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I am not this ship of the man you see

set adrift, on Ocean Eternity

But a glitter, sailing the sands of time

seeking peace within the bedeviled brine

Out from the narrow Straits of Delusion

Across the raging Sea of Confusion

This lowly sailor had lost his maiden

voyage, guided by the stars’ collusion

Rudderless heart lay heavy ‘n laden

Ne’er to dock where the port I had plot

’tis weary seafaring for answers sought

by a simple mind holding solemn thought

— There! where Death sail beyond the horizon

There I sighted from atop the mizzen

three sea serpents, past, present, ‘n coming

‘n each in turn took my mind benumbing

For that they shown, I wish not had revealed

The horrors of history left concealed

to silence the groaning splintering keel

Of looming warships, armed by Death their wield

. . . ‘n for the peace I sought, I there did find

drown in the swell of a wicked mankind

© Peter Schreiner


  1. “As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”

    Attribution to Pythagoras by Ovid, as quoted in The Extended Circle: A Dictionary of Humane Thought (1985) by Jon Wynne-Tyson

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        1. I do. In fact this bucolic peace now includes the nightly feeding of an opossum we call OP, and a skunk we named Pepé Le Pew, after Pepé Le Pew. Cute little fellows, or gals. But make no sudden or loud movements around Pepé or it will be Le Pew.

          And as to the conscience of all humanity . . . I’m not sure how to answer that.

          Peace, Hariod, and thank you.

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  2. Very Romantic. In fact, reminded me of Shelley !!

    Next time, whenever en-voyaged, press the auto-pilot button. I do.
    Sometimes it helps and sometimes doesn’t but every time the journey
    ends where it always was destined to end.

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  3. Powerful and exquisite imagery throughout this deeply moving poem, Peter. You are indeed “a glitter, sailing the sands of time seeking peace within the bedeviled brine” – raising awareness as you sail about the things that really matter.

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  4. “bedeviled brine”, indeed, WP is acting up again, first, it says I’m not following your blog, (but I am), second, when I came to your site yesterday, it didn’t show this post from a few days ago.

    Peter the Prophet, kindly let me know if it shows in your stats if I am following you, if it says that I’m not, once again, I will have to refollow?

    Excellent poem, Peter.


      1. What on earth? Why does WP keep removing me as a follower? and how is it that your post never showed before today?

        I just refollowed, once again! Let me know if it shows that I’m following.


          1. It says that I’m following you now, does it show that I am on your stats page?

            Plus, it showed that I was following you, then when I liked your post, it said: “follow blog?”

            Anyway, this only happens on your blog, I think it has to do with big business, Murder Inc., doesn’t like Vegans like us.


              1. True, but I’ve been following your blog for a long time when it went back to WP .com, and other blogs that were .com and reverted to WP .com don’t have the same issue, for me, anyway.


          2. since you my mentioned my name I’ll add , that sometimes people have troubles with some blogs, e.g., click “follow” and it looks fine, but a few days later this follow doesn’t work any more, so click “follow” again and again.
            it has to be some bug with wordpress…
            maybe email subscription is better ?

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