Reading the wall, that’s all.

Bombs fall

Missiles fly

Drones buzz (the sky)

Satellites spy

Media sing

Bullets zing

Mothers moan

Fathers groan

Patriots whoop ‘n holler (for God and country)

As another one bites the dust

on the streets, on the fields, in the slaughterhouses

. . . by a damnable fog of lust

And ALL hail the Kings of D.C. (‘n their God, wherever he be)

Meanwhile, elsewhere and everywhere . . .  unseen (on evening news)

Blood flows rivers

Another soldier dies

Another soldier kills

Another civilian cries

Another civilian thrills

Another mindless zombie served his carcinogenic due

from a fast-food drive-thru

in the World of Incongruity

And I wonder why (but, do they ever?)

Why peace is just a word

scrawled on a bathroom wall

beside the number to call

for a good time

Hello . . . hello . . . is this . . .

Is this our just deserves?

It does appear so . . .

Tho’ I doubt they know

the insincere earnest

of this patriarchal sternest

This blast from the past

that they welcome with open arms, and shuttered minds

Keepin’ it all in tune ‘n time

every Sunday, while the church bells chime

(’cause it’s the way it’s always been done, my son)

Killing, killing, killing, and all for the taste ‘n fun

But! in the midst of it all . . .

Lo and behold and O shit –

there we are, the MiSfiT

‘em crazy motherfuckers

‘n stupidly suckers

thinkin’ we can change a world, with a heartfelt care, (not a pray)

and a blog? (Who said the pen is mightier than the sword? Really? Then when they take my pen can I keep my sword?)

Well, this is It — I’m afraid

It doesn’t get any better from here

It’s ALL the way it’s supposed to stay!

Yet it all sounds so very queer

Killing, killing, killing, and all for the taste ‘n fun

’cause that’s the way most like it to stay

in the world they’ve conquered ‘n won

And us?

We’re MiSfiTs

Round pegs, square holes

A couple of pesky weirdos


  1. So, the ‘kings of D.C.’ have their control schema, their patriarchal supremacy, and they dance to the tunes only of their own interests and those of their sponsors – the neoliberalist corporatists. What do you think, Peter, of the critique that Pacifism, or maybe Anarcho-Pacifism, plays into that agenda by virtue of its rigid adherence to non-violent Activism, that disobedience of itself is insufficient an insurrection?

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    1. Your opening line is quite a poetic statement in itself.

      And I think Hariod, I wish you hadn’t asked me that question. Try as I might – and believe me I did – I can’t answer it. But let me suggest this, the condition of the world in general worsens with each passing moment. Would you agree? And while all the problems we face, we’ve created and so seemingly empowered to correct, and yet despite all efforts and well intentions we regress. Pushing ourselves, I believe beyond the Rubicon. Perhaps teetering on the precipice of world war. And so I think the outlook gloom, inescapable even should we avoid world war.

      For what haven’t we tried in efforts of harmony that hasn’t in all the annals of history been tried before? As such, I know not the correct course of action.

      And of action, I’m reminded of the immortal words of Friedrich Nietzsche I recently read on Dara’s blog, “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

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      1. “. . . the condition of the world in general worsens with each passing moment. Would you agree?” – I can’t fully answer that until I know what you mean by ‘the world in general’ Peter. The environment worsens, democracy has become regressive, Capitalism – or Neoliberalist Capitalism – is failing in its current configuration, but I don’t believe the animal world, including humans as animals, is morally worsening in its condition at all. On the contrary I would say, to put it in clichéd terms, that consciousness is being raised, and along with that the human animal’s moral standing too.

        I certainly agree with you that the outlook is ‘gloomy’, that in this century either geo-political warfare, catastrophic environmental degradation, or economic collapse, will wreak havoc and move us into another paradigm – it’s just a question of which happens first in my uneducated opinion, and how quickly the other two follow. An overview that I broadly subscribe to is that of Chris Hedges, and which he sets out in his book Death of the Liberal Class. The end game is Totalitarian Capitalism – nice.

        With your permission, I will include a video here which gives a synopsis of the book:

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        1. It could well be that I’m a pessimist. Or, in the least cautious in my assessments. But initially, I will disagree that consciousness and moral standings are being raised among our species. And I’ll qualify that position with the admission that my sample data pool is quite limited and skewed by both my experience and perspective. And furthermore while I take encouragement by your assessment, and when applying it to myself I wonder if this optimism isn’t simply a result of surrounding oneself with people of higher moral standing. Conversely, my negativity in the matter may well be the result of my seeking data to qualify my position on animal rights. For example and as I understand, more animals are killed each year by animal agriculture, rather than their number decreasing. This alone, to me, suggests a reversal of consciousness. And while there may well be an increase in environment awareness, it is sorely prejudiced, wholly ignoring AG’s major contribution to climate change. And I think not a word of it in Paris. While another prime hypocritical example is the mega-charity Greenpeace, who will not mention animal agriculture’s major role of its part in the Brazilian rain forest demise, while cleared forests are used for grain or grazing. And what motive have they to ignore this? It would sink their proverbial ship, as many of their contributors are not vegan, not even vegetarian. These two examples are far from representative in a major shift in consciousness, I understand. But they can’t be ignored. And too, there is the – for lack of better word – self-absorption of people in the “developed” world. Engrossed in their own virtual world, does not represent consciousness.

