I am Eternity

Before there was

there was I

And I, will always be

The keeper of mysteries

The eye of beginnings

The witness to all endings

Forever was I before a thought . . .

– Before the age of the universe

I watched the density of all matter

Explode into being!

The slow expansion of all the planets, moons, and stars

in all the solar systems there are –


Across the distance of unfathomable

I watched the unhurried orbs find their orbits

I watched this planet –

This Paradise, painstakingly spring to life,

all from the measure of nothing . . .

I watched landmass split to continents

yield to oceans vast, deep

team with life

I watched tiny little streamlets

silently gurgle gorges into towering windswept mountains

grown to raging rivers

I watched nature hybrid

all the plants

all the creatures

all the microscopic

And I saw harmony abound

Beautiful, peaceful harmony


Then came mankind.

And it took me by no surprise

the destruction you prize

the suffering you institutionalize

the terror you militarize

the arrogance you disguise!

Tho’ I never expected to know

this degree of suffering you bestow

to all the creatures I’ve known

But know, in The End,

when nothing is all that’s left

I’ll be there

I am Eternity

A New Year’s thought.

People are optimistic, perhaps naturally so in the spirit of hope and desperation. But I believe this optimism clouds their judgment and promotes complacency and indolence. Very much a part of the authoritarian hoax, hope is. As is desperation.

A new year, and with it new hope for a better world. But things aren’t getting better; politically, environmentally, spiritually, compassionately, and in every other way things are only getting worse.

We don’t feel good about ourselves, our lives. We’re frustrated and angry. And if you’re not, you damn well should be. Because things aren’t going well. And all it takes to realize that is to open your eyes. Never before in history have we seen, allowed, or participated in the degree of suffering and destruction that runs rampant on earth – to our own kind, to the planet, to the creatures we are brutal. And still, in spite of all this, like an immature child, we hope, we pray, and sometimes complain.

The time for hope is over.

The time for talk is past.

The time for action is now . . . or never.

If you really want a “new year,” a kinder gentler world, truly want a better future for yourself, for your children, for the creatures and the planet, then simply act accordingly. That’s all it takes; baby-steps, to turn this streamlet into a raging river. Grab the future by the reins! Stop putting faith, hope, and dependence on the world’s religious, political, and corporate leaders. They’re psychopaths. All of them. Their only goal is ensuring the endless promotion of their own power and wealth while their only need of you is distracted servitude. To pay taxes and tithes, fees, fines, licensing, permits, lotteries, and tolls; to steal more and more of your labors, to do their bidding, to fight their unbelievable-profit making wars, to keep them in absolute power and wealth while you struggle pathetically to make ends meet. To keep the world divided in fear, hope, and desperation.

Happy new year.


  1. Wonderful Peter! I’m clapping and cheering because this is truth. It’s not pessimism to speak this because we are not going in a good direction. But for us, we see it for what it is and won’t be taken by surprise when it all falls apart. Great post!

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  2. Peter, you always know exactly how to say everything! Nothing but pure truth here! I wish I could say that there is hope, but alas, I fear not! And you are right, it is crystal clear that so many people absolutely hate their lives and what has become of ‘life’. What we are experiencing is not ‘living’. It is slavery and we have simply given up and so we remain chained to endless drudgery, toiling for some corporate bigwigs with bloated egos and stock portfolios who laugh at the misery of the slaves toiling away in sweatshops for a few pennies and for the slaves who sit in cubicles day after day, week after week, just to pay the mortgage or rent and buy, buy, buy if anything is left over after taxes, fees, penalties, interest, etc. Who is really enjoying ‘life’?

    Thank you for this! It is ever so spot on! And it should strike a nerve in each and every one of us!

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    1. It is very much slavery. And because some slaves have it better than others they think they in position to enjoy life in the sacrifice of 9 to 5. Living out their fantasies in the remaining hours of the day in the hero worship of sport jocks and celebrities. Spellbound by TV and internet, building misguided allegiances, seeking bias confirmations. Nothing less than brainwashed into submission; what god to worship, what to wear, what to buy, what drugs to better their lives with, what to eat, who to like, who to despise, who to kill, who to let live. Where authority is presented as godlike; benefactor and protector of the people. And the people are given voice every election. What a joke.

      Something is terribly, terribly wrong on this planet. And that something is keeping it all alive and well with no intent on giving it up.

      Thank you, Shelby for you comment, and for your courage to tell it like it is!

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      1. So,so true!!! I agree with you a hundred per cent!! It is so good to find someone who gets it!! I try but sadly people just don’t want to listen, don’t want to look at the truth, just as with the animals, same with the people, just go back to sleep, ‘leave me alone’ mentality, I don’t want to think about it. I’m so glad there are some people who see what’s really going on.


  3. As I read your words, Peter, I feel the pain of my ancestors who lived and died through similar times in the past, I feel the pain of a forest I loved fall as the saws of loggers clear-cut the land. Still, my spirit rises as I kneel on the earth planting new gardens, believing that love matters…

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    1. Working the earth, the soil between our fingers, the grass stains on our jeans, watching seeds spring to life out of the ground is the medicine of love. And flowers, those beautiful peaceful flowers who seem to revel in life as they hold their head to the sun are equally important as life giving fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries. Not the killing and taking of life, but nurturing life into being is love. If there is hope, then it is love. Thank you, Carol for your kind inspiration.

