Vegan, although they’ve given you much cause to darken

lighten it with your glowing smile, every now and then

for ‘tho you dwell in the shadows of inhumanity

you are our last surviving spark of sanity

So shine, you crazy vegan, shine on

As we are so very aware of the suffering plaguing our planet, it’s all too easy to grow cold and cutting, dark in heart. And so, as I walked down the city streets one sweltering noon and only a few miles from Butchertown, the tune from Pink Floyd played in my head. I reminded myself, shine on. And you too, you crazy vegans, shine on.

Shine On, You Crazy Vegan


    1. Thank you, Martha. If only more could witness the horror first-hand and up close, hear the screams, and see the terror in their eyes, our jobs would be done, nothing more to fight for. And peace, we’d won.


    1. Gigi, I understand completely. I do. No apologies are necessary.

      I was reluctant myself. And do it now only as another avenue in the hope of increasing awareness and compassion. It’s what I must do, however, futile the effort may prove to be.


      1. Thank you for noticing and being concerned, Peter. I’m transitioning from editing to course prep. I’ll be teaching research in a few weeks and I need to read a text and update my syllabus. But first, I’ve been cleaning up gardens and harvesting and freezing green beans. I’ve got gallons to deal with today.

        Please don’t worry. I just don’t have time to post and respond to likes and comments. This way, I have more time to read others’ blogs…

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  1. So, so beautiful!! Brought a tear to my eye, I love that song and I get so incredibly sad, angry and frustrated about what goes on, as we all do, but you express it so well, and it is hard to stay a ‘light’ sometimes, very hard, when all around you, all the time, you see the darkness in the world and other people just don’t, but as you have said, all we can do is keep at it, however futile, because what else we gonna do??? The truth is there to be seen, people only have to look, but the majority just don’t think about it. Thanks for sharing your words again, keep on keeping on…

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  2. Oh gosh this is such a wonderful and inspirational quote! I really love it<3 It reminds me to keep going and to just believe that one day, the world might actually return sane and stop torturing, raping and abusing animals. Thank you for sharing this post!:) Xx

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    1. Lol. I suppose there’s worse things to be reminded of when you hear a song.

      David Gilmour, live, I bet the show was super, eh? Actually, somewhere in my electronic music collect, I think, I might just have a live version of David Gilmour. Yes, I’ll have to search that out.
      Thanks, you Crazy Vegan!


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