simultaneously making them heartless and brutal. And then they wonder — or at least I suppose they do — at the endless wars we pursue. No, they probably don’t give it a second thought.

      Thank you, Emy and Peace to you and yours.


  4. Good grief, I came to your blog to see if you had any new posts, and much to my surprise, it said (after I clicked like) “Follow blog?”, but I was already following you.

    What is it? Your content that messed with the settings to mess with my head? They do that, mind control, on a personal level (another Snowden revelation), or mind control to mess with our friendship? (which I deeply treasure), whatever caused this bizarre glitch in software, know that I did not unfollow and then follow a few seconds later.

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      1. Interesting…
        I love your name for our beloved Peter, (Peter the outspoken), it’s amazing that you have a name for him, because I do too, I call him: Peter Wisdom Keeper

        And he is both and so much more… A true friend to animals and thus to humanity.

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    1. As disheartening as that is, it comes as no surprise. Here in the U.S., deer populations are artificially maintained in order to provide the hunter with an abundance of innocent victims. Hunting, not unlike all animal exploitation, adds big bucks to the economy (no pun intended). And of course hunters are fond of telling everyone the great service their murderous psychopathic addiction provides the communities, lest the deer populations overrun us. Heaven forbid a deer wander into our yards. However, and not surprisingly so, they are quite adapt at ignoring the facts.

      Thanks for commenting!



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