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  4. A view from the stars, from Eternity itself of mankind. A witness to everything that was and shall be. Superb poem Peter, and, though I’ll admit I feared the post might end a little pessimistically for me, it didn’t. “Grab the future by the reins! Stop putting faith, hope, and dependence on the world’s religious, political, and corporate leaders. They’re psychopaths. All of them.” – this couldn’t be more spot on if it tried. Most of humanity mindlessly destroying, or blindly bleating words that are never followed by actions.

    You’ll not be surprised to hear that I would quibble on the word hope laughs. “The time for action is now” – I don’t think any such action from those of us who do fight, can be implemented without hope. Not blind hope for us though, no, but a belief that the fight will be worth something. And it is. It is worth the lives saved, and I’m probably harping on again here, but I know more and more vegans every year. We are gaining numbers faster than ever before, and though some do it for selfish reasons, they are still saving lives, whilst those of us who do it to make an actual change in the human perspective on killing and cruelty are being heard. Slowly, but truly. Such people want a better world, and see its possible within the eyes of each other, reflected back within our fellow vegan’s actions and practices – at the core of which is not hope so much as love; the frustration and fury is there, and necessary, but tempered with kindness and love. Sounds like hippy dippy crap to many, but it can be stronger than any army in bulk. Whether it will ultimately be enough…I don’t know, but I’m putting my two penneth of love in for the short span of time I’ll be here, and by the Gods/Aliens/Whatever is out there taking the piss, I’m doing it with joy.

    Another cracking post.

    esme upon the Cloud

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    1. It was my intent to write something optimistic when I set out on I am Eternity, honestly. But I couldn’t stay the course, not entirely you see. I will not quibble with you on the matter of hope, Esme. You are too true of heart for that, and my intent is not to discourage the goodhearted. Though when I imply the situation hopeless, as I truly believe it is, it is this very hopelessness that inspires me. To be backed into a corner and fight the mad dog fight is not an unfitting example. For what alternative is there?

      Thank you, Esme. Peace, hope, and courage. There, I said it.

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      1. smiles broadly Thank you Peter, I’m chuffed to have you say it, even if it is just for me hugs him. Your sharp teeth are what drive you and I’d have it no other way, for I don’t believe you could be any more passionate in your words. We need you and they need you. You make a difference. nods

        This – “For what alternative is there?” – is so closely connected to my next post it’s spooky. A sync has occurred between us Peter. smiles some more.

        esme upon the Cloud

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      2. Yes, my feelings exactly!!! It does seem hopeless, things don’t seem to get better, but as you say, what else is there to do but go on, letting that very hopelessness inspire you, so, so true…..


    2. On the issue of hope, I have to agree with esme utc. If we felt hopeless, there would be no point in continuing with anything. To be idealistic or optimistic is not necessarily the answer either. I think one should stay grounded in reality, albeit bleak at times. However, I believe life is not all bleak, but rather a tapestry of hues. It is the glimmer of hope that keeps me going in the face of despair at times.
      Peter, I still don’t feel ready to wish you an Unhappy and Miserable New Year so Happy New Year to you and your loved ones 😀

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  5. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:

    Please read this! Even if you are not a vegan, you should be able to appreciate reading the truth. You don’t have to like it and I don’t expect that you will because the truth is hard to take but Peter put the truth out there and so without further ado, have at it, slaves!

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  6. Greetings, Peter and Happy New Year! (Am back from a blog break so nice to connect in the New Year.) I always appreciate your honesty – and you are right- the time for talk is over if we want this world to sustain and thrive. Also love the reminder it’s civilization whose gotten us to where we were at- so the empowerment is we can get ourselves out.

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  7. “Very much a part of the authoritarian hoax, hope is.” – and boy aren’t they half peddling it? Over here in Britain, a mainstream politician can barely open her/his mouth without claiming to offer the possibility of the electorate’s ‘aspirations’ being fulfilled. [Sometime, like never, in truth though.]

    To me, it signals further that the game’s up, because they’re admitting that there is no reward for what they unfailingly call the hard-working people (mere working is no longer sufficient), and that aspiration is all that remains – the carrot that dangles perpetually two feet in front of the worker’s nose. The whole thing is broken, Neoliberalism is a disaster, and there is no reserve position. We live in a time of economic smoke and mirrors – “mind your heads, falling wages” – and soon the inflationary effects of QE and ZIRP will have precisely that effect.

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  8. I like this, an indicator of game’s up, as you say. Damn well can be an admission. But don’t you think this whole economic thing could well play out in the decades to come? Out living us, via their endless wars? Or, once it tumbles it snowballs. Sort of scary actually. And the whole of economics are far too complicated for my mind to grasp. Well, que sera sera.

    Thanks Hariod, peace.


  9. Spot on!! Yet again you have said it like it is, just as I see things. What a powerful post, I wish more people could see the truth of what is happening, be even willing to take a look, but sadly so many people just plod on, believing what they are told, that they are unable to do anything and unwilling to even question life and that there may be another way to live. It’s incredibly frustrating, people are so conditioned, so controlled, without even seeing it, but at least I am starting to hear a few more voices in the wilderness speaking out. It may be too little too late but at least it’s happening….who knows where it will all end…. Thank you so much for your words of truth and wisdom.


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