do my words hurt your ears

where I stand beside my thoughts

a life beyond the consensus

becomes a solitary existence

but loneliness does not inhabit

the world of the untethered

only isolation


  1. I’m so happy you are writing more often. This poem says it all. It’s wonderful and it’s the truth. Sometimes isolated is what it takes to walk your talk. To do anything else is to be unable to look at ourselves in the mirror.

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  2. Very deep poem, I’ve been taking about it since I first read your poem when you first posted it, many layers of meaning to this one, which is how a well written poem reads…

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  3. I didn’t know you’d posted anything after the Thanksgiving post as you’ve stopped coming up in my notification emails and feed for some damn reason. Tsk. String words indeed Peter, and seeing you write regularly again has brightened my day considerably.

    esme waving happily from upon the Cloud.

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