          Hariod, for 15 years I’ve walked the streets of downtown Louisville, Kentucky, every day at lunch, a two mile round trip. I know Louisville isn’t the world, but there was a time when people would acknowledge in passing. Today, they are mesmerized by their iDevices. So terribly so they are completely unaware of their surroundings. They literally live in an alternate reality. A few years back, one young lady was so in another world that she never heard nor seen the cement truck (nor did he see her) that ran over her and dragged her a hundred yards before stopping. Her body in pieces, her precious little iPhone still in her hand. And I might mention here, cement trucks are loud, smelly, and obnoxious and very, very difficult to ignore. This is another, perhaps small, example of a decrease in awareness, of consciousness, of selfishness and self-absorption. But they are what I have to go by.

          I am not able to view the video here at home as my internet is limited in usage (a factor of greedy Verizon capitalism). However, Chris Hedges is a hero; and BTW, a vegan. And know that you need no permission to post anything here, my friend. Mi Casa Es Su Casa.

          I will be working all weekend here on the Ponderosa 🙂 and so should you follow up, expect a possible delay in response. And I will take this opportunity to once again invite you over to lend a hand should you so feel inclined. 😉

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          1. “I will disagree that consciousness and moral standings are being raised among our species.” – I look at human moral progress as being arrow-shaped Peter, or a pyramid. At the spearhead, or pinnacle, you have people such as yourself and many of your readers here who reject the mainstream narrative; they think not solely in terms of narrow self-interest, but realise instead that there really is no such thing, that we cannot exist in peace in isolation from the interests of all beings. The number of such people is growing, in my opinion, and so the aggregate consciousness is being raised along with the human animal’s aggregate moral standing. There will always be psychopaths, of course, and a great many of them – that is nature at work. The best we can do is keep them out of politics and off the boards of corporations, which are the places where the intellectually bright amongst them are found.

            We differ in that you appear to see our species as inherently – dare I say – ‘evil’, whereas I would define our moral failings rather in terms of ignorance. If we take meat-eating, then most who partake in that make no conscious moral judgement on the matter; they simply follow the mainstream narrative that eating meat is normal, and are ignorant to the suffering implicitly caused by that act. To adjudge such people as being morally corrupt seems misanthropic – a term I think you accept as applying to your perception of our species. Unlike some of our fellow creatures, we have a choice, and increasing numbers are making it – Veganism is growing exponentially in popularity it appears, in the same way that Vegetarianism did over the last 40 years. This is an example of the arrowhead widening as it reaches back into the arrow body itself.

            “. . . more animals are killed each year by animal agriculture, rather than their number decreasing. This alone, to me, suggests a reversal of consciousness.” – I think that is a reflection of rising human populations and wealth rather than any reversal of moral integrity. It is a simple correlation, and why we see meat-eating rising exponentially in China as the nascent middle-class gathers in number. I don’t believe the newly wealthy in China were suddenly converted to a carnivorous nature by virtue of their expanding wealth – I imagine they always aspired to eating pork with their lonesome bowl of cabbage soup. The trend will have to correct itself though, as the planet simply cannot sustain such growth in carnivorism if populations increase as projected.

            Thanks for the exchange Peter, and I offer my views, as ever, in deference to your greater integrity, nobility and knowledge.

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            1. I was able this morning to watch the video, without a single annoying buffering beyond the initial. And might I say, Wow. It’s frightening, it’s bleak, it’s depressing and paints color and detail into what I only knew and suspected hide within the broad and vague strokes, this Inverted Totalitarianism. And while in and of itself the video is a well done form of propaganda, I certainly won’t look at what I already look at with contempt the same again. I pity the upcoming generations and envy those already dead.

              Now, on the one hand the video suggest our impending and unavoidable doom, while on the other tells us to trust resistance and rebellion, that it is worthwhile even though it will only make our lives more difficult, unpleasant, and dangerous; and of a benefit if not for us than future generations. And I can embrace this contradiction (I’m a bundle of contradictions myself), however it makes me suspect the video little more than a marketing ploy to sell a book, Death of the Liberal Class. Everyone knows sex sells, but nothing – absolutely nothing – outsells fear and the video plays well on that. Note, I’m not saying there isn’t something to fear. There is I believe a great deal to fear; and Chris Hedges needs to make a living too, and I don’t fault him for that. It’s just that I question every angle.

              I am curious, Hariod, and I ask only out of great respect for your wisdom that I’ve profited, but I fear my question may come across as stickle, although I do not mean it as such; I don’t want to be the pesky fly hovering about your head. But how is it that you reconcile the so-called good and the so-called intelligence in our species? The video itself showed a lot of malignant behavior, which is neither good nor intelligent. Is it perhaps that we are unequal in our determination?

