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Once upon a time, I believed that God, the cruel and vengeful God of Abraham, wasn’t real.[1]

I was wrong.

He is real.

And he is very, very influential. Although, like Santa Claus, he exists as an idea entirely in the mind of the believer or dupe.

But this doesn’t make him or any other imaginary subservient fascination any less real, any less powerful, or any less dangerous.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Being there are no limits to the creations of the imagination and while capable of great good, does, on the other hand, give the faithful freedom to imagine their God endowed with all the inclinations and motives, prejudices and fears of their manner. Thus, they sanction their objectives no matter how diabolical with the ultimate reassurance of divine authority.[2]

Then if, by some strange twist they stumble on remorse they then have this creation to ease their conscience and forgive their transgressions.

It doesn’t get any more real than that.

Making this, the contrary and temperamental God of Abraham, the most powerful and self-sustaining notion known in the history of humankind.[3]

And, in a very real sense, an impossible deity to deny.

[1] Cruelty and Violence in the Bible (accessed May 10, 2016)

[2] Who’s killing the bloggers (accessed June 9, 2016)

[3] Injustice in the Bible


  1. Scary. The bible was written by men to feed their egos. It’s just another book of fiction that some people believe to be real, as you said. Terrifying in it’s implications.

    I was at an Animal Right’s Convention and someone brought up what god said about animals and our right to kill them. No one would listen to me until I stood on my chair and started yelling that, “when has any man said, Oh, lets make women more powerful than us and don’t forget the animals…let’s give them a pass, power and the right to live. We’ll put ourselves last and be nice and fair.” I went on for a while, after everyone stopped laughing. I pretty much said the bible was a joke and the things written in are no different than the laws and garbage men are still writing to keep themselves number one.

    And please, Matt, Mark and Johnny, yeah, I don’t think so. Not names that would be used in that place at that time. Supposedly the original (whatever that means) had ‘book’ written by women but the men changed their names to male names just to keep the misogyny going.

    You’ll notice that the Goddess Mary never smites anyone. Gender roles for gods. LOLOLOL Too funny. Why doesn’t anyone get that? Why can’t they see that father, son and holy ghost were stolen from Maiden, Mother, Crone? How can they ignore that the christians stole everything from the Pagans? The whole thing is a huge brainwashing joke.

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    1. Wow. Someone at an Animal Rights Convention had the gall to say that? It’s a wonder they walked out of there. Or did they?

      Good for you, Gigi, speaking up like you did. I’d have loved to see that.

      As I’ve come to know the Gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John (and good point about the names and era) they were written some 70 years after the alleged crucifixion, although they read as though they were on-sight reporters.

      Not only does religion control, but it also divides. It is the most powerful of all Authoritarian hoaxes.

      Thank you for the comment, Gigi.

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  2. Such crucial insights about the power of beliefs, Peter. It’s something the elite have always realized and used to their advantage. The oppressive hierarchy of religions, often spread by the sword, eventually replaces the need for weapons of war to maintain control within groups of the “chosen.” But the God of Abraham has many global competitors, some more vengeful and others more benign, some with broader followings, and some smaller but even more virulent. When Abraham and his ilk lose their power, new gods arise and need the force of the sword again to gain control leaving no corner of the earth untouched…

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    1. I’m afraid you’re right, Carol. There will always be religions to subjugate earthlings. And I also think to replace our natural and innate spirituality, this our love and respect for all life, which Authority must surely fear.

      Thank you for the comment, Carol.

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  3. Your poem reminded me of the required religious studies class I failed in the Catholic college I attended long ago. The required paper on “Proving God Exists” turned into my discussion of how the very notions of what societies define as “good” or “evil” at any given time serve to keep the prevailing power structures in place. Needless to say, the paper was not well-received although I thought it was brilliantly argued.

    Thank you for raising these crucial issues about the power of beliefs, Peter. It’s so rarely discussed in such a thoughtful, poetic way.

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    1. Carol, I hope your Catholic College experience was better than my Catholic grade school hell at the hands of psychopathic nuns. But I somehow doubt it.

      However, looking back, these were my formidable years and not without a good deal of influence, although the outcome was not as they had hoped. I suppose then, I should be grateful, hellish as it was.

      A paper proving God exists? Well, as utterly ridiculous and hopelessly impossible as that would be to write with any degree of credibility, I see you rose to the challenge, introducing an angle they hadn’t anticipated. And as for the paper not being well received can only speak of its brilliance. I love it. Bravo, Carol.

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  4. Hello Peter,

    Very good to encounter your blog via another WordPress friend.

    I also did not turn into the kind of person the Sisters of Charity tried to instill in the 50’s, am a fellow vegan and write about it, while each animal-based molecule in me is replaced with better plant choices than factory farm fresh produce. Naturally it’s colored! Naturally it’s flavored!

    Solidarity with the most marginalized among us is now my central theme, so some ironic gratitude is due: something good somehow grows when least expected.

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    1. Hello Bill, well said!

      Nice to make your acquaintance, it’s always good to meet another vegan and freethinker.

      As you know by now, I’m following your blog; I like it, I like the style, the wit, and candor. I’ll read more this weekend. But now, the night beckons.


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      1. شكرا جزيلا (thank you very much) for the kind words.
        I remember a grade school training film that featured a young man sitting by himself in a train compartment. A narrator voiced the passenger’s “so-called free thoughts.” It served as a warning from big father: freedom is slavery. Filter your thoughts through the Ministerium Ministry first, then you won’t go off the rails.

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  5. So true, scarily true… How easy people are to manipulate, how willing to be duped and led and controlled, unable to see the puppets they have become. Told what to think, what to do, justifiying anything they like within the parameters of ‘accepted’ authorities, and let’s face it they can twist anything to become acceptable with the right spin on it, and yet so unwilling to question anything, anything at all, so angry when you try to make them see things a different way, question their reasoning and beliefs. It still staggers me how ‘asleep’ so many people are and how they refuse to even hear any other idea of reality or a different version of the ‘truth’, they are so closed to anything that might make them have to think differently, act differently. I feel increasingly alienated from so many people around me because I just see the world in a totally different way and I look around at these people who see nothing and don’t question anything, don’t ‘get’ anything. It frustrates the hell out of me!!! So, it’s so good to read this and know there are others out there that are ‘freaks’ like me!!! Thank you….

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