“We evolved to eat meat,” or some such twiddly-crap, could well be the tritest excuse for eating our fellow earthlings ever blabbered a meat-eater. Commonly mouthed-off by someone looking to score points against a vegan or vegetarian, most likely by someone who failed biology—oddly and often enough by a creationist. Although not always.

But to be fair, let’s see if there’s any meat in their baloney.

First off, what is evolve?

The Free Dictionary defines it like this:[1]

v. e·volved, e·volv·ing, e·volves

a. To develop or achieve gradually: evolve a style of one’s own.

b. To work (something) out; devise: “the schemes he evolved to line his purse” (S.J. Perelman).

2. Biology To develop (a characteristic) by evolutionary processes.

3. To give off; emit.


1. To undergo gradual change; develop: an amateur acting group that evolved into a theatrical company.

2. Biology To arise or transform through evolutionary processes.

Well, there we have it. I’ll be damned. Item number 2 in both instances is a reasonable basis for the presumptuous assumption; one must admit.

But then further investigation begs the question when in our “evolutionary processes” did “we evolved to eat meat?”

I’ll take a stab at it. No pun intended.

Was it when our teeth grew to be hard, long, and pointy, able to crush bone in a single bite without shattering themselves?

Or when we developed claws in place of flimsy fingernails to grip and rip our prey open that we might feast our face in its fresh, bloody warm innards?

Maybe it was when our hide toughened up to resist brambles, thorns, stinging and biting insects while we prowl the thicket.

Or when our senses sharpened so keenly as to hear, spot, and smell prey off near and far.

Perhaps it was when we acquired exceptional speed and agility to overtake and capture prey with a graceful ease and bare hands or mouth.

No, no. I got it. It was when our digestive system evolved to process raw meat, blood, guts, hair, bone, scales, fur, and plumage without the need of antacid.

So then, we evolved to eat meat. It’s settled.


Anyone with more than a half-dead brain cell should realize that we never evolved to eating meat.

It’s called a choice.

Albeit, a poor one.

[1] Evolve – definition of evolve by The Free Dictionary, http://www.thefreedictionary.com/evolves  (accessed July 27, 2016).


  1. Exactly!! Sick of hearing this crap!! And how we ‘are the top of the food chain’ bollocks – like to see them have to go out and kill their food themselves, see how ‘top’ they are then!! Choice, excuses, anything to carry on with what is in effect, a momentary taste sensation, so pathetic!! This whole ensalvement, barbarity and murder that goes simply to please someone’s palette, but how long has this been going on?? I despair sometimes, it’s too frustrating!!

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    1. Yes, that’s another, the food chain “bollocks”. I tell them to take a swim in the ocean, among the sharks and see how on top the chain they feel.

      Food chain…I might have to come up with something on that.


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  2. Peter, what is going on with your website?
    It keeps showing that I’m following you, then it’ll show that I’m not followed no you, then, once again, I click the follow button, only to find out when I come here, that I’m not following you? I just clicked follow again. This doesn’t happen on other blogs, idk, it must be your revolutionary content, I’m thinking.

    As you know, I too, am a Vegan.
    All organic too.

    I had written a poem about going Vegan a few days ago but decided not to post it yet, hold on, I’ll go and find it in my files and see what you think:

    I heard the news today

    Everything sounds the same today, oh no
    I heard the news today, oh no
    They’re eating dead animals on plates, oh no
    I guess they wanna turn their body into a graveyard, oh no
    It’s all looking rather sad, oh no
    Forrest ain’t gonna have his Bubba Gump Shrimp today, oh yes!
    Forrest is gonna eat Vegan from now on, oh yes!
    Everything doesn’t have to stay the same, oh yes!

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    1. I love it! It’s a hit! An in-your-face smack-down. I certainly hope you post it. Your poetry is very popular on WP, Genie; it will be interesting to see how many Likes it garners.

      I don’t know what is going on with your follow. I know when this happened in the past my WP always showed you as a follower. But now it doesn’t. I had this problem with a site once until one day I seen somewhere in my settings that I had to verify my follow. Come to think of it; that was with an email follow. Have you tried that?

      I’ll be glad to contact WP support, let me know.

      Yes, I knew you were a vegan!

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      1. Haha! That’s true, good way to put it, the poem is: “An in-your-face-smack-down”

        Yes, I do click the email link to verify the follow, idk, I’ve never seen anything like this on other blogs, I follow, and that’s it, none of this following and it shows that I am, until I come to your site, and it says I’m not.

        One more try, I did verify yesterday with an email and I came here to see your site and it says that I’m not following, again?! Here I go, I’m going to click follow right after I press ‘post comment’.

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          1. WP is useless when it comes to help, the only time one gets help from WP is if they have bought any premium services, which I used to buy, however, their new policies are such that I refuse to buy any of them anymore. If a person has not bought any premium services from WP, they don’t even get a reply, in fact, there is not even a place to contact them directly, one must go to a forum, which is a grand waste of time.

            I don’t like WP, actually, (not that I like any spying formatted site, and they all are) it’s owned by a Zionist, they even have a lot of their yearly WP conferences in ‘Israel’.

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          1. That’s funny, I was answering to you while you posting this.

            Yeah, it’s a terrific gif, the fellow is very talented, I like this one of his too:

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            1. Yikes, please delete the link, Peter, it’s got too much flash, weird thing is if I add it to a post it doesn’t do flash (all gifs flashy but not this intensely, plus this shows as a video, and when I posted it in a post, it doesn’t.

              I have another link for it from Google, when I find it I’ll add it here.

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                1. I posted another link twice but it disappeared, kindly check your spam (but only post it once), I did that twice because I thought it would show up the second time, but it didn’t.


  3. Peter, it’s showing in my reader feed and when I come here that I’m following you, again! lol
    I hope it stays that way.


      1. Oh, okay, that’s why you show up in my reader feed but it doesn’t show that I’m following when I come to your site. Because, really, how can you show up in my reader feed unless I’m following you? Yeah, must be a WP gremlin glitch (and there are a lot of WP gremlin glitches, they really need to get their act together on so many levels).

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        1. Oh so it’s not just me! I just said in one of Peters’s previous posts that I didn’t realise he had written anything after the Thanksgiving post, because he’s not coming up in my feed or emails notifications. It’s a plot I tell you a plot!! Still, I know now so will just keep coming and looking if necessary.

          esme tutting upon the Cloud.

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  4. This is my last click to follow, (verified by email of course), if this doesn’t work, I’ll try following you with my private email and see if the same thing happens.

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  5. “or some such twiddly-crap, could well be the tritest excuse for eating our fellow earthlings ever blabbered a meat-eater” – Hahahaha brilliant, all very sharply written Peter. Some of your posts are ones that us vegans will find useful to copy keep and print out to hand over the perfect answer when words fail us. Thank you.

    esme nodding upon the Cloud

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