              Yes, I do see humanity as inherently evil, though evil is a harsh and broad description for there are graduations and nuances of behavior; and some escapees (if you will). And I say this not solely based on human carnivorous tendencies, as you may believe of me. In business, I deal with a lot of people every day; rich, poor, stupid, and smart, and everything in between. And in brief, here’s what I overwhelmingly discern. Beyond the façade, past the smiling faces and handshakes, they are petty liars, petty thieves, untrustworthy, shallow, selfish, lazy, sycophantic androids who have no “choice” in their behavior but to follow the mob. But again, my sample pool is terribly limited and while these characteristics may be petty, I think they just the tip of what lie below the surface, evil in one degree or another. I have every reason to believe, based on the integrity I’m convinced you possess that it could well be that you are surrounded by a better class of people than I, intelligent and good. But that’s not my take.

              Thank you, Hariod, I truly benefit and appreciate you time and wisdom.

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  2. The pen is not mightier than nuclear bombs, C.E.R.N., HAARP, Monsanto, Rothschild and all the other fake Jew Khazar bankers, etc.

    Kumbaya has left the building, along with Justice, they ran for cover from the sight of what humans are doing to the planet: Annihalation of most life forms, until they are also slaughtered and extinct, all done by these freaks who say they were made in the image of God! Yeah, sure, that bloodthirsty freak who demands everyone worship “him”?!

    Oh, I wrote a poem that I called: Patriarchy is Dead
    That I never did published, didn’t want to upset people at Chistmas time! but here it is:

    He devoured her brain,
    Then complained about its weight.
    She said, “You’re a vampire
    Why not eat my heart too?
    Or is it too tempting to watch
    Me bleed? but you seem like the
    Bloodthirsty type, I say, go for it,
    Ingest all of me; the venom I hold
    In memories of you, are too heavy
    For me to carry any longer,-
    I’de be better off gutted.
    Then I’ll turn on you when
    Indigestion kicks you in the jugular,
    The load dragging the sorcerer (which you are)
    To arid wasteland pastures where vultures feed.
    I’ll snatch your vampire self and burn it,
    In a pit of tar sands bitumen, and wonder
    Why no one ever noticed the spelling:
    Bit-U-Men? and I’ll be free of you and every
    Other vampire from petty to giant.
    I gave my trust away to ingrate fools:
    I’m taking it back, because it’s mine.”

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    1. It is the children who offer hope for the generations to come. It truly is. But I’m afraid Carol, and highly suspect of the climate conference in Paris as nothing more than a ploy, a distraction. As I understand it sidestepped a major contributor of climate change, animal agriculture (despite a UN recommendation to move to a meat and dairy free diet It is the same with nearly every environmental effort, to speak of humanity, and the environment as it serves humanity and humanity alone, never including nature’s creations as equals with rights to the planet we share. And so it is that I cannot put the slightest hope in world leaders gathered together in an ostentatious show of purpose when they carry the burden of cause; but rather must trust the children.

      Thank you for the comment and the video, Carol. Thank you for being a MiSfiT. 🙂

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      1. I agree with you, Peter. Change won’t some from “leaders” who have a vested interest in preserving their power and positions by keeping things the way things are. Constructive changes will only come from a critical mass of people with new ideas who stand united with shared visions and practical solutions.

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  3. Great words and very interesting comments – you and Hariod always chew the cud in fine fashion. As you know, I am more optimistic so far as humanity improving, morals-wise. I’m with Hariod in many ways, and it is true that more and more of the people I know now, who would never have considered becoming vegetarian or vegan are doing so, and it is down to good people such as yourself highlighting the cruelty, not simply because they fear for their planet and therefore themselves. Hope springs eternal from the Cloud Peter smiles at him.

    (I don’t know how I missed this post, or perhaps I saw it on my mobile and intended to come back again, either way, my brain is more a sieve than a bowl these days.)

    esme upon the Cloud

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    1. I apologize to you both for my pessimistic assessment. It isn’t my wish to drag anyone into the pits of despair where I wallow yet undefeated. But I think it obvious that what we see, we see from our own acute angles. As in the story of the blind men and the elephant, I unfortunately am head high to the ass.

      Thank you som . . . esme. (that’s going to take some getting used to.)

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      1. No apologies necessary Peter, no, no, no. Different angles on the same subject that is all. I don’t consider you a misery guts laughs. There is balance here, and that makes for an even keel smiles.

        You managed to spell the first three letter wrong of the old name, so tis a good job there’s a new one! esme pegging it laughing

        esme upon the Cloud

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  4. “… another one bites the dust” every second in slaughter-houses across the world, but they are not “human” so who cares! I do agree, though, with some of the previous comments. People are becoming more informed about their choices and making ethical lifestyle changes. Whether it is too late, I’m not sure?

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    1. Thank you, Emy. It’s hard to argue against, that more people are becoming aware, they are, slowly, even in the shallow superficiality of Amerika. However, I believe we’re eons from a paradigm shift. And while it might not be too late, it could well be that it’s too late for life as we know it.


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