Dear blogging FOP (Friends of Peter),

I’ve an initiative I recently undertook that claims a fair amount of my time, energy, and focus. Nothing illegal, illicit, ill-advised, deadly, destructive, or crazy insane, mind you. And for now I’d like just to refer to it as a distraction.

Yeah, that’s it, a distraction.

That said, I’ll be away from the WP blogosphere for who knows how long.

But in the event I never make it back — no, this isn’t a life threatening enterprise but the future is guaranteed to no one, and I don’t know how long I shall be. And so, I’d like to wish you all the very best, and offer a big hardy thank you for opening up and sharing your wisdoms. You’re all great and I’m a better man for all I’ve learnt from y’all.

Now if you will, just to set the mood of this overly dramatized farewell, imagine I’m sitting high and proud on my vegan saddle atop my stately steed, Roscoe. Always a sucker for the ladies, Roscoe delicately nibbles flower petals off their summertime bonnets, and all giggling with a schoolgirl amusement at this smartly stud (Roscoe, not me). And I, putting my best gentleman’s pretense forward, bow tipping my hat. Then, as though on cue, Roscoe takes notion to impress this small gathering with his grand style exit and rears up, depositing me squarely in his freshly deposited manure pile before he bolts, gallantly galloping off into the sunset, stirrups of an empty saddle swinging wildly at his side.

Live kind,



  1. In the most selfish sense possible, I’m deeply saddened because I’ll miss you SO much, and you are one of the few people I have met in this virtual world that I consider a genuine friend. But knowing that you know what’s best for you, and that your leaving isn’t down to something terrible happening in your life, I wish you joy out there, and send much love to you from sonmi/esme and The Cloud, for your words have made a massive difference to my time here in the blogosphere, both those you have been kind enough to write on my work, showing me I’m worth a read or two, the support for my jewellery, and of course the wonderful ones you have written with passion and wit upon your own blog, this last post – blows a bugle, but with a merry(-ish) tune – showing your talent as much as ever, as you disappear into a giant poo. Hahahahaha. hugs him. Both animals and humans are lucky to have you in this world. You know where I am if you ever need me, or wish to write off blog. I hope to see you round these parts again Peter. Xx ❤

    esme/sonmi upon the Cloud

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  2. Such fabulous tributes here my noble friend, and even though I have known you only a short while, not a trace of doubt can be entertained as to their heartfelt sincerity. The soup bowl is empty, yet retains forever the scent and marks of past offerings. Peace, always, for you, noble being. H ❤

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  3. Not one for riding off into the sunset then, are you? Safe travels and thanks for the memories. If and when we meet again, may there have been great advances made to the cause of all animals. Peace to you and yours! ❤️Kat

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  4. Just as I am finding my way back, I find you have gone. I’m so sad.Your writing and comments spurred me on and inspired me so much.You were the person closest to how I feel and see the world. You ‘got it’and I have found that’s very rare and I was lucky to find your presence here and share in your wisdom and passion and will miss you very much. I really hope you come back, but wish you well in whatever you do, wherever you are……

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  5. I threw down my pen—
    The poetry was silent,
    Hiding in oozing bubbles of
    Toxic waste—
    Searching for delivery from the
    Matricide catastrophe.
    Alas, the tipping point
    Left shore on a
    Stealth bomber whose
    Cargo screams:
    Silent Spring.

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